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Were watching the obs for one punch man. We dont know where or or when this one is gonna take last one was awesome last one was awesome janice and his story mm hmm. I like that so lets see what this ones gonna finish shopping sound speed sonic yeah.
I heard you moaning up there yeah im fine just another night before losing a fight is one thing. But for some reason. I no longer feel the wind.
This is unprecedented. So why oh jesus music i dont mean what strategy. I use i cant picture myself winning against him you want to protect your nuts all the time you and i are birds of a feather my work puts my life at risk as well way up here in the mountains.
I sometimes come across horrible monsters out my hunts and just as you have your saitama. Ive got an enemy of my own that i have to defeat the master of this mountain. Hes the one who gave me these stars each time i raise my gun to take aim the hand.
I hold it with trembles from fear. What if my gun fails me again like it did that fateful time. The thoughts.
Guiding makes my hand shake sure why not fighting this beast will be good training. Ill admit it saitama when i sensed your power. I was afraid music do something zelda well let me just pops out thank you a little bore.
Guess. I owe you one brought us a treat. Tonight kid believe it thats terrible.
Its really tasty thanks a snake. Yeah. I was taking a little tv from then on i devoted every day to trading for saitamas defeat and by the time.
I was finished. Id come to a decision at the conclusion. I decided i would not run away from the fear.
I felt.

one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-0
one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-0

But what admit i feared and accepted as part of me were here. But stray hair bounces windblade music. Dont do nothing this item and the names.
Frank frank hunter huh well not a bad name oh perfect for a man who hunts. I wont forget it it suits you its job how can i put this away youll understand its more like my job. I guess it would make more sense.
If you say hunter frank oh. I see now its like like hunters. The same as speed of sound in my name hey hunter.
Yeah. I could if youre defeated. Before you fight.
The results will be the same no matter. How often you try the bear. Oh yeah.
Lure the mountain whatever i knew it oh thank you how about some payback for my scar. Hey hunter. If youre defeated before you fight.
The results will be the same no matter. How often you try i get it now i win. This time music oh im bear what bears not bad a wild boar sounds good too whatever just barrel do so is this what you would call a bear hotpot master.
Yeah oh and i hear wild boar is pretty good too i learned so much from you master. Appreciative just wait saitama love me the next time we meet will be your demise so cute jeez that was the tree. Im not gonna lie i kind of wanted just this guy to confront his demons and beat.
This bear. Yeah. No yeah.
Not you know not just common you know he fails.

one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-1
one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-1

And then tell me eats. It you know i mean i mean is it a is it like going against the trump is it a comparison. Though of like a super speed guy like is he ever gonna beat saitama yeah.
Its a thing that you just cant win yeah i need to get comparison of that like doesnt matter what he does hes probably still gonna lose doesnt mean you shouldnt fight you run away from the fight or you should be scared of the fight. But youre probably not gonna win yeah you know it i love these lwase. I really really do ya know dude how long did he train.
I dont know i did does the miss de bourgh of maybe yeah. So i mean he wasnt it like years or months. Yeah.
I was just thinking like looked like he was going through all these montages of training and stuff like that and the boar just your players like hes still like two weeks old dude. That is like chipmunk stripes. He never really came back for saitama did he no like hes never like later saw him again really fought the guy in the plant in the ship.
Yeah. I dont know when hed show back up during that time i mean to help or whatever cuz. He cant act like he wasnt didnt can he kind of help during the guy didnt fight the deep cking guy you know he fought him.
But he ran away right yeah. He ran away. Yeah.
Hmm yeah. Im not sure when distilling takes place. Exactly that holmes is out in the woods.
This probably happened after he vowed in the one episode to like be his his shadow. Yeah fight him all the time and stuff. Like that i mean had to be after the the nut hit.
But probably before the seeking dont sigh. Thomas part of the hero association definitely because this was the bear that was terrorizing people. I assumed that he was set to go get it at me out of steep glass.
Maybe maybe be there yeah.

one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-2
one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-2

It was an assignment in the way that he went through the barrage is his basic emt of the nature that sonic has burgers balls. I know yeah. Its too close hes about ready to engage.
He thinks about it uh yeah buddy. I said up the hockey thing is because hockey that that line he gave just reminded me of the wayne gretzky um yeah you miss every shot. Im saying the shots.
You dont take you know wayne gretzky michael scott yeah. Okay i no longer feel the wind really remind me of barbosa everything is soft in the sea. Here the spray of the sea or whatever.
Mm hm sun. In my eyes. Yeah.
Yeah. Be careful. Even bear.
Cuz. Bear. Like will eat.
Rotten meat and stuff. You know yeah. They wont taste very good if you like ones that actually just eat like this you get ones they eat like blueberry it tastes.
Awesome yeah. Blueberry bark and your abs and stuff like that they good. When theres a rhyme.
You know rod fish and stuff like apparently they just like stink and tastes terrible finally can we yeah. Thats not why thank you guys for watching this ova. One punch man.
Were having a lot of fun with these and though we wont be getting through them. And then getting a new polos make sure you guys were sticking around for that you just taste better. No matter who you just hug that much .

one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-3
one punch man the ninja who is too complicated-3

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