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This video. Well discuss how to become a notary public in kentucky and some some common questions about becoming a notary hi. There john snedecker here with notary signing blueprint.
I have been a notary for over a decade and even held notary commissions in multiple states at the end of this video. Im gonna explain how ive taken my notary stamp and turned it into a full time well paying career. Theres a reason.
Ive been featured in the news and even been named one of the best notary signing agents in america go ahead and subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon right now also comment below. What do you want to become a notary for id love to know before we get into the specifics for your state. Lets talk about some of the benefits of becoming a notary when you become a notary you are paid on the spot per appointment and theres no waiting around for payment you could be part time full time or serve your community anytime schools hospitals banks attorneys even local government offices have documents that each time they are created by law are required to be signed and notarized allowing you to thrive in any economy.
When you find the source of that business. Lets review how to become a notary for kentucky. Youll need to complete and submit your application and pay a 10 fee to the kentucky state treasurer your commission will be sent to a local county clerk and you have 30 days to get there youll post your bond complete your oath of office and youll file and record.
It youll need to be able to read write and speak english be of good character and be at least 18 years old youll need to be a legal resident of the us. A resident of that state or you can be employed there and have no prior convictions here are some of the common questions about becoming a notary public. How long is my notary commission.
Good for each state. Gives you a term thats generally between two and ten years. What is a surety bond.
Only thirty states require a surety bond. A bond is a protect to consumers that protects them in case of any negligence fraud or wrongdoing on your part. Its a financial guarantee to them and if a bond is required.
Its generally between five hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. I have a bond thats seventy five hundred dollars. And its for four years and it only costs forty dollars total.

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how to become a notary in ky-0

Its really not that expensive at all its training required to become a notary public likely not only ten states of any training of any kind to become a notary public for that state can i become an online. Notary. And do remote online.
Notarization z. Ron or remote. Online.
Notarization. Is where you meet. Signers via.
A video. Webcam with your computer. As opposed to meeting them in person at this time.
Its best. If you check with your state to see if thats an option typically your secretary of state is who youll want to contact. So how have i built a well paying career for myself as a notary public.
I specialize in doing mobile loan closings for real estate transactions as a notary signing agent any time someone buys a home sells a home or refinancing. These transactions are all required by law to be signed and notarized can there are millions of them across america every year currently they pay seventy five up to two hundred dollars each and they take about 30 to 45 minutes once youre trained you become your own boss and you create your own schedule full time or part time. If youd like to make this kind of money in your free.
Time. Even if you know nothing about becoming a notary or nothing about the paperwork at all id like you to register for our free training. Itll discuss exactly how we help you become a notary and even give you the blueprint for your success after personally doing almost ten thousand loan closings.
I put together theres no cost online training to tell you exactly how this business works in your area. Id like you to register right now so you can learn how to show people where to sign and date on their paperwork and make a great living doing it go ahead and find the link around this video. And ill see you there music.

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how to become a notary in ky-1

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