Peep This: Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker | Ep. #23

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s up peeps. Im jon and i am not joey. Oh you thought it it was joey.
But its not fooled you on this episode. Weve got real chill to peep real cool ice cold slowing down. The molecule scientific.
Sweet should. We peep this. Lets peep.
It music playing this is the sweet spot ice cream maker. Thats the face. I screamed.
It took me a second you didnt scream so. We didnt all scream for ice cream. Lets try it again lets try it again we both screamed.
I picked a weird scream. Yeah. This is the ice cream maker.
And what you get inside the box is a couple of tools instructions of course and the cold stone no trademark just in case not that cold stone. Its like a pancake. Yes maker.
But instead of being super hot yeah its super cold this is like ice cream skillet. Yeah yeah its just its like a really cold surface that you throw in the freezer get it nice and frosty and then you pour your ingredients down onto it and it turns into ice cream. How cool is that nice you make your own ice cream.
Yes. Please. Yes.
Thats what you do enough discussion. Yes. I need ice cream.
We need it now thats why i was screaming earlier. I got an idea all right so well each pick our favorite ice cream out of the recipe book and then well each make them if youre a fan of peep this you might know that i like coffee ice cream. We made the coffee ice cream sandwiches joey and i did a couple episodes ago and i noticed theres a coffee ice cream recipe in the book.
So i think i want to make that one because im a little more exotic than joey or jon im going to go with the gelato the more fancy version of ice cream that sounds very european of you i think its italian italian yeah together in italian accent. Its gelato well our sweet spot ice cream surface. Here has already been pre frozen.
Weve kept it in the freezer for a few hours. So its ready to go so i say we go to the kitchen and put together our recipes come back and throw them on lets do it all right were back. Weve got the freezing cold surface.
Weve got this little mixture that we just whipped up. Its got some basic ingredients that you would have in your kitchen already it was just milk and sugar heavy cream vanilla extract. The recipe actually says to whisk it one time before you dump it on so.
Im just going to give it a quick whisk it one time one time for me beatboxing whisk it one time and then well just go ahead and pour it right there on top covering the surface nicely it says to wait 10 to 15 seconds.

sweet spot ice cream maker-0
sweet spot ice cream maker-0

Im just going to go ahead and do that while i wait wanna hit that mm hmm. Oh yeah oh starting its i mean oh yeah. It has begun you see that its like it really is like were scraping a skillet now it says also that you can feel free to add your own cookies candies or fruit into this so luckily.
Ive come prepared so ive got some chocolate. Covered. Espresso beans oh yeah to mix in lets bust out the bowls and spoons shall we all right we shall need the two tool technique.
I think yeah yeah the old like this move here yeah. Thats the thing feel like ive seen that somewhere. I dont know cooking shows dont say it again dont say cold stone.
Again. You ready lets do it serve me up bro all right this is yours so ill give you the bigger portion. Thank you thank you mm yeah.
Look at that i got a little bean in there me too lets do it. Oh yeah. Thats really good thats really really good.
Im already done can we please make another serving of that asap yes. Yes. We can and we will all right got to finish your ice cream.
If you want more ice cream. Thats what my mom always says thats the rules. I is it time for gela italian.
Accent is it time for gelato. Oh si. Ok.
Jon. Now. It is my turn.
Yeah. Lets turn that into something delicious. This one was just again whole milk sugar little bit of salt theres actually bittersweet semi sweet chocolate mm is that good mm yeah all right ive going to get some of that just watch my tongue spot thats what i was aiming for mm.
Oh yeah mm hmm. Yeah. Theres a tool that they dont include in the box description.
But thats your tongue to clean up afterwards yeah. Its very necessary all right all right lets spread. It.
Oh. Yeah. This came out.
Oh. Yeah. Thats gelatinous.

sweet spot ice cream maker-1
sweet spot ice cream maker-1

Yeah. Oh. Man.
Is this how they do it. In italy. We need to travel.
There we really do we know nothing about the culture. Maybe jamie will pay for our travel sounds good to me am. I brainstorming already.
I think you are that sounds great its starting to get a little ice cream y should we go ahead and mix in the brownies. Oh yes we got brownies. I mean do you want to crumble.
It first you gotta sure you gotta know what youre putting in there yep all right. Ill crumble you mix sounds good chocolate all over i got you dog mm yeah i got me dog you got you dog bon appetit gelato lets eat its almost all brownie woo should we save some for joey uh. I dont know mm oh mm wow that is significantly smoother crazy good chocolate thats incredible man this is like fi are you you just starting.
Without me uh. Oh hey. Join the party man scoot on over joey.
Made it we were just making. You some yeah. Holy crap.
Can we bleep that thats so creamy. Thats like the perfect gelato texture. The brownie is a good little cherry on top no its a brownie on top.
Yeah. Its got a brownie mixed in yeah. Thats right its really nothing like a cherry on top so what went into this its mostly just milk sugar pinch of salt the bittersweet chocolate that ive finally chopped up you did a fine job good one joey thanks dude.
Hes back bringing the jokes. Feel like im being mocked right. Now you guys need a little segment.
Singing joeys jokes singing ba da. Bum. Joey tries to pun even though.
Jons here beatboxing. Its a rap segment. So what should we do for the commercial for this video guys well oh.
I see what you mean ive already thrown out an idea. Yeah. That i definitely think we should try.
And thats sending us to italy yes. Oh to try real gelato compared to this that seems like a given. I think yeah you have to do that if its in peep.
This weve got to do it exactly peep this you keep this right exactly thats his thing peep this we keep this how about real italians try the ice cream maker gelato for the first time.

sweet spot ice cream maker-2
sweet spot ice cream maker-2

I think jamie has got some italian ancestry so maybe that counts. Yeah yeah. Im going to steal this one from danny.
But he had a good idea. Ok maple ice cream and a waffle cone ooh or you could do like nams bits. We can mix in nams bits.
Yeah maybe even like fire dust. Ooh a spicy might be weird. Its vat19.
We gotta go spicy at some point spice cream spice cream spice cream. Its sweet chauncey might get into it we kind of start with the southern gentleman thats true yeah its colder than sweeter than colder than thats pretty good i think the italy thing i mean yeah we just if i had to we just need plane tickets. I would do it i guess yeah.
I guess we could go to italy take one for the team. If i had to do it over again. I might go with something like a cookie dough.
Sometimes i like the mixture of the vanilla with the chocolate. We need to sing some songs or something though right yeah like chants that they sing they sing so much theres like a bell they ring if somebody tips them i dont know yeah. Well we have joeys jokes.
Thats our song. Oh yeah. Singing together joeys jokes you guys nailed that yeah.
Yeah. We were working on it so does this make us is this table now a creamery. Oh is that what you call an ice cream place.
I think it could be an ice cream place or a place. Where they have butter. Yes.
Churning butter that products coming up next. Churn your own butter might be butter than what we made singing erics jokes mines singing jons jokes well that was just a couple of our weird ideas. But as always we love to hear what you guys are thinking about and want to see us do in the commercial.
So leave a comment down below with your ideas as always we peep this. And you have this. Oh right yeah.
Keep this the new guy yeah. So check the description below to find out how you can win your very own ice cream maker. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. And do not forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell.
So you know when the next peep this peeps out exactly just kind of peeps on out. There all right you guys thanks for watching. Well see you next time later peeps.
Singing vat19 dot com music playing .

sweet spot ice cream maker-3
sweet spot ice cream maker-3

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