Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Get Ash-Greninja! [SM Tips \u0026 Tricks]

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s happening everyone its abdallah here and welcome to pokemon sun and moon tips tips and tricks videos for nintendo 3ds. Now in this playlist. Were going to through and teach you guys a multitude of different things that will be very helpful in your quest to catching them all so on todays episode were gonna show you guys how to transfer your ash greninja from the special demo version now in case you guys havent gone through and downloaded the special demo version head to the nintendo eshop go through play.
It all the way to the very end. Which is about 15 20 minutes. If you speed right through it.
And once you do youll have an ash greninja that you can easily transfer to the full version now go inside to the pokemon center right over here talk to professor kukui. And what youll be able to do is go through and transfer anything that youve acquired throughout the demo now of course with lee greninja. It is not saying goodbye to it.
But it is simply transferring the data from this greninja on the demo. All the way over to pokemon sun and moon. Now you cant use him at the very beginning of the game of course you figures right.
He wont be able to listen to you so make sure you guys go through and complete two grand trials and then start using him. Hes going to be really good now. If youve gone through and explore different days and different areas of the pokemon sun moon demo.
And if you guys are interested in finding out where those items are out i got a video exactly of my livestream when we did it on day one. But anyway if youve gone through and found star dust star peace pretty wings. All those other items can definitely get transferred as well simply by repeating the same process talk to professor kukui over here.
And you will be able to do so now. Heres the thing if you own both pokemon sun.

how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-0
how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-0

And pokemon moon. What you can do is insert the cartridges into your name into your nintendo 3ds and then transfer this ash greninja and all the items into both versions thats really awesome so you dont just get one per nintendo 3ds you can go through and have two and then if you do have both the games. Then you can trade one or the other to both of them.
And you can have two ash greninja. You can use that as trade fodder for some legendarys in the future or something. But anyway.
As we know ash greninja is a very very strong pokemon. So once youre done trading. All you have to do is go to any pokemart and talk to this guy in the orange shirt over here.
Hes going to tell you how many mystery gifts you have and of course. You can go through and choose what you want to receive do you want to receive the greninja or do you want to receive the items. But of course your pokemon team has to have an empty spot open for him to give you said ash greninja.
So of course. If your team is filled with six pokemon simply put go through grab any one of your pokemon click it into any of the boxes. And then make room for him.
And then talk to the guy straight again so as you guys can see right over here uh. Yeah. Hes gonna hes gonna give us that ash greninja and its gonna be really fun so go over here talk to him click on pokemon and then once you do you were gonna take this awesome ash greninja woohoo that is so good oh man.
Ive been waiting for him. Hes gonna make the game easy mode.

how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-1
how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-1

Though i really think so so you can go through and take all four of the items together or you can take them one by one it doesnt matter to you guys. But the whole point of getting these items transferred into your game is to give you a little bit extra spending money to use in the game. So ill show you guys how much money youll make.
But before we do that lets take a look at greninja right over here adamant nature with an iv of alert to sounds. Thats a perfect speed iv that is awesome. So yeah here we go.
This is my ash greninja and a 105 attack. Stat 126. Speed.
Got the bittle ability battle bond. Which allows you to go through and once you ko a pokemon hes gonna change into ash greninja. Hes so good man.
Hes totally gonna make the game easy mode. After your second grand trial. Anyway inside a pokemon center is always a pokemart you can go through and click on sell your items.
Whenever you want to so head on over here. Whats great about the game is that whenever you get a new item. Itll show up new over here.
Ive already collected nuggets before but you can sell your nugget for 5000 poka. Dollars of course.

how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-2
how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-2

You can sell all of the pretty wings for 5000 poka. Dollars so youve got a total of 10000. Poka dollars.
Start us now remember you were able to get three of. Them so now were getting a. 14500 and of course right now selling the star piece for.
6000 so thats about 20000. Polka dollars in the game. Thats awesome thats going to send thats going to have you guys be able to purchase so many things again.
Its not even funny. And its going to go very far for you so anyway. Thank you guys so much for watching hopefully.
This video has helped you out with getting your very own ash greninja and transferring all the items from your save file on the special demo version. If the video did help you out definitely smash that like button and of course share the video with a friend you guys can watch all of the tips and tricks videos by clicking right over here you guys can watch the newest video on my channel here and of course you guys can watch the 100 walkthrough of pokemon sun and moon right over. There you can go with me every step of the way.
Its going to be awesome so thanks for watching. And well see you guys on the next episode of pokemon sun and moon tips and tricks tutorials. If you guys have any suggestions on what you would like to see to populate this playlist.
Let me know in the description below until then well see you guys on the next one take care. .

how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-3
how to get greninja in pokemon sun and moon-3

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