Pokemon Brick Bronze – How To Get Victini!

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Guys very today on the blocks. We are playing small pokemon brick bronze as you you can see on screen right now today were going to be hunting for victini so this video is going to be cut down. Im just going to show you all the puzzles we denote to it and yeah.
But also in this video. Im not beals. Im not going to catch the victini mainly for the fact that iron would like to shiny hunt.
It so ill be saving right before i battle it so i can go trying to shine it on sabo this video will teach you how to get victi. There. So i guess lets get right onto that so what ill do first.
Obviously you have to beat v. Jian. And you know when you do beat.
It you will get the red gem. Which im not sure if its in your bag let me just real quick with check yeah look like its not in your bag. But you get a red gem.
When you come into the old erudite or not i read i but whatever. Its called then you can pour it into here so it means. Theres always been all three that we have to go and then we come over here.
We can smash this area. There is a trainer heads okay. Im not sure if about him on our blog is always chalk to him.
Oh oh yeah. I can see is all around here. I was just using them just a lot of repels.
Ive never be anything. But i know the general idea on how to get as a team is so we just go through you can go fill out ones. I guess well just go through here to tell us that were all scared give it again okay so once we come through here.
It should be like a little area that we can go down school a school cool. So far so yeah. I also nervous.
Ive never done this so far. But i think i know what to do so yeah. I think over here.
Theres a door here and go through this door. I think this poplar right all right. Im hoping this got freedos is this the right way should be the right way right just go this way now this man knows.
This guide. Im going to quick. Im not going to say its the best card okay there we are i to get to the charioteer so i knew where to go.
But so if you have a red one i dont think we can cross over or where we can cause of this i also can go through the door of these three books cause. Weve done the red room. We can go through the red.

how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-0
how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-0

One so lets go to the red. One then we get probably the green in this one so in this area. We are meant to smash all of the borders obviously they will probably a huge the red balls of my fine.
But granted you smush all these and then were not to get stoned. Because the sound is meant to be falling. Okay a little bit of research on some people help me out to do this together the first level.
Weve already got one so youll need anymore so we can just run those because we gosh. I need one ill take aegina wombo. Yeah.
Ill turn the disguises. This is i possibly can but also please take into note that this is also my first time doing this so im smashing all these. And just what do i vogons.
Whats all the power perfect yeah like i said this first time its my first time doing this so there might be a few poems. Ill just cover now to make the guys a little bit easier to follow so lets just watch all of these no more no more duels. Please.
If i give me every time okay were into rock smash all these i guess. I probably should. Its close to be smashing the last combo.
Oh well oh well. Ill do that for the next. Ones.
Okay. I better just make it quicker wait for this part. Im just not going to speed this up.
Ill see there for the next part when they take in a long time okay use rock smash with two more left. Dont just dont give me more juggles. Okay.
We dont really need that okay well oh. So ill probably go mental. We only need two rock smash.
One of one so i just said rocks my so little shape is the same for every single persons i love that walk over here we got the kings green stone. Now we can go back through the door and then we can go will enter the green door. But i think we musta put in the yeah.
We have to go back and put in to be a little gm section. Now so ill go right back to when i gather okay now we are here obviously do it for the green stone into here and then the green door will be open. Now we have to go back to the doors.
Let me just quickly do this. If you dont remember the correct way again. Ill just speed up so we can see where they all are how to get there even go down.
I am so tired. Im sorry okay. I probably know the smart very serious when youre tired.

how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-1
how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-1

But well nonetheless youre adults. What ill do ill figure that out eventually okay eventually not sure its all right now but well figure it out angeles okay bathroom here and then we come to this place again which m. We have the green door opens lets go to the green one and theyre going to that poor girl.
Nothing is one more puzzle on oil share to the new one after that the problem. I dont think the world evil well okay now we got this which account. This is most people will not do most difficult here this is a most difficult one so as you can see because ow.
We owe them all to one level can we turn our back on okay. Whatd i just do and there we go life in correct method is so for this video is like 22 minutes long with care finally. If you do like that time.
I did you should be able to do it so there we go finally some that i actually going to say because i was so difficult. When i find it figure it out take a few truckers figure out because theres certain points. Where certain blocks are you have to specifically do it first otherwise you its not going to work so if you in the same also i did you should be able to do it yourself.
So there we go now we need to go back to the little area that we need to put the stone in so ill coat right there ok. Now that we are here we have to pull the stone into here and go back to the dolls and we can go into low to hold on that will be the last one that we need also like i said retails are probably the best thing to use in this area. Because youre going to find a lot of flow exponents.
Id suggest just bringing along a few lows. I also bought 99. But integrals are expensive you pour mine delight 24.
All the ruining that you might need to do maybe in what fun zagreb know when you sent you after ive done this video. I will show you our miracles. Ive used so you can estimate yourself.
And how many you would actually need any way through here now so now we can go on to the final doll. Which is going to be a bottle. I believe its now through this one okay.
Theres a little puzzle to get to a moment. I know that much ways ill go as well dont tell me is case and it looks like okay. But this little puzzle then theres a moment at the very ends and then you have to borrow it so wine.
I know exactly. But you have to go for this torch because i doing my torch lake so its bit obvious both of the rock here so go here take the torch take the torch to the rope and the hole okay. This is actually taken the neck go here now let the little bridge fall.
Surprised on how this place is actually structured the oh well im not going to complain okay. Thats on the victini. Okay so there we go okay now go over here come here i go.
Oh please ofsted do we get coming pick up with no alright and if you open this so we get a moment which we have to battle and beat for the stone or the king s. Duo wisin took it ill do it. Number one are we at the bottom okay.
Interesting well someone told. Me that i had to battle. And i guess not haha okay.
Im good with that one im good with us not sure why something is about limbo. Yeah. Ill just steal the gem.

how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-2
how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-2

So now away. Oh. We do have to battle him okay.
Good that wasnt light. Thats good okay lets go where you got like coffee. You probably need.
Oh king why do you have a needle king oh well not gonna not gonna judge you on your needle king of im gonna just earthquake it to death thats gonna be great for me actually i wonder what polka dolls. Youre gonna get from this guy. Because you should get a pretty good amount of probably not at all no not all which would be great the hunt.
Oh well anger. No. I dont want to apply.
A gengar. Okay. Im just going to freaking medium.
Ah get out there not sure if can get out how to love it in this game or not still it shouldnt. But it probably might still do so im not going to risk that okay no no risk it anyway. It was awesome in a coffee gets a new lead of that so ill just earthquake.
It try not make contact with this i dont get the mummy ability. And ill be great okay. Its scary face okay.
Well i got myself calm. Dear. Lord.
So no thank you im going to earthquake. You again. This would be the coffee.
I coughed our argus and i have no idea okay coffee. I guess. Thats rakesh call.
It and then aegis of course you have an ag flash. Im so triggered dont use king shield. I swear okay good earthquake and gals here please okay dokay downloads that beaten now we have to go back to the stone.
Temple i believe to pull this gem in you are worth a 3500 pokeballs offered an okay amount you are proving yourself worthy of entering the pokemons chamber. Please for me do what i can no longer do read the pokemon. I catch it lock away thinking.
It would always be with me. I was wrong and now it has been trout for several millions do this. And my soul can finally rest okay learn well im sorry.
Im going to shine on this thing okay. So he could be there a little bit longer. And you know can be able to rest either okay.

how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-3
how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-3

But never can you go back. And we can go get it. This is a film a video.
So ive got to do a little that is edited into maybe like a five minute to talk tutorial. So ei. E.
For me. Great okay. Oh.
Well okay. Now we can go back to a start enter. This gem.
In and then we have access to victini. Which have no hundred percent. Sure where you have to go for the victini.
All im going to say is im going to say before i pull the gem in all the duo and just make sure i dont borrow it instantly. But if i do that would really suck if i to do all this again so yeah. Ill be great if i dont have to do that please okay enter in here go back go down i hate that its just much less rock.
All the time. Thats only one thing. I dont worry about the rocks are always here when you entrance when you leave on the tree into the route place i safe here we can enter our lost gem into the column.
I guess okay everyone can be here somewhere in the ruins okay want to talk to again account. Okay. We heard rumbles in the ruins going somewhere.
So lets go find this out that shouldnt be high to guess. Hell be through the same way. But maybe some things unlocks thats all my guess would be with what okay lets just drop.
The outside is this the area. No isnt yes so this is this door wasnt open before so maybe. Its in here.
Im going to save again just make sure im going to go in is this the dress sure that we are wanting yes. It says look a joran a rest on the free loot. No get we have a big new gate.
And we have a bigger new get or no just no youre okay well read can this review. I find vic tina right im going to stay is yet again yes please um step on this now what am boom is avec tina. And then we go vic tina.
Now that is how you get a victory so hopefully you guys enjoyed hopefully helps you a market. Im gonna say house if i was trying to v ctima first ride. Ill be amazing.
But yeah anyway now im going to a shiny home sit. So yeah. Anyway they should leave come to see more pokemon big balls or enjoy games on roblox make sure let me know if theres any old poor cummings like me through tutorials on like always ill see you guys next time.

how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-4
how to get victini in pokemon brick bronze-4

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