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Lets go straight into. Today. I will be reviewing the my latest um moisturizing lotion.
I just got my hands on this one because i have been using the pomace cocoa butter moisturizing lotion and if you ever watching my videos. My old subscribers you should be able to know that i have been using the thomas cocoa butter moisturizing lotion. Ill add a moisturizing lotion.
So i just got my hands on this one just because when i went to the mall. I couldnt find the thomas cocoa butter moisturizing lotion and thats the reason why i got this one so i will be reviewing it today for you guys first of all i want you guys to know that this moisturizing lotion. It is amazing.
It is one amazing lotion that you guys want to try you want to try you want to get this you want to get your hands on this lotion because it is really moisturizing otay alysha skin. Very soft and smooth because i have used it i have just used it for just two weeks. And if youre somebody who uses.
I recommend that somebody we uses um bleaching products. I mean to bleach their skin and lighten your skin. I always recommend that you use a moisturizing lotion that way it can actually help in even and out your skin tone.

nivea cocoa butter body lotion-0
nivea cocoa butter body lotion-0

So i just want to recommend these lotion for you guys because yall. That are trying to get your hands on this because. The promised local butter.
Its kind of like really um expensive to the meteors on to the ones that i want to be reviewing. And when ill be reviewing is this baby over here the meteor cocoa butter arm lotion this is really amazing guys youre going to love these lotion i dont know what else to say other than that youre going to love this lotion. It is really amazing okay.
It is amazing as hell. I mean you guys are gonna love this it has a very beautiful smell okay and it is for dry skin you can those of yall that are actually suffering from dry skin especially in those who yoga actually use in silence. I like um acid contained products you wanna use a moisturizing product.
And this is a 48 hour moisturizing lotion youre going to love this so much because um. It will make your skin supple. Soft and plump you just i know a lot of yall are looking for a very much right solution.
I actually kind of use this before my makeup. I just use the time in a bin and i get my makeup to start where i love the packaging. It is so so so so so feminine.
I dont know everybody can use this is not stadium if it was for men and for women. Although they have their men on which is the maximum hydration body lotion. Its for the men you can try that if you dont want to use this one that contains cocoa butter.
But this is my favorite from the moisturizing line so i love this one so so much any contains cocoa butter. Which donnell is a very very good product for even and out your skin tone especially all the our bleach in your skin and lighting on your skin. You want to use something that can actually either not just skin complexion and i am recommending this video classifications are so so good at doing those child.

nivea cocoa butter body lotion-1
nivea cocoa butter body lotion-1

And it smells so mildly so very mouth like it is so soul mouth the fragrance is so mouth for those yall. That actually dont like fragrance in your product. This product.
This product is not for you guys you just want skip it. But those are out there actually goes for the good feel of this no really want to smell nice. This is very good for you guys to try so first of all im gonna run around run along and read what you write it contains cocoa butter and vitamin e and you guys know what those things austin skin.
I dont really need to go along and start really. Not whats vitamin e. Thus this can you guys know.
That is really nice for the skin and its know 24 7. 24 hour. Noticeably smoother skin you get 24 hour noticeably smoother skin and it is not lying because when you put it on your skin.
It just keeps you it just lifts. The smooth finish and it does not greasy okay you dont sweat. When you use this okay.
This is how it looks like when you this is how it looks like when you apply it over the skin and its really fast. I saw been into your skin. As you can see its done like you dont really need to work hard to get this thing.
Except soft into your skin. As you can see very very very noticeably. Youll get the smoothest skin.

nivea cocoa butter body lotion-2
nivea cocoa butter body lotion-2

I dont know if you guys can see this you it is so amazing and im gonna go. Its for dry skin here you can see dry skin. Only kids can see that and im just gonna read what it says the fast.
I didnt even say i didnt even read this thing but i already showed you a practical that you actually very um fast consulting. Its it absorbed its absorbs it absolves into the skin very fast its been reading the fast absorbing body lotion intensively nourishes your skin for up to 48 hours and keeps it soft smooth all day long and reach the natural cocoa butter and vitamin e. It provides deep long lasting moisture in smooths away dullness as you can see what i teach my skin.
Earlier. The unique scent envelops your strength delicious flavor of cocoa that you can enjoy all day and the directions apply all apply cocoa butter body lotion to your whole body taking pre apply on dry skin areas you can only reapply it on dry skin air as you can see i dont know if you guys can see whatever it is but ill try to zoom in if you guys can see it this is very very very amazing for you guys that are looking for moisturizing lotion that you want to use on your skin. I recommend this you guys should catch in on somethings.
Because youre gonna love it ok. Youre gonna really love this lotion as you can see i am running out of this one and im gonna go get it get another because i always use it as my hand lotion is my feet lotion because thats the most part that i get dry and my knees my elbows thats other parts those are the parts that cant really dry everything even though it says quoting in our it will still get dry. I dont know why it.
But thats all those are the parts of my body that really gets dry and i love putting this in a small container and put it in my bag and just carry it along when i feel my heart my hands are getting dry. I just applied that on those areas and to my me my elbows my feet and it is really good and even in our skin tones. So for those of yall.
That doesnt know about media. You know they have lots of products that you want to try so just go and get peace. And youre going to come back.
And thank me later this is one of the best other than that you can still try a palmas cocoa butter in case just in case if you dont see this at your local store or the mall you can try coco palms cocoa butter but for today im just reviewing this because i didnt get the caramel cocoa butter which is my favorite moisturizer i just found this one and i tried it in truly really nice okay so that is it for this video. And im gonna see you guys in my next video dont forget to subscribe as you guys already know what i want to say the end subscribe dont forget to magnificus share. And ill see you guys in my next video message hi guys.

nivea cocoa butter body lotion-3
nivea cocoa butter body lotion-3

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