Of Mice and Men – Crooks’ Scene (2010)

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Moneys in the bank. Me and lenny and george were going to have have a room to ourselves. Were going to have a dog and chickens and were going to have green corn and maybe a cow or a gold you see youve got the money got.
Most of it just a little bit more to get have it all in one month. George already picked out the land. I never really seen a guy do it i seen guys go crazy with loneliness for land.
But you know every time a whorehouse or a blackjack game took what it takes if you guys listen if you guys want to handle work for nothing just just for us keep well i could come and lend a hand or i aint so crippled. I cant work like a son of a bitch any you boys need curly curly aint pin here they left all the weak ones here i know curly aint here think i dont know where they all went. I know where curly went got his arm in a sling and you still went anyhow well.
If you know what you want to ask dust where curly zap funny thing if i catch any one man and hes alone i get all fine with him. But just look to the guys get together and you wont talk just nothing. But mad youre all scared of one another thats what ever one of you scared.
The rest is going to get something on you maybe you better go along to your own house. We dont want no trouble. Youve got a husband you got no call coming fooling around with other guys causing trouble.

who is crooks in of mice and men-0
who is crooks in of mice and men-0

See what happened to kurt his hands. Why curley got his hand caught in the machine man bust his hand below me. What do you think youre selling curly started something he couldnt finish calling him a sheep baloney.
Why he aint give anybody the good old. One two since he got his hand bust who bust him got it caught in a machine all right you cover him up if you wanna. I try to be nice and polite bindle bums.
But youre too good. I tell you i coulda winnin shows and a guy wanted to put me in pictures. Ryan hollywood saturday night.
Everybody is doing something everybody and im standing here. Talking to a bunch of findell stiffs. A nigger and a dum dum and the lousy old sheep and lacking cuz.
They aint nobody else ive had enough. I had enough you aint wanted here. We told you you aint coming uh spindle sniffs.

who is crooks in of mice and men-1
who is crooks in of mice and men-1

You got fruity ideas. What our skies announce. There aint no sense enough in a chicken head to see even a week.
Still go if you had two bits youd been solid dad getting a drink kentucky the bottom of the glass. I know maybe you just better go along i rolled your hoop. We aint nothing to say to you at all we know what we got we dont care.
If you know it or not so maybe you just better better scatter along now or curly maybe ai. Nt gonna like his wife out in the barn with us bendel stiffs whered you get them bruises on your face who me sit down honey yeah. I got my hand he got his hand caught in the machine.
Okay machine. Ill talk to you later. And that machine you let the sky alone dont you do no messing with him.
Ill tell george what you said george wont have you messing with lennie whos george. The little guy you come in with thats him thats the guy that hes gonna let me tend rabbits well. If thats all you want i might get a couple of rabbits.

who is crooks in of mice and men-2
who is crooks in of mice and men-2

Myself. Oh. No you got no rights coming in a colored mans room.
In fact you got no rights. Missing and here it off now you just go on out and go out quick and if you dont i might ask the boss to not ever let you cover some nigger. You know what i could do if you open up your trap.
You know what i could do well you keep your place in nigger. Ill get you strung up a tree so easily it aint funny yes maam. We we tell about you friended cooks listen to you and you know it not listen to you this.
George was here. I wish jack was here. She is in the bunkers right now i bet you better go home now.
If you go right now we wont tell curley you was here im. Glad you buffed it up curley a little bit he got it coming to him. Sometimes i wish i could estimate myself music you music so music oh music you .

who is crooks in of mice and men-3
who is crooks in of mice and men-3

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