Nurse accused of stealing pills from patient

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Nurse in punta gorda accused of stealing medication from the patient. She was hired and and trusted to help new tonight. Deputies have just released this surveillance video that they proves that she did this now this is the home health nurse.
This is her mugshot her name is jessica brown. She worked for synergy homecare and she is now charged with grand theft. 4.
In your corner. Stephanie tinoco. Live in punta.
Gorda. Tonight. With a closer look.
At this surveillance. Video. And why some home health companies are actually encouraging you to spy on them.
Stephanie well patrick and amy detectives. Actually installed surveillance equipment equipment inside the patients home after 36 anxiety and depression pills went missing now a week later thats when the home aide was arrested well because quite frankly they caught it all on camera take a look. All you hear is a pre as this caregiver opens.
A door and reaches in to grab a bottle of prescription pills belonging to the 70 year old woman. Shes supposed to be caring for from a different angle. You see jessica brown sliding something in her pocket before putting the pill container back in the cabinet.
Then she checks underneath a cluster of bananas before casually grabbing her drink and walking away it makes me crazy because its a senior that is thinking the best of the person supid well is the owner of home instead. Senior care. Its similar to the company where brownies to work.
But well tells me this happens often people do pray on them because of the fact that they they i think they dont they really do think the best of people many times. So i asked bidwell. If surveillance cameras should be set up inside more homes requesting caregiving services to protect the patient and the caregiver.
We really encourage people to send something either an agency like ourselves. That has oversight of the other employees or to do some time surveillance. She tells me some people are choosing to have cameras rolling inside their homes.
Because their kids are off in california somewhere. They want to see how mom and dad are doing it does it its twofold. It helps with the security.
It also helps you now i did reach out to synergy homecare to find out if theyll be changing their accountability practices for their certified caregivers and a spokesperson actually told. Me that there will be changes he did not go into detail. But he did reassure me that braun.
No longer works with them reporting live in punta gorda. Stephanie tinoco fox 4 in your corner. .

a nurse who steals drugs from a medication cart is committing an offense under what kind of law?-0
a nurse who steals drugs from a medication cart is committing an offense under what kind of law?-0

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