RPG Maker MV Tutorial How to Install Plugins

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s up guys drifty here from triplet gaming and rpg maker mv is finally out out and when you load up rpg maker mv youre like okay lets the plugins. I know they included all this 37 plugins right lets go to what wheres all the plugins where they at and if youre wondering why weve got yan flies here because i just imported it but right off the bat. Its not included they said that was supposed to be included its not but im sure that you can get it for free because i just did so let me walk you guys through how to install yan fly scripts or plugins at this point with a new the new freshly installed software and everything so what you want to do is go to this website.
Let me bring this over yan fly dot mo. Yep. And hes gonna have all these plugins for free now well.
Hes always gave them for free. But you can get these plugins right here. So what you want to do is click on plugins and then you can click on all of the plugins right here to go to their subsequent menus so start with the core engine.
And its highly recommend that you place these plugins in the correct order you want to have the core engine first basically so click on core engine. Then you want to go to the drop box and then when it comes up you can right click in here and select all right click copy that and then you want to go to your game folder and go to open folder.

how to install plugins rpg maker mv-0
how to install plugins rpg maker mv-0

And then youll see you have a j s. Folder. So you double click on that then you want to right click somewhere.
In there create a new text document then you want to name it whatever its going to be in this case. It was actually you want to go into plugins. So you can delete that or going into plugins for sorry about that you right click here create a new text document and you name it the name of whatever it doesnt really matter what you call it.
But you might want to call it what it is so you dont get confused later on so. I named it yep core engine jas and if you dont have these file extensions on and you just see a yep porn. Engine.
And it doesnt you know you just see weapons kill you dont see the dot j. Yes.

how to install plugins rpg maker mv-1
how to install plugins rpg maker mv-1

Let me walk you through how to do that you go to your start menu. This is for windows. 7.
Itll be a little different for different versions of windows but you type in folder options youre gonna click on folder options then youre gonna go to view and then right here where it says hide extensions for known file types uncheck that box hit ok and now youre going to be able to rename the last the file extension so you can turn a text document into a javascript so youre gonna open that up youre gonna paste what you copied into here and then youre going to save that and then youre gonna exit out ive already done it so theres no need to and then youre gonna right click it rename and where you have the last txt youre gonna rename that javascript or jxs itll say are you sure yeah say yes and now thats acting as a javascript extension. So then what youre gonna do is go to not your database. But your plugins right click on plugins edit general settings and then you go down youll see if its a javascript itll be an option that you can select now so what i want to do is put it at the top.
So well go to pour engine. And then we have all these values to edit really big upgrade from the game. And theres also a help file thats included to go through everything for all of you and fly stuff now theres some scripts that are not going to have our java scripts plugins out of our gonna have help files.
But most of them will then you hit ok and then save your game. And youve already and thats thats all thats it youve already done it youve got it included so.

how to install plugins rpg maker mv-2
how to install plugins rpg maker mv-2

Thats basically the the steps to to get y and fly scripts. And if you wanted to do the next one you would just go and do the same exact thing go to the drop box or the mirror right click select. All and everything we just did go to your folder or plugins.
Itll be your wherever your game. Is saved. Then.
Ill say j s. And then plugins create a new text document and i hope that helps you help you guys i know i was a little confused at the starks. I thought they were going to include it all for free and and then plus you have to remove the you have to unhide the file extension.
So theres a little bit stuff. There that youve got out to go through. But hopefully i helped you guys im gonna let you guys go real quick video.
Theres a lot more rpg maker mv tutorials coming so thank you guys for watching remember to like page share all that good stuff and subscribe if you want more mp tutorials thank you guys for watching again well see you guys in the next tutorial. .

how to install plugins rpg maker mv-3
how to install plugins rpg maker mv-3

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