Pottery Barn’s Holiday Collection 2019

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Decorating for the holidays can be a tedious and stressful thing to do especially. If if youre doing it all by yourself well weve got some good news together with pottery barn modern living will help you deck the halls in every single room in your house with the best christmas ideas and decorations to make your abode. The merriest home on the block.
Were here in the main entrance area of pottery barn and i swear the moment you come in its sort of impossible not to feel the christmas spirit. But i love this or talk about the area that you have here as much as possible. We really want to keep christmas festive here at pottery barn so apart from that we also want to make our clients lives easier by basically pre packaging.
The christmas packers for theme one of the reasons. Why pottery barn is such a popular christmas shopping destination is that they provide a unique shopping experience. They do the curating for you the deckers are already group.
15. Which makes it easy for customers to shop by look and match. It with their existing living or dining areas.
We have a shelter. Which is more of neutral as a foundation and the metals are more brass. So if youre if your home is more leans towards luxe look luxe designs you know if you have more boards or brass.
You can definitely use that we are into interior design everything. But it feels like a mixture of warm and cool. Yes.

pottery barn christmas tree skirts-0
pottery barn christmas tree skirts-0

Its a mixture of warm and cool. And it draws inspiration from the cozy lodges in the us in italy. Get that feel from it.
Even the lighting is very unsubdued. The furniture that he paired with it is more grace. The shelter collection is a pottery barn holiday static that incorporates mostly brass and gold finishes over a neutral foundation.
This look is great for luxe and contemporary living and dining rooms. Okay so this has a colder feel with a snow effect on the tree tell us about this theme. So this theme is winter white.
So it draws inspiration to basically winter. They say like if you can see. Mostly white delegation.
Monochromatic white gray silver and its really good to pair this with scandinavian living rooms. Yeah aside from for example a home with scan the inspired furniture what type of home design. I guess would fit this winter themed ceiling quarter inches are rustic yeah since rustic dinner huh trim.
Yeah we have mahan grafted individual or in a minute yeah and when you enter this specific store in central square. Every tree every design tree comes with a matching living room set this okay also this is the matching living room set. Its also very white.
But its very cold.

pottery barn christmas tree skirts-1
pottery barn christmas tree skirts-1

But still cozy yeah and me wanting nordic. A nordic inspirations. Interesting okay so for those who of course especially with be no christmas in the walla walla and bella got your final theme as i can see from from afar already red.
So im very forward red. Yes. Lets head right now.
So this is the final theme. What is it called its called the seljuk since it has a lot of red and white and definitely very bold uma. Graphic.
Prints. Like santa claus. Like christmas trees in my hohoho.
So very year up in your face now christmas a traditional classic american christmas. Yes. The nostalgic collection highlights christmas traditions through timeless graphic prints this look features a lot of red white.
Even green and will look great with rustic and traditional living spaces and even your tree. You know its very whats the word the cute compared to the others. Yes whimsical compared to the other two teams go surpassed like animals yeah.
I know the gingerbread cookies.

pottery barn christmas tree skirts-2
pottery barn christmas tree skirts-2

Which has a very apparent kitschy feel. But very homey feel i assume kids would love haha. This tree the most is the by far the most playful theme here that we have yeah.
So how does that work since you mentioned that you have curated themes and packages for example. Someone comes in the store. How does that work oh we just we actually just ask the our clients.
What they want and then we just take them to what witch themed suits their home the most because since we have complementary in design services here at pottery barn you can just actually approach any design specialist. Yes. Which could help you in achieving design solutions to your home.
So. Whether it need for holiday or for the whole year round. Oh not just for the christmas season.
Its for anyone either building or maybe remodeling their homes. If you are a client who comes in its part of the service part of the experience. The design studio specialists of pottery barn are trained to provide expert.
Decorating and entertaining advice all free of charge. We still have an action that we could do its really not a big action. But its a small change that we need to do every day.
Its really by starting small that you create the change that you would like music. .

pottery barn christmas tree skirts-3
pottery barn christmas tree skirts-3

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