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Guys reading notes my name is lisa and today im going to be talking talking about the issue of teenage binge drinking buzzer so hey guys too casual you obviously know me and i obviously know you sooo today my topic is going to be about teenage binge drinking buzzer hey everyone closed arms today im going to be talking about teenage binge drinking buzzer hey everyone speaks very quickly today im going to be talking about the issue of teenage binge drinking buzzer giggles sorry guys i kind of forgot my next sentence crickets chirping oral presentations the basics 1 start off with a bang. The first thing to remember is to please start off in an interesting way no more of this so unoriginal good afternoon. Everyone as you may know my name is lisa today.
Im going to be talking about binge drinking so cliche so boring hi. My name is lisa and today. Im going to be talking about binge.
Drinking try to start off a little bit more like this a how would you feel if you were stuck inside. A cage. 24.
7. Left inside a dungeon where its completely dark. And theres just no way of escaping.
This is exactly what its like for caged chickens b. Let me guess everyday before school you have a certain routine you wake up you brush your teeth. You put your uniform on have breakfast and youre ready to go you catch the train and then youre at school.
But what if the train is sort of crowded that you end up not being able to catch the train in time not making it to school in time and missing out on that assessment that you have first thing in the morning today.

how to list oral presentations on a cv-0
how to list oral presentations on a cv-0

Im going to be talking about the importance of adding more trains to our public system. Originality is key whether its just starting off with rhetorical questions. An anecdote or a scenario of some sort please just try to get creative and get your audiences attention immediately youve only got one chance to get this right.
So you might as well start it off with a bang. 2. Body language.
Dont cross your arms. Because that means that youre shut off from your audience. And that youre not ready to engage with them and to welcome them into your topic feel free to use your arms.
Not too much but try to keep yourself relaxed keep your body relaxed so that youll move naturally look interested in your topic as well. It should be something that youre passionate about so. If you look disinterested.
Then whats the point of anyone else being interested in what your topic is about make sure that your expression fits the topic. So if its going to be something upsetting if its something devastating emerge your emotions with that get in tuen with what your topics about 3. No awkward break if.

how to list oral presentations on a cv-1
how to list oral presentations on a cv-1

Get stuck dont stop. Dont be. Like eyes wandering around um.
Giggle geez. What was it but just stand. There.
Recollect your thoughts and then go again it might feel like eternity. But at the very least youre not filling in your oral. With random words.
That just dont contribute to anything. And it also disengages the audience too and so as i was mentioning before the statistics are so high that one of 4 practice one of the things that people dont do enough of is practice their oral. They get held up in writing the actual oral and they get stressed out on the actual day.
But what about practicing beforehand you need to make sure that your speed is on point. Just remember that youll probably be nervous. So youre going to be speaking a little bit faster than you normally would be make sure you memorize.
The speech as much as possible memorizing.

how to list oral presentations on a cv-2
how to list oral presentations on a cv-2

A speech. Means that you can then shift away from just looking at your paper. And that you can start focusing on actually targeting the audience thats in front of you the more you can engage with them the better it will be for you and the more confidence you will have okay guys.
I hope you enjoyed this video. I wanted to do something a little different especially with oral presentations. Its all about the performance.
So i kind of wanted to tap into that a little bit. I know that some of the points that ive addressed here today seem really obvious. But despite the fact that its obvious.
Theres still a reason why this stuff happens and you still see it every single year and im sure you know exactly what i mean. Theres always that one classmate that does the big no no or that one classmate thats you know talking like this talks behind paper whatever. It is hopefully.
If youre one of these people what you learned from today or what has been reiterated into your head for today start applying that into your oral. If you guys like this video. Please give it a thumbs up because that will let me.
Know that you guys are more interested in deeper.

how to list oral presentations on a cv-3
how to list oral presentations on a cv-3

Oral presentation topics. So whether that is structuring. An argument or how to present in front of different audiences.
I know some schools do it in front of the classroom. But other schools just do it in front of teachers or small groups of students or how to formulate arguments to be more persuasive. So if you actually needed some help with what topic you should do for this years oral presentation.
If you havent decided already ive actually compiled a list of about close to 20 oral topics potentially you could choose theyre pretty much the best ones that are out there at the moment so definitely check out the description box below. And you will find a link to the blog post for that where you can also download a pdf best of luck for your oral. Im sure you guys are going to do absolutely fine just remember at the end of the day.
Even if you have no idea. What youre talking about confidence is key. I could be talking about nonsense right now and talking about god knows what and yadi yadi yah.
But because im making eye contact. Because my tone is reassuring you will most likely believe it okay. So yeah.
Ill see you guys next time byee. .

how to list oral presentations on a cv-4
how to list oral presentations on a cv-4

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