Ranking EVERY CHAMPION From HARDEST To EASIEST – League of Legends Season 10

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Hey summoners. My name is nathan inge and welcome back to another pro guides video. Video.
I know a lot of you guys have been asking for this so i here to run you through this one. Were going to be ranking every single champion and every single role from hardest to easiest every single champion every theres like 150 league of legends champions. Yes okay for our question of the day.
What champion in spite of being easy. Just doesnt seem that easy for you for me. It is vladimir that guy that guy kind of sucks.
Its like a vampire. He sucks okay not really it just doesnt really click for me. Im just really bad at the game anyway by the way guys.
I just want you to check out pro guys calm. If you havent already for those of you guys who are trying to climb and are serious about getting better at this game. And in this season.
Make sure you check out pro guides calm. Because your favorite pro streamers and pro players are there to help you coach and get better at league of legends with that all being said. Lets jump right into this video first up lets talk about some of our easy picks.
Weve got pics like garen set aura and trundle champys and the starless are very straightforward to play and they can do their job. Without a lot of insane mechanics for being this easy they sure are pretty difficult to deal with like my ex not gonna lie. Though when i flash qs someone on garen.
I totally belong in a montage for that on top of this the gameplay for a lot of these champions. Is extremely straightforward tanks like malphite maokai or or an all play around these mid to late game teamfights their goal isnt to win lane. But its definitely not a bad thing if you win lane without much effort.
Its easy to know what your job is when youre playing one of these champions champions like trundle garan and maokai also dont have any abilities that you have to aim a lot of their power comes from the abilities or gameplay that you get for free tunnels are malachis w. And guaranteed come for free essentially. Just dont accidentally route a minion as maokai also up in the next tier are champions.
They are moderately difficult weve got picks like darius mordekaiser. Rumble cannon and vladimir up here some tanks or juggernauts are up here as theyre a little bit harder than maokai actually quite a lot harder for example she only has one ability that you have to aim. But its a lot harder to land an appointing click ability and theres all thats on flash mechanic that you can learn as well.
Although his abilities arent very difficult to use as a whole you have to be constantly watching the map. Once youre at level six. Theres a lot of responsibility that comes from playing shen.
As you have to be ready to press r. On a teammate within a moments notice they randomly get ganked well maybe. Its not your fault that they died.
But maybe you could have carried the game with a single ultimate we also have other champions who arent extremely difficult. But still require passable mechanics to play well like vladimir gnar. Kenan niko and quinn difficult champions in the top lane include aatrox jax camille silas vayne akali and lucian all these champions have some characteristic that makes them a little bit difficult of the difficult champions.
Aatrox and jax are the ones that require the least mechanics and said jaxs ability comes from the need for strong macro knowledge and patience. Which you can all understand better with pro guides calm in mini matchups. You cant.

how many champs do you need to play ranked-0
how many champs do you need to play ranked-0

Win. Outright. And you have to know when and how to farm it out until your item power spikes.
Youll also have to minimize the amount of farm. Youll miss with strong wave management and also understand which minions are the ones that you want to go for with a trucks. Hes not super difficult.
But his gameplay revolves completely around predicting his opponents movements. Theres just enough delay on his queue especially on high latency servers like north america and his opponents can try to outmaneuver. It the other champions on this list are more mechanically difficult than the other top laners.
They have skill shots require a lot of micromanagement or just need to space themselves out in order to play effectively lucian and vayne are especially volatile picks in spite of being powerful. When fed these champions can easily run it down and become useless after a couple mistakes. But completely annoying the entire time the very difficult champions in the top laner fiora irelia riven gangplank.
Yasuo. Jace and bryce all of these champions. Require a lot of practice solid macro plate and mechanical skill to play good reaction.
Time good reaction time good. Aim. And some clutch split second decision.
Making are all fundamentals to their play styles for example. River. Requires you to utilize an animation cancel on her cue to speed up her basic attack animation on top of this something as simple as trading requires a solid reaction time as you rely heavily on blocking the damage you receive all of these champions require a lot of farm to play successfully so youll need to know when to hit those side lanes instead of a ramming every chance you get thats enough for the top lanes about the junglers next all right now lets start through those easy picks first.
Weve got a long list. But some notable ones are master yi shyvana warwick and shen zhou. I mean how can we not include the notorious master right clickers champions like these are extremely simple to play.
They function honestly quite well regardless of what you do with your mouse and keyboard a ton of these champions dont have any abilities you need to aim and if they do they practically land themselves in terms of playstyle. These champions are extremely linear. Master.
Yi. Shyvana and nocturne are power farmers. Who are just trying to scale up and hit level 6 champions.
Like ramus and amumu are looking for those ganks and sick engages to get their team ahead a champion like shen zhou is focused on ganking over and over again as he gets a free cap closer and knock up as long as you click on your target moderately difficult champions. Include zack jarvan olaf and even ivor these guys take a little bit more skill to play for sure zack. Although he plays like in amumu in rammus requires you to actually aim his ease.
Somewhat precisely you also have to micromanage and keep an eye out for. Where your blobs land as is an essential part of your gameplay champions. Here are definitely a little more challenging to play they typically have more abilities.
You have to aim or require more mechanics to play effectively jarvan is an essentially harder shins out for example. As you can actually have to line up your knock up combo as a trade off you can potentially knock up more than one opponent difficult champions. Include elise ekko cain graves khazix kindred silas thalia and z all of these champions require a solid mechanical foundation to execute said and kindred quite obviously require a ton of practice as a marksman kindred players need to be good at kiting and especially need to time their alts as well her ultimate is one of the ones that can throw fights just as easily as it can carry them.
Shes definitely not a champion you can learn after a single game. And youll need a lot of experience with her champions like echo and at least require ton of skill both mechanically and in terms of game knowledge to play the reason is that these two are extremely potent diving champions. You have to know what all your possibilities are in other words you need to fully understand your limits from there you have a ton of options to work with and you need to be able to choose the best one from those that are presented to you of course.

how many champs do you need to play ranked-1
how many champs do you need to play ranked-1

We need to talk about the very difficult champions in the jungle. I hope these who dont come off as a suppressor you guys. But theyre actually leeson and both of these champions require an insane.
And i mean an absolutely ridiculous amount of mechanics to play more so than any of the other junglers on this list. Whenever you watch a sick lisa in play or even a montage of them subconsciously. You know that part of the satisfaction you feel is directly due to how difficult.
Some of these plays are to pull off while in isolation or compared to other games. Pulling off an insect play isnt the hardest thing. Recognizing an opportunity and making a split second choice to act on it requires confidence as well as skill to pull off literally functions similarly.
Shes an extremely aggressive jungler who needs to be precise with their spears. You cant really make mistakes with nidalee as missing a crucial spear and an early game can easily cost you that one takedown that you need to snowball and carry the game in italy. As well as lisa in require a ton of matchup knowledge on top of their high skill floors enough with the jungle already lets run it down mid alright now lets get through these easy picks.
The mid lane. Actually has some much more even spread in terms of difficulty for the easy picks. We have kassadin twisted fate pantheon lux malzahar lissandra orange galio annie nocturne set garen and reddington sure some of these guys arent mainly mid laners.
But they flex into the role pretty well so theyre definitely worth mentioning it also goes without saying that youd find champions like annie and twists fade. In here. Theyre extremely beginner friendly and let you focus on all the other responsibilities that come with playing myth while we mentioned shen in the top lane as a moderate difficulty or placing twisted fate.
As an easy champion. Because his ultimate isnt really a stressful to use chens ultimate provides a shield when casted so you need to use it literally to decide the fate of one of your allies definitely dont want to let them down. However twisted fates.
Ultimate is much more easier to use proactively unlike shens in contrast youll use twisted fates ultimate in situations where you want to instead of situations where your teammates want you to again champions in astaire typically have very few abilities or the ones that are pretty easy to land. Weve got mouths are for example whose biggest contribution to the game is walking up to an enemy and pressing r next lets talk about the champions in moderate difficulty. We have diana fizz.
Vladimir talon echo. Victor rumble. Veigar zigs mordekaiser cho.
Gath and swain these champions are definitely a step up in terms of their mechanical requirements assassin picks like diana and talent dont require the most skill to play but you definitely need to be able to land your abilities thankfully theyre not super difficult to hit generally these champions have abilities that are a little bit harder to land. But require you to be a little bit more patient. Vladimir and viktor are great examples at this theyre not extremely difficult to play.
Except when it comes to vladimir for me. But theyre a little harder to survive with early on since your main goal. When playing them is hit the mid to late game spike.
Without losing too much early on difficult champions of the mid lanes are the ones like zed leblanc silas ahri syndra zoe kiana lucian velkoz anivia xerath mccauley zaire pike aurelion sol and thalia all of these champions have extensive amounts of abilities that you need to land on top of mechanical skills to pull off for example xerath yet to aim every single one of your abilities. So its gonna take a ton of practice to hit a point. Where you can successfully land.
Most of them a lot of these champions also need to road to be effective for example is zed leblanc and ari are ready champions require solid mechanics to play. But you also need to know how to extend these sleeves your teammates. Just winning lane isnt enough with these kinds of picks and youll usually fall off towards the later stages of the game in the sense that it gets harder and harder to make those picks finally the very difficult champions in the mid laner yasuo katarina.
Cassiopeia. Oriana. Irelia and finally rise all these champions.

how many champs do you need to play ranked-2
how many champs do you need to play ranked-2

Require insane amount of practice to play ton of movement. Quick reaction and aim are necessary. Oriana is a great example of an incredibly difficult champion to play because of her ball.
Shes quite literally unique in the sense that shes one of the few champions that has to micromanage something aside from herself unlike center. However orianna literally cannot function without her ball her entire gameplay revolves around it it is an extension of her character and basically everything she does in the game is centred on it having to think about your own positioning on top. The positioning of your ball is a mental task that you wont really find anywhere else on the league roster and with that being said lets jump into the bot laners next unfortunately.
Its a given fact that there arent a lot of bot laners in the game for our easy picks. We have misfortune ash and sivir marksmen in general have pretty high skill floored because of how squishy they are so while ez champions. Here might not be easy for some players.
Theyre easy comparative leads to the other bot laners ashe. Misfortune and sivir. I have simple gameplay patterns during the laning phase making them one of the easiest to play miss.
Fortune is an powerful laner who hits an immense power spike at level safes. With her ultimate. Her team fighting strength comes from well placed ultimates.
Instead of solely kiting and dishing out consistent damage as well ashs long range ability to engage and utility make. Her one of those who doesnt have to deal in santa mama. In order to be useful finally.
Series playstyle is extremely straightforward. You can push your lane over and over again farm up and finally group up with your team and press are the hardest part about playing sivir is aiming your queue and using your spell shield optimally. But most marksmen.
Honestly dream of having access to one of those tools so you dont have to run colettes in the moderate difficulty. We have jin jinx senna ziya varus tristana draven twitch. Zigs and heimerdinger a lot of these champions.
Have a heavy focus on their abilities for example gin and varus while the basic core concepts of playing marksmen are definitely important a lot of their power and set comes from their abilities. Theyre also loaded with utility like ash so they can find ways to carry the games while theyre not leading the damage charts. Were also placing zigs and heimerdinger here because of how effective they are at pushing their waves.
Although it does take a lot of practice align their abilities. The fact that they can just push so effectively mix laning and scaling up a lot easier for the difficult picks. Weve got vayne afilias caitlyn calista and kogmaw at our very difficult level.
We got ezreal lucian caixa yasuo and kass all of these champions take an incredible amount of mechanical prowess to play effectively the skill sueing is especially high out picks that we consider very difficult for example. Weve got yisrael this guy needs two basic attack believe it or not. But he also has to land his abilities ezreal is one of the hardest.
One b9 champions in the game because of his mobility and long ranged queue. He can single handedly turnaround. Teamfights or press.
An entire team by poking them out. However doing this requires you to just know how far you can go without dying. Letting your abilities and making sure that your spacing is perfect.
So that you dont randomly die. And lose your team the game other champions like vayne and caixa have extremely high mobility meaning that youll have a ton of tools to work with more to work with means that the expectations are also higher for you you cant just pull the team didnt peel for me excuse as often note these champions. As you usually have the tools to protect yourself.

how many champs do you need to play ranked-3
how many champs do you need to play ranked-3

Good luck with that one on this meta. Though finally lets wrap it all up with supports our easy champions are soraka sona tom malka aside from al qaeda. The basic gameplay themes of these champions are dont die.
And dont let your teammates die. I mean come on literally every champion follows. These rules decides from maybe tryndamere and karthus soraka and sona simply have to survive and spam their heels as much as possible committed li.
Its a little harder to survive on these champions and others. But most enchanter supports will die in a similar situation. Anyway at least sona has her ultimate to save herself.
While soraka players sent to run barrier for the moderately difficult champions you are required to lend some more abilities or they require you to get in there to make someplace thankfully pics. Like nautilus leona and alice are basically get a hard lockdown for free leonas queue is a free stunt. Nautilus is ultimate as a target ability.
And doesnt have skill shells. All together. We also have many other enchanters like lulu nami and karma in here.
Because they have more abilities that youll need to land as a result they definitely require some more practice to play successfully difficult champions are quite similar to the moderate ones. But once again require even more practice to play effectively. Weve got blitzcrank pike yumi.
Morgana recon brand sarah velkoz. Xerath and senna here. Theres a ton of emphasis on landing your abilities with these champions and theyve also got a laden that you need to land well aside from blitzcrank and ume of course blitzcrank rides or falls.
Over as a piece of junk based on whether he can land a single ability you basically have to hone your ability to land a blitz. Crank you to perfection to make the most out of him as well as a pick in this journey. That will definitely requires some continuous practice and training.
Yumi is also on a difficult list because of how fragile she is yes. We know that she doesnt seem very interactive since she literally says inside of your ally. But one little mistake spells instant death for yumi when the ally.
Shes on is about to die. Shes got to think fast and smart as well or maybe. She just needed to hop into someone else to begin with theres a lot of little things that you need to think about when youre playing the jittery little cat finally our very difficult champions for supports are thresh and bard.
Honestly their skill floors are not super. High you can pick them up and play them decently with about as much practice as any other champions required. However their skill ceilings are excessively harder and higher than most supports because of how versatile their kits are there are so many different ways to play and use both of their abilities.
A thresh lantern can be used aggressively to get a teammate out of trouble to sneak a baron or even shield an ally in clutch situations bartles of the kibbeh used to stop a rift herald. Hard engage saber teammates from mccarthy cell. And so many other things the possibilities are endless with these two and you have to keep learning.
The various interactions they have with other champions as they are added to the game. Thats gonna conclude this video. Thank you guys so much for watching.
And if you havent already make sure you check out pro guys calm as well as subscribe to our youtube channel. Because were always trying to upload content for you guess. So you guys also want to follow me on instagram.
Its just my daily plugin you know its gotta meet my quota set nathan i square ing. Ill see you guys on the rift. And im the comments section down below music.

how many champs do you need to play ranked-4
how many champs do you need to play ranked-4

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