Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo \u0026 Body Wash, Sulfate Free Bubble Bath/Daily Cleanser

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Everybody out here on youtube. It is i hear were beautiful beauty okay so so lets get into this you guys. This is something that i bought i i heard some good things about it okay and if i hear some really good things about a product and its i feel its the truth or i believe its the truth.
I will buy a lot of it you know what i mean i would like to stock up. So i anticipated. The ingredients sounded good the product sounded great to me i anticipated.
I would really like this stuff so i bought several bottles of it thats what i have basically two full bottles here. But anyhow. Ive been using this for about i have a third bottle.
So i actually bought three bottles total but anyhow. I left that one in my shower. Because i have these two in my beauty room and i just grabbed them you know its like on the way downstairs.
So anyhow. Ive been using this product as a shampoo for about two two and a half weeks. Now.
Oh my things have been hectic. Things have been crazy things have been holiday fun. But yeah okay oh you know what i mean anyhow been using this this shampoo.
I really have been liking it i really really really really do okay so lets get started let me tell you its what its called and theres a little sticker on that one down there okay yeah. Its by the brand. A purist c.
And ive used the purist c products before i really do like their hand wash and their other products.

puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-0
puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-0

Ive used a few other products here and there and its you know over the last year. And i really like this brand. So this is pure c.
I believe its a great brand and i love this stuff. This is the natural baby shampoo and body wash. So honestly i have not used it as a body wash now products that i love and i like and i use that are body wash slash shampoo or shampoo slash body washes typically if it works really good on my hair.
I will not use the product as a body wash and kind of preserve and hold on to the product. You know what i mean and like relish you cherish. It as long as i can i know that sounds like weird because i always buy more because i buy everything else you guys.
But uh you know what i mean now. I have had other brands and things that were body wash slash shampoo and i did not like them as a shampoo for my hair. So then i just bam.
Im just using it as you know buddy wash been eating out have not used it as a body wash so i cant tell you how it works for body wash. But im loving it so far as a shampoo ok. It says this gentle its tear free.
Its safe. And the flavor is citrus grove. And it says austin texas.
There so im assuming thats where its made and its 16 fluid ounces. So lets see what else i can tell you but its like oh yeah anytime you guys i see that im like you guys know you know how many states. I have lived in but texas born ok.
Texas born texas pride all that good stuff and you guys know yeah you know how that is so you know youre always proud from wherever you come from let me take a big drink you guys mm hmm sinus problems.

puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-1
puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-1

But anyhow. Ive enjoyed life life has been so good tonight. I enjoyed being a miss texas runner up and all that good stuff so anyhow lets see what the back of the bottle uh says okay.
It has no sulfates no parabens no sodium lauryl sulfate no sles okay. Know whats at noemi. A no dea and no te.
A no petrochemicals no animal by products. No dice no phalates no other harsh ingredients all natural hyper allergenic non toxic vegan and a biodegradable okay and lets see it has himalayan pink sea salt in it never test on animals cruelty free certified made in the usa. Absolutely love that okay and i bought these i bought three bottles of it from jett calm.
I will link that up in the down bar below. Ive got a little while the last two months buying a lot of things from jett calm. Honestly that they have just had some really great prices and i have been stocking up like you would not imagine.
And im getting a little overrun again with my products you know i mean. But anyhow okay back to this that were gonna talk about that in a minute. But back to this this is a really good shampoo.
Whos what im trying to say. Ah okay. It has less nasty chemicals less nasty ingredients in it.
You know doesnt have parabens phthalates chemicals. Endocrine gland disruptors. All that icky stuff in it.
And i have dry damaged hair.

puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-2
puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-2

So it worked very well on my dry damaged hair. It did not strip my hair completely out. But it it left my hair feeling refreshed it left it shampooed it left it feeling clean feeling you know what i mean and it did not over dry my hair.
So i have naturally wavy hair. I have frizzy hair. I have long hair.
I have thick hair have a lot of hair. I have colored hair dyed hair. Highlighted hair.
Darkened hair light nair chlorine damaged hair heat styling damaged hair. I have got it all going on in a side bag of chips and a coke and a sundae. You know what i mean so i have a lot going on with my hair.
But this really this really did work well for my hair. And i love it and what i wasnt going to tell you guys i got a little sidetracked there but anyhow its gonna say earlier was going back to what i was saying. Ive done a lot of stocking up.
Lately. Buying products that i felt that i would like or love. And i felt it was necessary you know to buy several you know and im trying to really use up my stash.
You know im putting the old products out there first you know for me to grab and use and everything. But this stuff. I just yeah.
Its just like i thought it would be great i thought it would be epic and i really really like it. So i have been using that okay so be sure to give me a big huge thumbs up be sure to give big huge like as always like share and subscribe bye beauties take care. .

puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-3
puracy natural baby shampoo & body wash-3

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