Ranking The Top NBA Player From Every Physical Category

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Lets try to get a crazy seven thousand seven hundred likes for taco fall and lets hop right into it ok guys so im gonna start this off by making it clear these are assumptions for certain categories like strength in speed. We dont have universal tests. Everyone does like the nfl with a 40 yard dash.
Yes. The combine does have the three fourth quarter sprint. But unlike the nfl.
A lot of top draft talent dont even attend the combine and even if they do every individual workout is optional so for most the top talent in the league. We dont have any official combine numbers. But that doesnt mean we dont have a pretty good idea and were going to start with the strongest player in the nba.
Now. Theres no setting answer for this you can look at who is the pound for pound strongest. The strongest at a position.
But today were gonna look at the player deem. The strongest man in the whole entire league a lot of people will jump to names like demarcus cousins lebron james or joelle and beed but were gonna look at someone thats widely considered the strongest by both his teammates and opponents across the league and thats gonna be aquaman or as you probably know him. Steven adams.
Steven adams is one of the top centers in the league this season he managed to get 14 points 10 rebounds shooting 60 from the field but as 10 rebounds a game dont tell the full story he just might be one of the best rebounders in the whole entire game as he averages more offensive than defensive rebounds. Which you almost never see this could largely be attributed to russell westbrooks triple double chase as hes actually second in the league in box outs. Hes able to be this good of a rebounder.
A solid defender and finish her at the rim. Because of his insane strength. Former okc coach and current coach of the washington wizards.
Scott brooks. Said this guy is the strongest and most physical guy in the league. His former teammate jeremy grant said that he is deadly the strongest guy in the nba.
One of the top two way players. Jimmy butler said that guy is strong like im serious he hit me with one screen. And i thought my life was over last years number one overall.
Pick deandre ai. Nt got a sense of just how strong steven adams is as when they matched up this season. He said that guy has next level strength and this is coming from a guy that reportedly can leg.
Press. 900 pounds to get an idea of how obvious adams strength is the top four picks in last years draft deandre in marvin bagley.

who is the fastest player in the nba right now-0
who is the fastest player in the nba right now-0

Luca dante and jaren jackson junior. All agreed on nba tvs open court that adams was easily the strongest player in the league. But while its common around the league for adams to be deemed the strongest player he doesnt necessarily agree as he said.
I dont think im actually stronger than most guys. Its weird. I understand how to move and where the power is coming from so i take it away.
But like if it was a power match. I would probably lose and im lets be honest here this is adams being humble. If youve seen any interviews with him.
Its pretty clear. Hes a reserved in humble guy. But he said this on multiple occasions talking about his former teammates rj baca.
He said he smoked me in the weight room. But on court. I could just move him around so its clear when referring to adams as a strongest player in this league.
Were not talking about bench press numbers rather what he calls awareness of the body as the focus of his training is actually on strengthening his base in core. You can be as strong as you bloody want. He says.
But if youre on one leg. It all goes down the drain. So with this being a common belief around the league and its physical dominance being very obvious from just the eye tests.
Well there are a lot of people you can give this title to its pretty safe to say. Stephen adams. Which is crazy considering how he came into the league next.
Were look at the fastest player in the nba. Which is pretty hard to determine going based on what weve seen in the nba combine that would make donovan mitchell. The fastest player with a three point.
Oh. One second three fourth quarter spray. It with guys like eric gordon and josh ocoee.
Not far behind. But while donovan mitchell is definitely up there like we mentioned before a lot of guys in the conversation for fastest player. Dont even have recorded times at the combine now if youre going based on average speed on the court.
Thats gonna be in the hands of buddy. Hield an average speed of 47 1 miles per hour.

who is the fastest player in the nba right now-1
who is the fastest player in the nba right now-1

But this obviously has more to do with stuff like effort and thats nothing to do with top speed like were talking about so mainly we have to use the eye test to determine who is the fastest player now guys that jump out will be russell westbrook. John wall and d aaron fox. All three of a strong case but in my opinion.
Were talking with the ball in their hands. Its gotta be d. Aaron fox foxs speed has been his biggest strength since his days in high school and when watching him it doesnt take you too long to realize.
Hes the fastest guy on the court. The aaron doesnt believe its a question as he said to yahoo sports. Im the fastest guy in this league people debate it all the time if im the top three or four fastest players in this league nah.
Im not up there im number one ill be watching film. And ill be looking at my feet and be like man. There is no way people think im not the fastest.
Im faster than john wall russ is extremely explosive. But im faster than westbrook and were talking about a baseline with the ball in my hands. I am definitely the fastest person in this league.
These comments actually stirred up some on court drama as when russ and fox matched up in december. Westbrook grabbed a defensive rebound took it coast to coast burning fox and getting an an one walking to the free throw line screaming. Im too fast.
Which was clearly motivated by foxs comments westbrook is 100 right up there with the fastest. But i have to give the edge to fox considering westbrook is getting up there in age and wall is coming off in achilles. I think over the next couple years.
It wont even be a question foxs speed has been one of the major parts of him becoming one of the top young players in this. League as in just his. Second season he went out and averaged 173.
Points. 73. Is his shooting 46 in the field and 37 from three next.
We have the slowest player in the league and this might be even harder to determine its more than likely a big man you could go with someone like seven foot three bow bond. Marjanovic marc gasol or demarcus cousins. But im gonna go with a guy that just retired in dirk nowitzki.
Well. At one point. Dirk.
Was one of the most mobile. Seven footers in the league now at 41 years old its pretty clear dirk was one of the slowest players in the league.

who is the fastest player in the nba right now-2
who is the fastest player in the nba right now-2

Just look at this clip of him trying to run up the court. Dirk also led the league with the slowest average speed at three point five four miles per hour over the past couple of seasons. Dirks age has really caught up to him only four seasons ago.
He was averaging 18 point 3 points on pretty solid shooting splits whereas this season. He only played in 15 minutes a game. Where he scored an inefficient seven points like we mentioned.
This is an assumption a pretty fair one but still an assumption. But now that dirk has retired. I have no clue who holds this title.
I want to know your guys thoughts in the comments below for this one next. We got the best vertical jump er in the league and this ones pretty obvious and thats gonna be the two time nba slam dunk champion zach lavine now we definitely have some competition this year slam dunk champion hamid ooh diallo recorded a forty five and a half inch vertical at the combine you also got pat connington. Who recorded a 44 inch vertical.
But zach lavine in a pre draft workout for the los angeles lakers recorded an insane 46 inch vertical reportedly players have matches in the past such as michael jordan. But no one has exceeded 46 inches. Zach lavine is easily one of the best dunkers.
We have ever seen. But hes more than just a guy that can jump out the gym as at 23 years old this season. He averaged 24 points shooting 47 from the field and 37 from three negs were gonna get the heaviest player in the league.
Were gonna look at overall weight. But were also gonna look at highest weight to height ratio. The heaviest overall player in this league.
Is bo bottom our jonovic vauban stands. At seven foot three. And its listed at 291 pounds in russia dyan taco fall measured in at the combat now the heaviest listed weight of all time was actually 75 pounds heavier than bo bond and i was symbol are who was seven foot five and listed at three hundred and sixty five pounds.
But he hasnt played in the league since 2015. So for right now the title is in the hands of bo bond. Now for looking at height to weight ratio.
The uncontested title goes to this years neverwood overall. Pick xion williamson. Who ahead of his freshman season at duke measured in at six foot seven 285 pounds.
Which would make him the third heaviest player in the league. Only trailing seven foot three bo bond in seven foot seven taco fall now this weight hasnt stopped zion from being one of the most explosive players we have ever seen and he actually credits a lot of his athleticism to his insane weight. He said.
I dont feel slow like with all that weight just came more athleticism and finding myself able to do new things. People always say you have to grow into your body.

who is the fastest player in the nba right now-3
who is the fastest player in the nba right now-3

But for me. It wasnt even growing in my body the more weight came it didnt faze me it made me faster stronger. It helped me become a more versatile player now for the lightest player in the league.
We have five foot nine tyler ulis who is 10 pounds lighter than the next lowest listed weight. As he stands at 160 pounds. Now you have been a lot of time in the g league.
This year. Now were talking about the lightest. We see on the court on a regular basis that would be dennis schroder of the oklahoma city thunder at 172 pounds for the lowest weight to height ratio or skinniest player in the league.
A couple guys jump off the paper and thats gonna be isaac vaanga of the washington wizards. Whos listed at 6 foot 8. But only 180 pounds youve got corey brewer.
Whos six by nine 100 six pounds but probably the skinniest player in this league would be rookie bull ball who at the combine measured in at seven feet two and a half inches. But only 208 pounds for the last categories. We have height and for tallest.
We actually have some players weve already mentioned in this video. This past season. The tallest player title was actually held by both vauban marjanovic and kristaps porzingis.
Who have a listed height of seven foot three and funny enough theyll actually be on the same team this season. Forming one of the biggest front chords. We have ever seen.
But this year. Theres a new player that holds that title for the tallest player in the league. And its not even close thats gonna be seven foot.
Seven taco fall. Who also holds the record for the highest recorded wingspan at 8 feet 2 inches. This absurd height reigns taco tied for the tallest player in nba history now despite his crazy height taco actually went undrafted in the recent 2019 nba drab but after an impressive summer league outing for the boston celtics it looks like the fan favorite taco might be touching the nba hardwood sometime this upcoming season the last category we had would be the shortest player in the nba and theres actually a tie if youre going by listed height that would make former mvp candidate isiah thomas the shortest player in the league but if you look like at the combine.
Weve actually seen two current players measuring at five foot eight and three quarter inches. And thats gonna be isiah thomas and a guy. We mentioned previously in tyler ulis.
Now us hasnt had a big role throughout his nba career. But the height hasnt stopped it from becoming a great player as before getting slowed down by injuries in the 2016 2017 season he averaged 29 points 6 assists shooting 46 from the field and 38 from three pretty crazy what isiah thomas was able to do and i hope we can turn things around this upcoming season. But that same video guys you guys tell me your thoughts in the comments below.
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All you got to do is like the video and comment like and ill shout five you guys that with all that being said. I hope you guys have a great day and peace. .

who is the fastest player in the nba right now-4
who is the fastest player in the nba right now-4

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