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Know how you must be askin breaths. When is alone hopeless you probably deserve it it thank you i started this video too early of use. There is still away you im gonna bring it all back oh bringing it back bringing it back the one who precious thing you ever truly desired my that finish it okay cool oh i love the picture dorian gray.
Its a great story. Okay so welcome to layers of fear. We play this before and i wasnt sure the game is out now obviously the full game.
I wasnt sure if it was worth picking up or not because i didnt know. But i read the reviews and its amazing and also i wasnt sure if i was gonna play where we left off or not and it turns out they changed a lot so it is worth to start off with from the beginning. I think thats the general idea i got and i think you bros want to see what changes well so there are gonna be parts that we own our own really familiar with.
But there are gonna be new parts as well and overall. Its gonna be a great game. And its been a while since we did a horror on this channel.
So im very excited to check this out. And im be really enjoying doing more series for you bros because i feel like thats a good thing. And okay.
Dear sir. We would like to ask you to cease bothering our pest control. Specialists as well as refrain from sending us.
Any more of your highly inappropriate letters of your dick that was not there but ill have you know that my mother is a respectable woman and take kindly to your accusations all of our employers. That visited your house reported. Absolutely no signs of rodent infestation of any kind and as such decide not to act further than a pro whatever spraying.
Please read this letter as a final warning. The next time lobby was a brave will be from our eyes from carl denton. Pest.
Controls all right all right all right all right safe. Oh. God this game is so dark like i can barely see anything i recommend you watch this in full screen because jesus christ.
I do not see shit. Oh yeah. So theres this note.
Sir. I didnt touch the workshop. Just as you asked although i cant imagine that mess thats inside.
What set also if you care so much for that room maybe you should pay attention to where you leave the keys. I brought her back to the office. That is the that is the the note.
The the thing that i miss first time. I played is and i swear i walked around the house for like an hour. Lovely painting potato man love potatoes.
Too the game is so atris rangi. Its been a while oh jeff bloody fucking. My god already fucking forgot how many jump scares this game have in our workspace.
Honestly i cant see anything i got up at a little bit. How am i supposed to talk got fuck me well nevermind. I guess i cant see anything to see that stool that its not like that what happened in real.
Slow. Red riding hood. Oh.
How lovely fucking hell. Thanks. For that.
I suppose im sorry. Ill make it up to you tonight is all about you. And me lets make it special you brought it thats what jack told.
Me thats what jack told me. But no he did not touch my balls. Okay yeah.
No this is a lot nicer. It says i have a bright light in my face. I need to make it really fucking hard to see stuff also i think you bros have like the white space on youtube around you and its kind of the same effect look at that theres paint on the stuff.
Lets go in alright. Lets begin this adventure. Really excited for this painting.
I was gonna say theres im nisha is this is a closest term nisha that ive seen lost you deserve it finish it that ive seen obviously a lot has changed since then like ive become a lot more comfortable with horror games. We just think its something that im never gonna get back. But i really do appreciate horror games in a different way now it really does take a talent to do it well i would say i think when we leave now.
The room is gonna be different get it right this time they really should change that fun because thats like a free font and i i think it would be cooler. If they just wrote it by hand like i dont know that took away a little bit of immersion. Because everything else is so high quality in this game.
Oh look the game is different. Im sorry if it seems like im not scared at all its because like i played this so far so its a lot like id be pretending it right coach a play. See i guess i dont remember and now.

how long to beat layers of fear-0
how long to beat layers of fear-0

Its different ill get into it eventually so what happens when you wet the couch. I love all the paintings i love creepy art. I used to go to ebay all the time just looking at like old random artists that did like really weird stuff cuz.
Anyone can do creepy stuff now. But if its old creepy stuff. Then its just fucked up.
Oh yeah heres the code. Its for eight sorry for 85. So far theres not been many changes.
But i know there will be and im glad youre here with me. If you want to jump ahead. I mean i the fuck is wrong with you dont jump ahead.
I guess im yelling. Its if you already jump that and then thank you for being here. I appreciate you marry me thats a pretty ring thats a very creepy way to say will you marry me.
Im gonna give marcie a ring dont tell marty its not a wedding ring okay so calm your pants. But i realized i never gave her one and i thought it could be sweet dont tell might say that i wanted it to be a surprise that was a stupid idea. Why dont know why im trust you bros to keep any fucking secrets.
Oh. God is that a baby in the painting. Oh shit fuck.
Oh. God you flinched you dont even look at me like that oh me fucking shit. Where am.
I where the fuck. Am. I where the fuck.
Am. I i cant see shit. Oh here we go a barrel.
I knew it i was right. I was right those five years ago. And im still right again was that like oh hey.
Its just a guy. And you look good hey look. Good are you doing.
Oh. My god theres a lot of layers to the fares. If you know what i mean yall.
Know what i mean so apparently. The developers. I looked into them a little bit they made one game thats like notoriously famous for being bad.
So i think a lot of people were critical when they came out with this. But i feel like this is their comeback in essence. Because this game is truly something special and like i said it takes a special kind of talent to do horror correct.
I think a lot of times. It can just be cheesy. And thats a baby you know and in a dolphins no way the what are they called elk in an elk.
Yeah. Whatever all right what do we got in here. Do you see my eyes is doing like this is i still struggle to see you what the fuck.
Im doing nothing nothing ah yeah maybe the book globe. We why should we am i doing something what does that sound hey girl whats that sound everybody like what going did something move with a globe not that way were gonna go to africa we got i go to spain. I got i got a cool back.
Were gonna go into my men brain. Okay good dress good rhyme pierce. Thank.
You for that that is a broken man. Hello. Hows everyone doing creepy corridor.
See faces christ faint. Deep lice. No.
Oh. Fainting. Now.
Oh. Yes. Just like that hold that pose.
I want to get all my lovely curves just right yeah goddamn thats fucking weird why hello there hello there arnold oh err fapping no its the fire yeah german. Oh. I shouldve seen that coming.

how long to beat layers of fear-1
how long to beat layers of fear-1

What happened okay. Thats totally failed. I think the book hit me or some shit old school references.
Do we go back now yep this scene is so weird oh god i hate crying girls. Its gonna be okay dont worry about it dont worry dont worry about it hello. Its about time for us to talk dont you think id refuse to speak for a brush.
Weve seen you in my house. So many times and yet. I could never find a courage to face you directly not until now let me double check that i am actually recording.
Yeah. Okay. Ive done that a couple of times and especially with horror games.
If you losing a recording youre kind of fucked because you already played it theres a lot of paprika. I love paprika i love that movie its so good these bottles are gonna smash my face feeling this isnt you hello hows it going bros my name is pewdiepie ladies say hes a cutie pie millions. I had the disagree and say hes just a stupid guy.
But whose thats right perfect. The dudes are right i dont know the rings. Oh god not this fucking place.
The fucking kitchen. Oh. My god carrots.
I love. Carrots. What is this this is different hello.
I am having a lot of fun. Hows everyone doing gonna cook some hot puree. Lovely.
Oh. What are not the apple thing again that doesnt even make any sense. Whats that hey ay ay ay.
I could probably make an apple factory macmail are they disappear. Oh god goddamn oh just look fun fuck. I forgot about it god damn you know this spoon okay all right were fine big deal big deal apples how about them apples sorry.
Some reflux was a nervous tic can i go home. Now. Okay.
Thanks. No. I guess not can still scales.
Shit can still live my life. The way i want to live. It.
Oh yeah. Theres a cyst. Id looked for a canvas.
Not just any canvas. If not a penis. I had to find a knife not one of those brett ones.
It needed to be as sharp as a razor. So i used a razor in fact. And then carefully flayed the skin booze.
Helped keep my hands steady wait that is nonsense all right we collected our first item. So the way i understand it yeah. There we go we could use that on to finish our painting.
Its really cool really cool concept. And yeah. And theres the flamingos again good old flamingos hate even now lost you deserve it finish it fantastic all right lets keep heading out we got more shit to do oh.
The elevator. Yeah. This is really immersive and this is really bringing me back to the old school days.
Im really enjoying sharing this with you bruce yep. I lick my moustache all right usually i edit it out but now you get footage of it that was a pretty lady thing just gets a chi. All right i know why this is damn double microphone that bitch not sure how i feel about this.
But uh. All right. Lets here.
We go hello. Hello. Every cool work well watch okay.
Hello. Its very quiet. I feel very nice.

how long to beat layers of fear-2
how long to beat layers of fear-2

What was that probably a fart. Oh shit is it here. Yeah.
Okay is it no okay. Well. I dont know that maybe.
Ill go. In here. Oh oh oh.
This is cozy. Oh. A kiss.
Thank you is that a blinking murdering your woman and thats a baby flying with the butts out and the peepee and that piano is playing music for me. Why did you stop that dude was perfect honey. Please just a little longer long.
At least until i finish painting this one part. Oh dont make me beg. Hes so awkwardly sexual like i thought i was awkwardly sexual.
But thats his fucking weird man oh i dont make me beg tell them. I said that next time. Oh dont make me beg.
Imagine. Thats a good one this game is giving me great dating material. Its awesome.
I love books clothes. Latest fashion gotta stay on top of that it sounds like intense fapping. But i think its a fire.
I always get the two mixed up. Know where oh. Oh god oh.
God this is different. I dont. Like this.
Oh. Fuck. Me.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. What do i do oh god. I hate addicts they freak.
Me. The fuck. Out.
What. The fuck. Do i do.
Hi. Hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi. Hi.
How is everyone doing. Here. This.
Is. Great. Do.
Nt. Let. Oh.
Careful careful careful okay. Were fine. I dont know what im doing up here.
Oh theres a door. I dont how did. I miss.
That okay. Careful. Now gotta.
Be careful. Oh god oh. God.

how long to beat layers of fear-3
how long to beat layers of fear-3

This is different. Oh. God i dont like this.
Oh. Jab let it fit us god damn. What is going on im just gonna go im sorry baby.
I didnt mean to spank you probably cuz. He legal left the baby. The eagle has the land i left the baby i repeat someone kissing me no you cant have this its for marty.
Only sorry bruce. I know you want this i know thats why youre here like hes so hot and im like think i dont know that get out of here. I wish i could interact with objects that was a thing with amnesia.
I really really enjoy okay like i dont see what the fuck that is so im not a gonna bother ja damn do they get you as hard as they get me cuz jesus christ it goes right up my asshole. I flinch in a way you dont care okay. Im sorry too much info.
I i get it god damn. Thats thats a painting of nothing awesome. My favorite painting.
Theres not what i dont have to judge it like when kids ask me if i like their paintings. And i hate. Oh.
God okay. Okay. Im sorry i love your painting.
Im like it was great look. It was great now we spin the globe. I know there was a thing with it you spin my head right round red round when you go down be a bit theres a mark.
There isnt it i see it theres a piece of blood all right thats just a madagascar. I always get them mixed up thats embarrassing. Oh yeah.
This is the dog thanks guy shut. The fuck up they go shut the clock out oh god look what you did yeah piece of shit god damn. It ed gary you ruined my life my fucking life god i i wish i think by edgar so many times like he just made my life so bad i feel like crushing that waste.
But i guess i can god theres so many doors and shit. I suppose we just should stay on track. I feel like im limping a little bit am.
I wrong yeah. Ill bet what sorry wrong door. Okay jeff loudly.
Oh whoa. I got my eight mouse rats look what you did got danny. I was edgar.
I swear to god ftc that piece of shit hes out for me. I knew it stop stop fucking with my house edgar dont look so bored. You too.
Im kidding you look beautiful. Okay. Uh yes.
There is a lot of changes. I am glad i replayed. I mean sure we we spend a little.
Oh god fuck me god fucking. Damn it god fucking dick fuck. It a buck fuck him like a phone fuck fuck fuck styler fucker fuck iphone.
Oh god its open now you fuck. Oh god fucking okay what the fuck am. I looking at oh awesome.
I cant oh. God i didnt mean to click. It down.
Oh. Jesus christ. It never ends.
Oh god its the monster. Okay alright. Theres no one here.
Im really freaked out by that monster. I really hope we dont have to interact is he gone oh he left and left always after shape. This is weird painting monster probably came out of our painting.
If it did then thats bad news. Why did they all melt like what did i do and im not that hot oh god sorry well what the fuck oh shit what the fuck is sad my god what a mess how absolutely amazing. But those stairs with that leg of mine.
I think youll have to carry me to the bedroom. Once we move in .

how long to beat layers of fear-4
how long to beat layers of fear-4

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