Sheldon and Alex funny moments (Big Bang Theory )

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Right miss jensen before we begin may i offer you a refreshment water coffee tea. Tea. A marijuana cigarette no thanks.
Im fine no are you sure everyones them i think theyre the best. I dont do drugs. Excellent that was a ruse theyre not the best physics.
Is the best yeah. By the way coffee was also an unacceptable choice alright. So i see here youre from des moines iowa.
Youre summa laude in theoretical physics from stanford university. Oh and two years ago you had a persistent ear infection. I hope that didnt cause any hearing loss no of course not how did you know about that why did a comprehensive background check near your medical records.
Credit reports criminal history. I trust you paid off those parking tickets. Yes.
I did hearing unimpaired good look. Dr. Cooper.
I really want this position it would be an incredible honor to work for a man of your brilliance. Yes. Flattery will not get you this job.
Miss jenson. Its not flattery. If its the truth.
Oh well thank you welcome aboard talk to howard lately. Yeah last night he kept making me drop pencils for him i got uncomfortable you surely will be hungry the serving macaroni smooth hi hello sheldon arent you gonna introduce us no i have people for that now youre im alex dr. Coopers new assistant congratulations and my god have mercy on your soul.
Im leonard this is relish nice to meet you im so excited to be working with you yeah. Please reserve chitchat for your breaks. Miss jenson.
Yeah. An fyi therell be no breaks. I should probably get to work nice hey you already got a girlfriend.
I called dibs all i said was she seems nice yeah well i love her heres your frozen yogurt. Dr. Cooper.
This should be fun a half chocolate half vanilla side by side mounts world yes. Half a teaspoon of sprinkles rainbow. Not chocolate two cherries one on top one on the bottom stems removed um.
Top one yes. I didnt check the one on the bottom. Oh.
Im so sorry dont its all right alex. Im not mad at you im just disappointed wait alex stealing. Join us uh.
Giving alex. A moment. I need a word with dr.
Hofstadter do you think. Its appropriate for her to sit with us. Given her station given her what yeah if ive learned anything from british television shows on pbs.
Its that servants dine downstairs with their own kind. What its a kindness leonard otherwise youre cruelly. Tempting.
Them with a glimpse of a world thats just beyond their sustained fingertips. Oh. Sure please join us thank you oh alex whats the topic of your dissertation.
Im looking for trojan asteroids at earths l5 lagrange point oh that happens to be dr. Koothrappali zz field of expertise you two have a lot to talk about is that true laughter all right no but compared to your boss. Hes the poster boy for santa.
Its okay ive been around scientists all my life my dads. An astronomer study. Oh seti the search for extraterrestrial intelligence should.
I traduce them to sheldon. The search is over so what kind of research are you doing a high energy lasers ooh military not yet. But i cant remove unwanted hair from two miles away.
You were right. I had nothing to worry about that skanks your problem not mine youre very funny dr. Hofstadter thank you chef garrison dont good leonard youre here science news this will interest you penny feel free to paint your nails.
We got i believe alex may have unearthed the grade school science project it could be my ticket to the nobel prize behold magnets what do they stick to the answer is metal its not exactly groundbreaking. The original title was a reader evasion of maxwells equations regarding electromagnetism. I dumbed it down because some of the more religious people in town were starting to say.
I was a witch. Sheldon thinks the approach in this paper might change the way we calculate ferromagnetic hysteresis jo. Its about time i hated the old way hi.
Im penny alex. I do work with dr hofstadter in a way. Weve kind of been involved in a five year experiment.
Oh well youre lucky. He seems very talented and im sure a lot of people want to work with him uh huh well a lot of people cant where are we going my limbic system wants to take your pants off she seems nice notice people on your own time were working hi guys hey boss just what know dont you know his schedule all i know is corner it makes too much noise. And i have to go find quieter pants boy.
What i wouldnt give to get her out of those pants and then do something a little more stylish. Oh hello. Dr.
Hofstadter hey. Call. Me leonard dr.
Hofstadter is my father and my mother and my sister and our cat. Although im pretty sure dr. Boots hofstadters degree was honorary may i join you leonard sure something my girlfriend knows this guy at school.
Hes got an english accent. Yeah you all do anyway i feel like hes hitting on her. She says.
Hes just being nice and that i should trust her its probably harmless. You know how it is im sure you get hit on all the time right because girls are always like ooh that guy owns two star trek uniforms and gets a lot of ear infections. I gotta get me some of that no i better happened hes more than you realize trust me.
It doesnt you sure youre cute youre funny maybe youre getting hit on in you dont even know it really im pretty sure thanks. Really laughter. Hope no girls rip my clothes off on the way.
Hey leonard when i first heard your idea for giant jenga.

who is alex on the big bang theory-0
who is alex on the big bang theory-0

I was skeptical. I cant blame you tiny twister was a complete bust was the looming threat of being crushed under a pile of lumber. Does it have a certain spice.
Ive never felt so alive. Oh. Hello.
Alex. Let. Me go get you last.
Nights recordings. Recordings. Well.
You remember. What you told. Me.
I talk in my sleep. Well it occurred to me that like most things. I say.
Its probably pure gold. So i started recording it all and now alex gets to comb through eight hours of what i like to call sheldon after dark hey. Leonard hey.
Just playing a little giant jenga here. Oh no ive no i know had to buy him the helmet. So do you have any plans this weekend.
Oh most of saturdays gonna be figuring out where to put this game when were done about you oh im gonna go see kip thorne and give a lecture on subatomic space. Time. Oh thats his take on john wheelers quantum phone that should be great well if you want you can come with me id love to.
But im supposed to hang out with penny well bring her. Oh. Shes not really into that kind of stuff.
Yeah okay well if you want to hear about the lecture. I can tell you all about it at work or you know over dinner sometime. Applause aleks check my schedule with you what is my afternoon look like i think.
Its pretty wide open. Oh. Wait.
Heres something at 4 oclock. Give alex a talking to well. Were stuck up on us.
Didnt. It is there a problem lets not call it a problem. Its called an opportunity to solve a serious problem.
What did i do you dont know oh you poor. Dear your ovaries are squirting. So much goofy juice into your brains.
You dont even know which way is up you made an inappropriate sexual advance towards dr. Hofstadter. What i didnt make a sexual advance on anybody do it now theres no need to get defensive.
Im not unsympathetic to your plight my father used to say that a woman is like an egg salad sandwich on a warm texas day. What full of eggs and only appealing for a short time this conversation is making me uncomfortable yeah you and me both sister please understand i dont hold you responsible for your behavior bz from an evolutionary standpoint. Youre a slave to your desire to reproduce.
But during the workday when you feel possessed by amorous intent may i suggest that you suppress it by leafing through this illustrated book of sexually transmitted diseases oh yes check out this suzie doozy. I have to go so does this fellow. But he cant without it burning like hot soup.
It has been pointed out to me that some of the things. I said to you could be construed as offensive and i would like to offer you my sincerest apology. Thank you.
Dr. Cooper yeah. Additionally.
You should know that the university has mandated that i take an online sexual harassment. Seminar. So this sort of thing doesnt happen in the future.
Okay now unfortunately my time is much too valuable to waste on nonsense like this so im gonna need you to take it for me. Oh alex excellent. I have a research problem that i believe you can help with oh dr.
Cooper. Thank you ive been waiting for an opportunity to contribute to your scientific work oh no no thats not gonna happen. No what i need you to do is find a valentines gift for my girlfriend.
You realize i passed up an opportunity to work at fermilab to take this job with you well. I guess those chaps will have to have someone else buy their girlfriends. Presidents now here is this is about two thousand dollars.
I think she likes monkeys and the color gray contribute to my work. Kids. Say.
The darndest things. Okay. Amy will be here shortly.
Expecting the perfect valentines gift. So youre up kid dazzle. Me go okay.
I think i have some really great choices. I went on amys facebook page and read up on her interests. Do we now.
See i never would have thought to do that clearly i made a good choice farming this out to you i am telling you amy hit the boyfriend jackpot anyway my socks are on lets knock them off well. I know she loves playing the harp. So i found this beautiful music box that plays one of her favorite songs.
Now. Amy rd has a real heart and he can play any song are you trying to pull here no i just thought im a next. Okay.
I know shes a fan of the canterbury tales hmm. So i found this cool map that illustrates the characters journey through england. I thought we could put it in a really nice frame.
But shes got google maps on her phone. I dont know how to respond to that well i hope. Its with a third good option because these first two okay well luckily i saved the best for last since amys a neuroscientist.
I did some research and found out that santiago ramon y cajal the father of modern neuroscience did lots of hand drawings of brain cells and i managed to find this signed print. Wow oh this is truly remarkable. Thank you i think ill keep it for myself.
When i your girlfriend is too late i called dibs .

who is alex on the big bang theory-1
who is alex on the big bang theory-1

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