Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush Review

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Is the oral b stages power electric toothbrush designed for kids. Ive been testing testing it for a few weeks and im here to give you my opinion. It bells dinging.
So here is the stages power electric toothbrush designed specifically for kids. And although. Im not a kid myself.
Ive got the opinion of some kids in the review process of this im here to give you kind of like a summary of everything that ive considered theres a full written review that accompanies this video check the link in the description. It goes into a lot more detail now the first think to know. Theres a few different designs and package options with the stages power electric toothbrush.
Its all based on disney characters this is the frozen one but theres like star wars. And theres cars so different ones to suit different children and their desires you also get different gift pack options. Which include a tube of toothpaste as well so here is the frozen.

oral b kids electric toothbrush-0
oral b kids electric toothbrush-0

One the design and colours may differ. But the actual handle shape and features are the same so we got quite bold. Colours here.
Weve kind of got like a purply rubber grip and around the power button. Weve got this kind of turquoisey blue panel that stretches all around and then at the top. Weve got the interchangeable brush head.
This is a smaller brush head than you get with an adult selection toothbrush designed specifically for children and their small mouths. And smaller teeth soft bristles on here as well on the base of the brush handle. Weve got a recess for charging the brush back up.
Weve got the logo and everything here. Weve got the nice grips on the back which make it really easy for the small hands of children to grip onto. We didnt find any children kind of dropping this so see they can take a little bit of a tough life when in the hands of children.

oral b kids electric toothbrush-1
oral b kids electric toothbrush-1

But its very simple and easy to use theres just a single power button on the front here that launches the one and only cleaning mode and that lasts for two minutes. It has a kind of built in timer built into it so when the brush is running at two minutes you get multiple pauses in the brush head motor and its motion to kind of alert. The child that the cleaning is over the brush will continue to run theyd have to actually turn it off to stop the motion of the brush.
But that gives the audible alert that the clean is over now to help children clean as we know they dont particularly like brushing their teeth. They need a bit of encouragement and supervision really there is a disney app that you can download for android and ios that works in conjunction with this electric toothbrush now its quite clever in the way it does it you use the camera of your smartphone to scan your toothbrush and it brings up customizations to the app that kind of meet the design of the toothbrush so this one with frozen. When we were using the app.
Its bringing up frozen themes and provides an onscreen timer to try and encourage kids to brush more. Its got visualisations that as theyre using the electric toothbrush they keep looking at the smartphone and cleaning their teeth accordingly. Sadly.
Theres no actual pairing between the toothbrush and the phone. So in theory. The app could be running and counting down for two minutes and the child couldnt actually be brushing.

oral b kids electric toothbrush-2
oral b kids electric toothbrush-2

But if you can get them to use it simultaneously it allows you to keep logs and tracks. And you can set user profiles for different children. And things like that now one of the downsides to this brush.
Its a fairly slim handled brush. Its got a nickel metal hydride battery. Which only lasts five days which is equivalent to 20 minutes of usage time so two cleans per day for two minutes so after about five days youre going to need to charge it again now kids arent particularly good at remembering to put their toothbrush on the charging stand so try and train them to that we found kids did leave them off.
But its easy to set the brush on the supplied charger. That comes in the box. It works on 220 to 240 volts.
Its a two pin plug that connects to the sockets you find in bathrooms here in the uk. It takes about 15 hours or so to charge. But its perfectly safe to leave the brush on the charging stand so kind of get them used to just putting it on once theyve finished cleaning their teeth.

oral b kids electric toothbrush-3
oral b kids electric toothbrush-3

The brush also comes with a two year warranty. Which is good peace of mind. If the kids end up breaking it but to be truthful youre probably not going to have to make use of it because theyre fairly reliable brushes and the cost of these brushes kind of make it so not cost effective to return it under warranty in most cases now.
The retail price of this brush is 35 pound. But in reality. We found most of the time you could pick it up for about 18 to 20 pounds.
When you include the cost of replacement heads over a three year period. Which is a typical life of an electric toothbrush this works out about five pence per day. Which i have to say is really good value.
The additional movements that you get from the brush head of an electric toothbrush and the ease with which kids can brush their teeth. I think is a worthwhile investment and this is certainly a good option for young children to get them educated and encouraged to brush their teeth. So i actually regard this quite highly although the battery life could be better.
If you want more information be sure to check out the full written review that accompanies this video until next time thanks for watching bells dinging. .

oral b kids electric toothbrush-4
oral b kids electric toothbrush-4

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