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Guys just really quick um. I gotta play this video. But i wanted to say say a few things really quickly um.
So i feel most like a month ago. Ive been debating whether to post or not so i really wasnt sure if its like okay to put that on youtube. But then i remember like 10m.
I redid it and theres other videos of like musings um. But yeah if you know i mean it was really weird music hey guys welcome to my channel today. Im going to be piercing my right knee cool made my left one like i feel like really on one side.
But um a lot of people ask me if i filmed it so i thought ill film this one obviously im not going to show my name cool.

how to pierce your nipple at home-0
how to pierce your nipple at home-0

But youll see my reaction and see me doing it so i have the needle slipping and rubbing. Alcohol. And also my clamp gloves.
Okay. Lets get started. Oh.
Yeah. I need to get anything to make them all come. Where i want it so i know exactly where to put three.
So im gonna go make a marker put two dogs im so screwed.

how to pierce your nipple at home-1
how to pierce your nipple at home-1

Im hoping to do it evenly. I think that helps even oh my god so what my hairs like going so i really dont know if im actually gonna put this on youtube. Yeah um.
Im still deciding what i thought i would just film it just in case. I really dont know if its like weird this one you choose probably is but alright. Its just a nipple.
Okay. So im just looking at mirror about there just gonna put the clamp on oh okay. So i just just want you out of the okay with the mind.
Am scared that its just its not being even.

how to pierce your nipple at home-2
how to pierce your nipple at home-2

I like looking weird also put a needle through my ankle okay okay like headed okay that hurt less than the first one i did oh it was so hot okay. I can like hardly feel it right now definitely the first time. I think that i ever thought.
It was gonna feel like this time. Im sweating so much i like every time i stand up. I just feel like im gonna pass out.
I mean i can just do this sitting down okay. So i got the bar through now. Im just trying to twist the ball on and its bleeding a little bit yes okay.
Its done i feel so im going to have a shower now after i clean up this blood. If this makes youtube. Thank you guys for watching this video thumbs up and subscribe and go follow me on instagram music bye.

how to pierce your nipple at home-3
how to pierce your nipple at home-3

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