Patriots Top Rams(13-3) \u0026 Bill Belichick becomes oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl

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It that thirteen two three tom brady doesnt throw a touchdown pass. But he he wins a six super bowl ring lets hear from him and lets from william stephen belichick they made every play tough tonight i give them a lot of credit coach phillips all those players they play really well on defense. Fortunately.
Our defense really played the best game they have all season. And it was just an incredible win in the biggest moments when we had to play our best football and compete the hardest they did it so i cant say enough about them the coaching staff. Brian flurrys josh mcdaniels.
Joe george. And all the rest of the staff certainly air conditioning moses cabrera and the strength conditioning staff. I mean just state.
They all did a great job as a great team win and just extremely proud of everybody and obviously could do it without without all of them theyre the ones that really deserve the credit players went out there and and competed against a great football team all the ton respect for sean. His staff ran are the rams football team i mean. Thats a thats a great team and and uh you know we knew.
It was gonna be a as hard a competition as we had all year and it was so just happy to happy to be able to come on top out on top make a few more plays and they were able to make today. Well hear more from coach bill belichick later youre live on good morning football. The press conferences will be extreme right here on nfl network patriots with their six lombardi bills gonna have to get a new boat to rename it oh yeah more rings for him there music.
Theyre expensive to win the superbowl.

who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-0
who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-0

Theyre not tied with these dealers for the most as you can see in all of nfl history. Lets talk bill belichick he deserves at the sirdar show here tom brady. These patriots winning yet another one guys im very excited for the patriots.
I want to say this first its were thrilled to be here in atlanta. Its too bad. The rams offense can join us they didnt make it i think theyre still on the tarmac at lax.
The rams defense deserved way better than the rams offense will get into that heres what weve talked about this game for two weeks if we had gone back guys and said the patriots are gonna score 13 points. If wed known that we thought they would get embarrassed and wed be stupid. What is all mazin to me about this is the different ways this team can show up weve seen brady of 25 point comebacks.
Weve seen brady throw for 500 yards brady just had his worst statistical game in the super bowl and his largest margin of victory. Its incredible. The golden state warriors cant win with 75 points nolan ryan cannot win the world series with the change up michael bay cannot win the box office was dialogue the patriots can win the super bowl in any way.
Its incredible forget about the xs and os for a second because theres only a handful of plays that really decided this game. When you look at what the patriots have done over the course of tom brady and bill belichick marriage. Its phenomenal and not because of the accolades the trophies.
The championships the winds its because of the hunger.

who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-1
who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-1

If youre at home and you might have a little bit of fatigue. And you say well. Im tired of seeing the patriots win talk to him net take a snapshot of their faces.
Listen to what they say leading up to the game listen to the pressors all season long they find ways to motivate themselves better than any other team in the history of sports. If youre a parent and you want to talk to your kid about hunger. Tell them to watch the patriots.
If youre working in a cubicle downtown. You have a little bit of success. But you want another race watch the patriots.
If youre in some type of competition in life. And you feel like you need to level up at the leveling up at the leveling up and you find yourself becoming complacent watch the patriots playing in the league for so long. Ive seen guys get complacent because they got money because they had a few wins and win a championship you get fan your brand gets bigger.
Theres all these reasons. Why some people just pack. It in and say ive accomplished a lot im good dont do the extra running dont do the extra work the patriots or the hungrys team in the history of sports and they are the most winningest team nfl history i get that the pittsburgh steelers are right there with him but in my era watching football.
The patriots are great not because of the trophies in the wins.

who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-2
who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-2

Theyre great because of the hunger and if you want to respect something forget the fatigue for a second respect the hunger. I respect the hunger. Yeah.
I also respect the hell out of bill belichick i 13 to 3 in the super bowl. The rams were the second leading offense in the entire nfl. The first team was the chiefs they shut them out last week in the first half.
They the rams scored five must break over the end zone with brandon cooks all of these guys harmon stepping up oh. It was an absolute team win on defense and one of the best showings from belichick. I agree the rams did not run a red zone play did he not get farther than the 37 yard line and the next play was an inner sound.
Im not shocked im so yeah. It still hasnt sunk in this rams team was so good this year on offense. You know they could not get anything going and you want to blame the rams.
But then you have to give credit to the patriots not every team could do that you said the bears did a great job. It was in soldier field as a sunday night huh this was the super bowl indoors perfect conditions and the patriots pulverizing one of my favorite things to say about coaches minds is that some coaches are playing chess. While others are playing checkers.
This is a prime example music. .

who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-3
who is the oldest head coach in the nfl-3

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