NBA 2K17 Tutorial: HOW TO CONNECT BACK TO THE NBA 2K17 SERVERS!! For Xbox One and PS4!!

how to connect my career to online 2k17 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you NBA 2K17 Tutorial: HOW TO CONNECT BACK TO THE NBA 2K17 SERVERS!! For Xbox One and PS4!!. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Dont know the power of a god and by. Hey its me vader. Vader.
Tr. And yes welcome back to the channel. Today guys.
I got a nba. 17. Video for you guys and this is like a little tutorial to show you guys how to fix this connection to the 2k service problem.
I know a lot of people been having this problem. And its been a pain in the ass. I know guy so im going to show you guys real quick you know this is out probably about 4 to 5 minutes video get me real quick.
Im gone the process so many times already to fix this problem to pain in the ass. But theres a couple methods. I know how to fix it now as you can tell this is the thing that pisses you off this is where everything just just stops loading it freezes now heres one heres one method well.
I heard you can either um.

how to connect my career to online 2k17-0
how to connect my career to online 2k17-0

You can wait here and wait till finally blows up. I dont know how long well take or use keep playing the game app. You keep doing that and eventually will work.
I guess. Thats even more of a pain yes or you can do what people been doing you would go to your clear to reserve space. So you quit the game go gimme you want to manage game.
And then you go to reserve data. And you clear reserved space so you go there if youre on xbox. I dont know about playstations.
Ill have a playstation 4 or next box warned thats where you go and now you wont have that problem once you clear reserved speak. But heres another issue just youve got you cant blow your my career angle. Like that youre going to have to make a new life right.
But dont worry now watch watch. I mean see bam. Quick and then we start showing the trailer and now you know its going to keep you know loaded miss this problem right here and i dont i dont know if you can wait if you want to wait on this i think it just takes too long.
So i dont have the patience for that so what i usually do i just press cancel.

how to connect my career to online 2k17-1
how to connect my career to online 2k17-1

Because again i dont know if you guys know let me know if it works. If you just sit down and let that do its process of this again. I dont know i usually just press cancel on it so you know i can just do the message where im going to show you how you keep you know get back to the 2k server.
So you connect the fastest 2k service. As you can see you cant connect and i had to make a whole new my player this on the only like put your actually anything do random names right could you if this will work. So.
This is a method that works for me you sit through the credit. You merely sit through the credits as long as it takes it took me probably six times or more it just sometimes theyll just click the after we started my xbox keep that work. But this is what should pop up as i went back to it just you know ill test it again.
This is what should pop up right here. It should be coming up soon. If kukais takes forever to load.
Yes. I understand suitcases can you load up the same come on alright. Lets just go back to long to online.

how to connect my career to online 2k17-2
how to connect my career to online 2k17-2

Again another method you can try to go to black top. Play black top game and sometimes will pop up with the update folks a couple of the update on the left hand side of on the game. So right here.
Ill say its acquired so once you see that you want to back out then it will update the game. You know youll get everything back. Yeah youre my career back you get your my team back.
And you get everything back so. This is how i figured it out you know my friend romex told. Me.
This is how you do it so shout out to my friend ro mag. So this is how you do it if you want your game to be fixed. If you want to can you know so you can connect that to the 2k server.
So you get you my career back you everything back. But see right there is theres no description of that it doesnt matter you can still click on a load up your my career. So thank you guys for watching you enjoy to be able to make sure you leave a like lets did get 10 plus likes on this video.
And if you want more of this let me know in the comment section alright see ya sorry guys forgot to mention this in the video at the end um.

how to connect my career to online 2k17-3
how to connect my career to online 2k17-3

I meant to say im im uh. Im working on a video you know i did a morgan on video. You know top four five jump shots using 2k seventeen.
So if you want you know that will be a probably later on tonight or tomorrow saturday morning somewhere around there and im gonna be up on another via talked about you know my plan for youtube. I know i do this all the time i usually do those type of videos. But i need you guys to be into it so you know just be clear be prepared for those more for those two videos.
Okay. If you want more this type of content for 2k. You know tutorials tips know best jump shots and use the songs.
The best jump shots to use on big man shooting guard stuff like that leave a comment section down on jesus leave. A comment section. Leave a comment down below in the comment section.
They ever kill and if you knew the channels please hit that subscribe button for more 2k content trying to get back on the 2k grind and ill talk theres a reason why im doing this when i talk about you know i need to talk to you guys that video. So but for the newcomers welcome to the channel and were on the road to 100k subs and maurice is a 10k. But your goal to get 100k now screw the 10k 10k is nice dont get me wrong.
But once 100k subs. So lets get there guys so were on the journey. Alright guys.
Thank you for the support and peace. .

how to connect my career to online 2k17-4
how to connect my career to online 2k17-4

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