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What a real treat a pleasure to have you admiral howard let me begin with with you just tell us what the military has meant to you oh my gosh. Know i think about serving with sailors and marines and some of the phenomenal missions. We were involved with and theyre a group of individuals that perform miracles every day at sea.
And thats a privilege to lead people like that even youre really incredible a distinguished career you must realize that youre a role model to girls and women and girls like isabel and others who may want a career in the military. What advice do you have for them i think anyone should pick what they want to do and pick a career that they love if you have passion about what youre going to do you wont feel like youre working all right. General lodi general barrett.
Two sisters who become generals how in the world general barrett does that happen it happens because you have a passion for what you do and you pursue. It with great determination and and you get promoted through a system that actually promotes everyone equally so this is a credit to paul and i working hard at this and really being committed to it general lodi. Did you always know you wanted to be in the military.
Did you ever think that you would be a general. And did you think your sister would be as well so yes always wanted to be in the military from a very young age no did not ever imagine being at this point in my career. But i dont think anyone was ever surprised the day that that maria was promoted to general are you guys competitive.
I have two stars you have one star whos going to get more stars no no well. She is sitting on the wrong side of me by armed. It is general barret.
Id like to ask you you are with the cyber command. What about the partnership with silicon valley is it is it a good one that the military has with silicon valley. Do we rely on them are they a good partner.
I think silicon valley. An industry in general and id also throw in academia are absolutely critical to what we do i think cyber is definitely a team sport we cannot do it without the partnership the amount of technology changes that take place.

who is the highest-ranking elected woman in u.s. history?-0
who is the highest-ranking elected woman in u.s. history?-0

It is absolutely essential that we partner with them how much we talk about it a lot obviously cyber threats. How concerned should we be i would be very concerned if somebody came and punched you in the nose scott you would want to take a swing back at them i think we need to be prepared to have options to defend ourselves. In this space general loci you maybe didnt always see this as a as a career path.
You wanted to be a dietitian. So i did study to be a dietitian in college. When i commissioned i commissioned as a medical service corps officer as a field medical assistant as a basic a med officer.
My thought was that i would do ten years as a field medical officer as a platoon leader a company commander in troop assignments. But then at the 10 year mark transition into a more clinical field within the army medical department. So that i could prepare myself for transition afterwards.
My first two assignments were in divisions were in combat divisions. And that really gave me a feel for what my passion was and what i love doing general. Van ovos the air force.
Its so interesting you actually commanded the presidential air wing. When i read that i was i was blown away at how unbelievable that must be the responsibility that comes with that can you talk to us about that sure is a great honor to command and then in women. The 89th airlift wing.
We not only fly the president but we fly the vice president terrorists ate all our cabinet officials and congressmen around the world and it its quite a responsibility because its not just an airlift mission. These aircraft are flying command posts their command and control facilities that we keep all the government officials connected at all times to ensure they can do the business of america. Every day.
And the men and women of air mobility command. Who do not only this mission.

who is the highest-ranking elected woman in u.s. history?-1
who is the highest-ranking elected woman in u.s. history?-1

But the mission of airlift and air refueling and air medical evacuation around the world they take great pride in what they do and im very proud of that team you actually flew air force two i did i flew that vice prez. I dont want to leave one of the headlines out out of this story. Yeah.
Thats thats the 757 and flying again. The vice president and secretary of state. That one an honor to bring them to places for diplomacy.
We bring diplomacy forward using those beautiful blue and white aircraft. Whats the future. The air force gonna look like you know in a world where were talking about drones in all sorts of different industries.
I tell you your air force is becoming a digital air force thats where were going digital transformation. Because what were trying to do now is harness data to make decisions faster artificial intelligence machine learning because speed wins. So what you see.
And when you bring up drones is were trying to tie every sensor like a drone like a satellite like a navy ship like a soldier tying all those sensors together to make some sense out of that data. So that we can bring it to an effect. Whether that be an air force effect or a navy or an army effect so tying sensors or shooters 24 7.
Accelerating our decision advantage thats where your air force is going at mo howard. Ill end with you youre on the board of ibm for those who dont know using your military experience. How are you helping that company plan for the future.
So. The navy is a global navy. And we do our best work for deployed protecting national interest and people we get a strong sense of the geopolitical landscape wherever we go and then ibm is just a different shade of blue and is also a global company and needs a strong sense of the geopolitical landscape.
There is nothing we can do today the general panos talked about how connected we are theres nothing we can do today that doesnt have ripple effects across the globe you .

who is the highest-ranking elected woman in u.s. history?-2
who is the highest-ranking elected woman in u.s. history?-2

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