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Everyone as im sure youve heard the common application has officially launched for for the 2019 20 admissions cycle. So here at college essay advisors we wanted to a tutorial to show you around the site. Were going to start by logging in yay.
Okay lets go in so as you can see the schools that we had on our list have remained on our list for the 2019 20 application season. And there are some really cool new things on the common app. For one theyve done a total style makeover last year.
Or the year before they had more of a red color scheme and now were totally new with this blue and green. I really like it so as far as new things this year which we think are super cool in the dashboard. If you have a school on your list.
And well show you how to add a school to your list later on in the video. You can add your term or admission plan to find out how many days you have until your deadline. So lets say we want to apply to duke early decision.
Were going to log that information in and then we go back to our dashboard duke. Now has the deadline and how many days we have until the deadline. So if youre applying anywhere with the november 1st deadline you have three months so before we mentioned that you can add a school to your dashboard.
You can do that by searching this is the college search feature very helpful in the 2018 19. Common app. You had to completely fill out this section and hit enter to get any results.
But this year. You can begin by typing out a school and the list will auto populate. Which is really nice you can also search with filters you can choose whether you would like no fee.
No common app. No college specific essays although just because there isnt a writing supplement section doesnt mean that there arent additional essays. Im will touch on that again later.
So this is the common app section of the common application and this is where youre going to fill out all of your basic information your name your school info. Your family info.

how to remove college from common app-0
how to remove college from common app-0

What we are really interested in however is the activity section. The activity section is where you will list your top 10 activities and youll be given the opportunity to provide a description so as you can see you can choose the activity type lets just say robotics for now of your position or leadership. Description.
And then you have 150 characters not words to describe the activity. Including any accomplishments of what years you participated and how much time you spent and then our faith for it section is the writing section. So this is the personal essay.
The personal statement also referred to as the common fsa here youll notice that it tells us which schools that are ready on our our college list or in our dashboard that you saw earlier which require the personal statement and which do not but just a note just because they dont require it doesnt mean you shouldnt submit it if its an option you should take advantage of that opportunity to speak to admissions in your own voice. So here are the prompts the seven prompts. We have our common app guide in which we break down every single prompt and give you advice for how to respond.
So here are just those seven prompts you can select the one to which youd like to respond. And this is where your essay will go so in the writing section. Youll also see an additional information section.
This additional info essay is not for every student. We have a video up on our channel about which students should respond to this 650 word prompt you can definitely check that out. But most likely you will need to write the additional information essay.
Okay so now we are in the mycologist tab. This is where you can find out more information about deadlines and contact info for the schools on your list. Youll also have to complete the questions section.
So as you can see duke as general academics. Contacts family. Other information writing.
So. If were on questions. Underwriting supplement for duke.
Well find a question. That is specific to the school.

how to remove college from common app-1
how to remove college from common app-1

The college. We chose earlier so if you were actually interested in engineering. You will want to specify that in the general questions section.
So that this prompt comes out correctly. So obviously. This is a 150 word ysa.
This is a 250 word community essay and this is another 250 word essay that we believe is truly optional. Its only for applicants who identify as part of the lgbtqia community. So if you do not this question will not be for you vanderbilt.
So this is a great example of schools that quote unquote do not have a writing supplement section. But do have an extra essay. As you can see duke had that writing supplement section right here.
Vanderbilt does not that doesnt mean that there isnt an extra essay waiting for you here we go please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences and 200 to 400 words now you can upload from your computer. Google drive or copy and paste. This is the financial aid resources tab.
Where you can learn more about your options plan for college costs apply for financial aid and explore scholarships etc. Another great thing about the 2019 20 common application is rumor has it there will be confetti after you submit your applications. Were not able to show that feature now but definitely let us know if it happens for you because that is so cool.
So that is our tutorial for the cheese. A 1920 common application definitely feel free to check out our website for 2019 20 common app. Guide.
Which has breakdowns for all of the prompts on our website. Youll also be able to find our supplemental essay guide which will walk you through those additional essays. I mentioned in the writing supplement sections and sometimes headed in the activity sections.
So definitely feel free to check that out and we wish you the very best of luck with your applications. .

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how to remove college from common app-2

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