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Is there shoe in your collection right now that makes you now cross your legs legs makes you not want to walk like ballet shoes. This special carry me to door valet. These are comfortable fly.
Sexy fierce shoes. Id told jesse edelman. Before the show in 4 5.
Magazines. Everyone is doing gladiator. These are dramatic and a standout.
They are sultry the gladiator style has been around st for a wild. But to now bring it all the way up the leg elevates it to ooh la la host every stylist and model before we came on air said did you see the new sam boots. I the said no crazy you are singing to colors black or saddle hold on i love these 308466.
I lo did not know what color to wear. But im new i to was showing leg and think i got a pedicure with these because they are sexy strapping. These are the most comfortable shoes comfor because i am supported all the way up through a my legs their 16 1 2.
Inches in the shaft on them and they are easy. I walked to the table in a moment to show you how easy it is to zip up there are no buckles and youll not been half a day guest. This gladiator silhouette has been around.
But the upbeat ar leg rather is all over the runways up the guest you can look for styles. They are all showing images of the runways and in the magazines like you mentioned two very simple colors classic lack leather and saddle host you do not need anything else honestly the saddle color disappears. But the black is just kind of a standout you see every single strap genuine leather.
You have a slip on in the front.

tall gladiator sandals for women-0
tall gladiator sandals for women-0

Which is almost hard to see because of the beautiful straps. I will tell you that the shoes are a showstopper for a reason brand new first time you are seeing these bryant. I have to say that timeless high fashion design.
We have seen them in all imagery red carpet ready i did one last weekend. And ill tell we you that the footwear dynamic. These are red carpet sandals that you could wear each and coul every day.
There is no high heel they have a very small quarter inch heel. Which gives you hee just enough of enough of not walking on the ground guest. Just a little bit to get you leaning b in the right direction.
The trend. I like how we dressed it differently here you know very casual. Any dressy look that is what the gladiator style is all about and use this to dress up your outfit.
Make you feel good in ma. The morning the shoe is bohemian inspired so boh that very casual lifestyle. Think the beach walking around you should wear the shoes to get out there and to run errands and to your daily life you know it looks like it is high fashion and is high fashion.
But not hig hard to wear as you were saying before it is say easy to get in with the zipper in the back. It looks so cool. I love lo the line to create it t is very cool host.
Sam. Your father creates trends not follows them this n is truly a shoe that i can say applause can s bravo he broke the mold when it came to the shoes. The shoes.
The embellishments and confidence to wear the shoes let me lay this one down okay.

tall gladiator sandals for women-1
tall gladiator sandals for women-1

It is extremely tall and looks like a boot in sorts because of the tall shaft come to the back with me. Let me show you anything that has a zipper that long is instant sex appeal. Insta right it just is it is gorgeous laughter.
Zip. It up l. And you are done no buckles or extra straps to worry about it is perfect.
This is truly perfect a favorite amongst. Celebrities and every magazine that we could possibly imagine all of the high end stores huron hsn you st can do. 4.
Flexible payments. 4. Flexes about 48 and change to look this good and feel this confident we inspire laughter.
I love it here is black and let me come over to saddle because the saddle color is such a neutral leg elongating color. It is the perfect color. No matter what your skin tone.
Because it is neutral it just disappears you talk about sensual textures. The beautiful crisscross design. It is still very clean.
And theres not a whole lot of extra movement. I think its before it self you do need not all whole lot n of fuss and bells and whistles guest. This does the job for you once you jo are in and zip up your a on your way.
In showing your legs.

tall gladiator sandals for women-2
tall gladiator sandals for women-2

The color helps elongate your legs. A little bit it is the ultimate gladiator. A bohemian chic runway inspired this is the trend of the season tre.
This is the tall gladiator for the season host i love sams inspiration. He loves what he does and has laser focus when it lase comes to making us feel good because he knows we women are emotionally connected to our shoes right girls. Okay.
These are a shoe that in the morning you dressed the shoe first it is like im wearing my gladiator bryant that is what eyewear first and then the outfit follows it almost does not matter. What you wear with the sandals because they are that strong and there that she you know guest right. It is so cool just the intricacy of how we have woven the front.
There as a goes up the shin. It a is very cool the cleanness of the black leather and the clean list of the saddle cleanness host that up and you will see i feel like i could sit back and say wipers and champagne please you know what pl. Im mean they feel that sexy and we are talking about a flat shoe as well quarter of the wel heel.
So you do not feel the pebbles and rocks on the sidewalk. While you are doing your commute. Short shorts.
Maxi dress is jeans skirts whatever you want to do look at our girls they look adorable. She said that michaud more by it gives you confidence because she said let me show you more leg. Guest.
You have foot coverage. Host and leg. Host coverage.

tall gladiator sandals for women-3
tall gladiator sandals for women-3

With about 205 remaining for the entire country and about 30 seconds. Remaining this will sell out to give a mobile device phone. Hsn is phone hsn everywhere grab your ev hsn card.
Why not if hs. You want to open a card as well and save on it additionally and use the card and put it on flex. It just does not stop 2014.
The new collection is here maybe. This is the first time your joining us to see it. But the collection is strong and to have this as part of the collection.
Wow. Saddle in black 2. Saddl colors and cannot go wrong with either one.
What is your favorite wh out of the 2 guest. I would have to say that id love saddle. But id think the black looks great black because it is so bold host that is what it is you have to be bold to you where this to yo 308466 is how you get 30.
The zone. Very limited and black about 100 with the phones. I cannot even see the end of the monitor maybe dozens remain black or saddle.
If i could do both of these we have flex. I may have to do these can ha. You reserve and nine for me you are purchasing these great shoes stop by and talk to jesse edelman.
I we would love to hear from you now we will check in with the 307 00. 08. 13734 spotlight and then be .

tall gladiator sandals for women-4
tall gladiator sandals for women-4

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