Ni No Kuni 2: Before You Buy

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re back with another episode of before you buy the show. Where we give you you some straight up gameplay as well as our first impressions on some new games are releasing and today. We are talking about ninokuni.
So heres the lowdown the last game. People really liked had a lot of very specific things about it that were different. But a lot of systems that really felt familiar had a very pretty art style and it had involvement from studio ghibli.
It was a great take on a lot of jrpg staples and ninokuni builds on all of it there is so much going on in ninokuni revenant kingdom. And its pretty much all positive. Theres a few minor things to talk about but nothing big ninokuni starts as roland witnesses.
An event that i will not spoil because it is the most bizarre thing that i promise you you are not expecting to open a fantasy jrpg with and he ends up transported to a fantasy world. Where a coup is taking place that he ends up rescuing the child king that was being targeted the story is nice. Its interesting.
Its certainly detailed in certain points. And it has enough personality that i really like it but i will say depending on your taste you may not like it as much as the first i personally think that this story is more interesting for me as a person not everyones going to agree with that because it is not as charm laden as the first. But it moves a lot better and thats actually something well talk about in a moment.
But first i want to talk about the battle system. Its totally different thats either a plus or a minus depending on your opinion of the first there are a lot of people that really really enjoyed the sort of monster collecting dynamic that was the main focus of the battle system. Which now focuses primarily on melee attacks.
There are some ranged attacks that you can use i find myself just sticking mainly to melee attacks. Though like i said the monster hunting dynamic.

ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-0
ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-0

The familiars are not there anymore. But there is something called a higgledy now this sounds out rate silly. But if you ask me its actually kind of an injection of charm instead of catching higgledy as you find them make an offering and they join your team theres supposedly around a hundred of them and they add various capabilities to battle that are actually pretty cool one.
I really liked was placing a cannon. Which attack the near stana me beyond that and some special abilities. The combat is mainly hack and slash.
But it is satisfying and fun so i would say well done hack and slash when you beat an enemy they drop loot the loot might be money it might be materials. It might be items. It is useful most items actually have a purpose in the game.
And if they dont they can be traded or bartered with theres key items that progress the story you may need a certain quantity of them to do business with a certain person. But it never actually gets tedious and that was the main concern. I had when i saw the loot system.
They had moved to it is not tedious at all though leveling up is more or less automatic and theres this sort of tactics panel that i really like that essentially functions as a slider between two extremes. And it shifts your teams tactics towards those. It also shifts things like what youre immune to where your partys strength and their stat shift towards its pretty simplified actually.
But it also allows a sort of fluidity that you dont see a lot of theres also a second combat mode. Which plays out a lot more like a minigame in which you take on large hordes of enemies on the world map itself the kingdom building mechanic. Seems like it would possibly be a bigger thing you cant place any of the buildings for instance yourself.
Its more you just determine what order those buildings are built in but thats really fine as your kingdom generates revenue resources research. All of these types of things.

ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-1
ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-1

And its actually well integrated to the main game loop itself on top of that the kingdom management works. A lot like suikoden or perhaps even dark cloud. Maybe not quite as deep as either of those games.
But its integrated so well in a lot of other systems of the game that are all done very very well that i dont know that i would really want it a lot deeper on account. It is a component of a larger thing speaking of the whole package. How does this game look well in one word amazing ninokuni is possibly one of the most stylish pretty games in its genre period.
Its just a wonderful looking game it performs most the time pretty damn well i havent really noticed any slowdown and i didnt even play the game on a ps4 pro. That said there are a couple of areas where i did notice some very minor slowdown. Theres also some odd platforming areas that provided me with a couple of glitches because i didnt do them 100 correctly.
Because the game really isnt designed to be a platformer in any way shape or form. But its not stuff that i cared about really i just thought id mention it because honestly somebody might care it wont ruin the game for anyone i dont think. But still the main thing i wanted to talk about with this game is the pacing.
This is perhaps the best paced jrpg maybe not of all time. But certainly in quite a while i dont think ive played a jrpg in a long time that didnt feel bloated like just absolutely awful and chuggy for the first hour or two. If not longer not so with this this starts with a great about 45 minute hour long segment.
Thats a combination of exposition and action that you actually take a part in as well as a stealth segment. A fairly simple one. But fun nonetheless just a good variety of gameplay all smack together right at the start gets everything moving feels like theres urgency and then the game just continues at a blistering pace once youre through that it introduces new systems in a manner.
That keeps them interesting. It explains them in a manner.

ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-2
ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-2

That isnt over explanation and it just stays fun apparently the games 35 hours. I have made it about a third of the way through that im not gonna show anything beyond like the first four hours. I think ill say the overarching story is a little bit predictable.
Its not super original. But the characters are well done not just in terms of character development. But even in voice acting.
Its not gonna light the world on fire. But it certainly never gives you that corn the characters actually stay interesting without pouring melted cheese over you at all times. Which is again something that often jrpgs have a problem with even the kid king is not annoying congratulations level.
5. You have done it its also not a story that continues. The plot of the first game.
Which i think was probably a good idea not that the plot of the first game was bad. But that i dont really know how you would continue it it takes place in the same world or rather worlds. But about 500 years later and if thats kind of the dynamic.
We get in further and eno kun ii installments. I think were probably gonna be doing quite well ultimately. I think a lot of people will like this game.
I think if youre a purist. This is gonna be a game you like a little bit less.

ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-3
ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-3

But it doesnt do anything that takes you so far away from what ninokuni is that youre gonna hate it. But if you like the idea of a fresh take on you know cooney look no further in a way. Its kind of what final fantasy has done for a very long time switch up little things about the game.
While retaining thematic elements. And while some final fantasies have turned out much better than others. And some havent ninokuni looks as if were kind of 2 for 2 now on ninokuni.
I would say its a definite buy if you like jrpgs especially jrpgs that are attempting to sort of modernize and i know that that might be a bad word for some people. But i am currently enjoying this game more than the original it has all of the fun all of the adventure in some areas much more weird off the wall random. What is this stuff going on like for instance.
The story is kind of a kid taking over the world. But yeah whatever the actual story is one of self discovery. The characters remain interesting the situations actually seem to be somewhat aware of the actual world and i enjoyed the hell out of it again.
Im not gonna say that youre definitely going to like it more than the first one its probably more likely that youll like the first one better if youre somebody who really really liked the first one. But i think its a great expansion on the franchise. And i cant wait to finish it theres just stuff from the start of this game that i need to know more about and if youve played this game.
Literally for five minutes. You already know exactly what im talking about what do you think of ninokuni. Do you think.
Its a worthwhile purchase leave us a comment. Let us know what youre thinking if you enjoyed this video. Please click like if youre not subscribed now itd be a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first is of course a subscription as always we thank you very much for watching this video.
Im falcon you can follow me on twitter at falcon. The hero and well see you next time right here on game ranks. .

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ni no kuni 2 how long to beat-4

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