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Kitchen cabinets is where i store the majority of my cookware. But dont forget forget about the drawers. Ive worked really closely with our kitchen designers to come with great storage solutions for your kitchen.
Youll find there are so so many options for drawer storage. With the martha stewart living line of kitchens at the home depot. And in this west end kitchen the drawers are just beautifully fitted for flat.
Where you can put every kind of flatware in a very well divided drawer. These are available as an option for your kitchen drawers now look at this this is our napkin drawer. I love having freshly ironed napkins to put on the table for dinner parties and use your paper towel rolls.
Dont throw these away to just roll up your iron napkins. This is so easy to do and make note of how many napkins are on each roll. Here.
We have three you can put a little band around them.

martha stewart living fabric drawer-0
martha stewart living fabric drawer-0

If you like but just place these right in the drawer for easy access and very easy storage and they are there ready to use now on this side. We have lots of drawer space. This is the lacombe avenue island thats in this kitchen notice.
Weve used two different styles of cabinets in one kitchen. Thats very very chic and its actually becoming a very popular thing to do here is our knife drawer. All the knives are visible.
They are stored in these nice neat boxes fitted with cork so that your knives do not bang against each other and they stay nice and sharp everything you need for easy cooking. And notice. Oh.
This is one of the nicest. Features of all now these are designed all the drawers with quiet clothes. Its a feature which prevents slamming protects materials and finishes now in this drawer.
It is fitted with wonderful slanted shelves for all your spices spices stay fresher and longer when kept out of the sunlight.

martha stewart living fabric drawer-1
martha stewart living fabric drawer-1

So this kind of storage is really really excellent for spices and for herbs and here we have a very good use of a large low drawer. This door is fitted with a pegboard and pegs so that heavy items can be kept separate really comes from old sailing ships and yachts where everything is so breakable and everything is kept divided so that it wont bang against each other by these big pegs. Which can be adjusted to fit the size of a plate.
But how great it is to be able to put your extra dishes bowls pots and pans whatever in a deep drawer like this youd never know that so much storage can be accommodated in a kitchen. Like this if you think creatively and use a few of these ideas you can get the most out of every single inch in your kitchen you music. tional like a skull nose.
I guess you could say so im gonna put a dot right in the center and then im gonna walk here using me the tips of the nose. Am i trying to connect the dots and im just gonna grab these points right here. And just kind of bring them around my nose underneath music.
Right. Thats like a rough idea go ahead and fill this in and kind of clean up the edges and stuff all right now. Im gonna take the eyeliner and im gonna kind of do those little loops that are trickling around the eyes.
I dont know what its called.

martha stewart living fabric drawer-2
martha stewart living fabric drawer-2

But you know you know im talking about when i do it all right so im gonna go ahead and take these gold jewel that i found at a craft store. This one specifically at joannes. Im gonna take eyelash glue and put them inside of all the little loops that i made they just so happen to fit directly inside.
So you can kind of use whatever you can use whatever jewels kind of fit in there. You can kind of make the loops the size that you need for your jewels. Im gonna go ahead and just do that im gonna take the black eyeliner again im going to draw some designs off my face.
Im gonna draw the traditional sign so you can look them up if you guys dont know or like not signs that like marquees and stuff. But right now and im going to do a spider on my chin. So im gonna go ahead.
And do that with the eyeliner and im sharpening this every so often because i want to make sure. Its gonna be a sharp clean line. So im gonna do this im just gonna draw a few lines and then im just going to go in between and do the little lines music all right so im going to use the liquid eyeliner again for the teeth.
Im just gonna draw two teeth up and down all the way about halfway to this line.

martha stewart living fabric drawer-3
martha stewart living fabric drawer-3

So i just use the block on the air for the spider on the forehead. Now to fill in the little center. Im going to take one of those jewels again.
Im going to glue it right in the center and im going to make it like a diamond shape music alright guys so here is the finished look. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know your comments down below and your thoughts on this look.
This video. Any other further or any other future halloween videos you want me to do um. As far as characters or any kind of style of video.
So if you guys enjoy this video. Please give it a thumbs up dont so dont forget to subscribe to my channel. If youve not already comment your thoughts down below and i hope to see you guys in next video.
Thank you so much for watching. .

martha stewart living fabric drawer-4
martha stewart living fabric drawer-4

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