Proper way to Install backer board in Tub area

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On top below on the tub deck. Its creating a weak point here. Because because youve got different materials.
I have a couple of bathrooms to do here got a tub area and over here. This is someone just bought this house. Its an empty house right now got this tub area and a shower area to do this is gonna be a full schluter shower and then im gonna putting kerdi board.
Which is this stuff here on the tub area right here okay. So i just want to clear up some confusion. Because theres a lot of people saying that you put the board above the tub lip or you put it over the tub lip.
Now im gonna tell you that you never want to put the board like this on the top lip. The board is supposed to sit on the on ther tub. Like this not like this.
But like this so. If you using kerdi board or if you durock or some other cement board. Youre gonna sit the board on the tub deck youre gonna leave a little gap and then youre gonna seal that with your prefered treatment for sealing you put up like this you creating a weak point.
Here. Because youve got different materials that expand the different rates of expansion and contraction. So you can actually get a crack in in the tile.

how to install hardiebacker board around bathtub-0
how to install hardiebacker board around bathtub-0

Here. If youre not careful. So you want to sit your board on the tub deck and like i said if youre using do rock.
Youre gonna youre going going to seal. It with either silicone or whatever you prefer treatment is im using kerdi board. So ill use the schluter product.
So im gonna be using kerdi fix it do it the way that they recommend so. The stud has to be furred out see how these studs have been notched this one here actually because the walls arent flat that i want that one like im gonna have to fur this out a little bit because im using kerdi board. I can use wet shimming method.
So i can get that so when the board comes down. Its gonna sit on top of the tub deck over here its gonna kick it out a little bit so im gonna have to fur that out and the same old all for all these to see these these are done theyre all furred out here. They actually put in a furring strip and they put another you know because of the tub.
They modified this a bit to get this tub to fit. Because of the of the plumbing. Here and here.
They also did put a furry strip to get it over the tub lip over here. So you dont want the board to sit on the top. You dont want to sit on the top you want to sit all over the tub.

how to install hardiebacker board around bathtub-1
how to install hardiebacker board around bathtub-1

So when i get ready to install this this board on here im actually gonna fur these out fur these stuts out so that i can get in that get it the way its supposed to be im gonna refer to a method in the tca handbook so that theres no confusion this is not an opinion. It is actually how youre supposed to do it. This is actually how youre supposed to do it.
This is also to prevent water from into the cavity wall. Because if you got the boardr on top. Then you have to seal this up somehow if youve got it over water its not gonna gonna go over gonna climb up and go over the lip that some of these tub deck is a different summer.
And some are less pronounce of a lip. But they all pretty much all have this some kind of lip that youre supposed to put the board over so it sits on the tub deck my videos at home my name is sa diblasi. Im a tile contractor contractor in the boston area not mostly in north shore.
I have over 750 videos on my channel. So please subscribe and leave your comments in the comment section below. Also i if you like to check me out on patreon and support me there thatd be great thanks for watching.
And dont forget to subscribe. Ok. So i got this board up its on the top deck.
I got this is one wall. This is one wall here. But thats hey.
Its also installed not on top below on the top deck. .

how to install hardiebacker board around bathtub-2
how to install hardiebacker board around bathtub-2

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