Red White \u0026 Blue Burst for 4th of July | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

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Guys today. Were going to be working on this red white and blue design design for the fourth of july. And as you can see ive already completed own manicure.
But by request on facebook. I thought i would show you guys just on the nail wheel again the other nail here. If you havent seen that tutorial is my stained glass nails.
This is the nail. Im going to be working on today. And i have it prepped with a white.
Im using zoa janessa. Which is just kind of a shimmery white almost looks silver in some lights and then for the red bursts. Im going to be using zoa delilah.
Which is the sparkly red and the blue is china glaze blue years eve. Which is the sparkly blue and as far as the placement goes you can see on my own nails.

red white and blue nail art-0
red white and blue nail art-0

I have it so that the blues are kind of bursting out of the same area. And the red is kind of bursting out of the same area you can do that same sort of pattern or you can place them randomly you can do just one on a nail. Which i did in a kind of fireworks themed design that i did for new years eve.
A couple years ago. But ive just got a scratch piece of paper here and kind of a medium sized striper brush. Ive let the base color dry completely.
Although its okay if its still you know like a little tacky just so long as you can draw on it without drawing all the polish out in creating bald spots. So im just going to get some of this red onto my striper and im just going to start from what would be the corner of the nail and draw out and really all you have to be able to do for this design is draw a fairly straight line even if its not completely straight. Thats okay and continue out from that same point in the corner on some of my nails.
I started with the blue and on some of my nails. I started with the red it doesnt really make that big of a difference it just kind of helps when you do the second color to determine where youre going to place the ends so i just clean my brushes in a little bit of nail polish. Remover and i have that off to the side.
And now. Im going to put out a little bit of the blue and sometimes it can be a little tricky.

red white and blue nail art-1
red white and blue nail art-1

Its like its easier to draw straight lines in one direction than another so certainly dont be afraid to move your hand. However makes it easier for you and as i go in with the blue. Im just going to go kind of between the red.
So that they kind of almost intertwine maybe not intertwine. But interlock hmmm and im just going to continue from the corner until. Im happy with the design that i have and you may be able to see even i dont have a completely steady hand and these stripes are still turning out pretty evenly the blue ones are actually coming out a little bit thinner.
So im going to add just a little bit more blue polish and kind of just go over them to make them a little bit thicker. But that all comes down to your own personal preference. And if you want them super.
Thick you can go ahead and make them super thick. If you want them to be more skinny you can go ahead and leave them on the skinny side so like i think ive mentioned you guys before its a little harder doing this on a nail wheel than on my own actual nail. But i think that gives you a pretty good idea of how i did this look once its dry to the touch you can go ahead and add your topcoat and youre ready to go you can switch out whatever colors.
You like the rest of the year or you know no reason you cant wear red white and blue when its not the 4th of july. So im going to try and get in one more tutorial before the holiday hopefully. A independence day water marble so stay tuned for that and as always thanks for watching you .

red white and blue nail art-2
red white and blue nail art-2

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