Shopify Facebook Pixel Setup \u0026 Integration Tutorial | Step By Step 2020

how to add facebook pixel to shopify This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Shopify Facebook Pixel Setup & Integration Tutorial | Step By Step 2020. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys. This is jake alexander with casual e commerce and in this video. Imm going to be showing you how exactly to add and install the facebook pixel your shopify store correctly so with that said.
Youre just gonna need to first off log into your shopify store. And then youre going to need to access your facebook. Business managers.
Ad. Account. Now.
If you dont already have a business manager and ad account. Im gonna show you how to do that really quickly so the first thing you need to do is head to google and type in facebook. Business.
Manager. And if you already have a business manager and an ad account you can just go ahead and skip a few minutes. Ahead in the video and get straight to the facebook pixel part.
Now. What youre gonna do is go to this link right here so business not facebook. Calm now im gonna go ahead and open this an incognito window since im already logged into my business manager.
So this is what it will look like when you click on it and then all youre gonna have to do is click create account now.

how to add facebook pixel to shopify-0
how to add facebook pixel to shopify-0

I already have a few business managers and i went ahead and already created a sample business manager for this video. So that way the video wouldnt be too long. So youll just click create account and go ahead and fill out all of the necessary information and then once you do youre going to be taken to this screen right here.
So now on inside of this business manager that i just created and what we need to do is create an ad account. So what were gonna do is come down here to add add account im gonna click on it and we have three options we can add an existing one or request access to someone elses or create a new one so were gonna create a new one and then we just need to put in an ad account name. So we would just normally just name.
The ad account. Whatever your store. Name is so you can just put the store name and then youre going to select your time zone.
So in this case. So once youve selected your time zone youre going to select your currency and youre just gonna click next and then this add account will be used for youre just going to click yourself. And then click create and then were just gonna sit here for one second and wait for it to load.
And then what were gonna do is add people and set permissions. So were going to add ourselves. And then were going to allow ourself complete access to everything and then click assign and there we go and were gonna need to set up a payment method as well which you can go ahead and do but in this video.
Im only showing you the pixel so were gonna go ahead and do that so were gonna hit close and now im going to come up here and im gonna click on ads manager and now were inside of our ads manager and were inside of the ad account that we just created so what were gonna do now is click on ads manager again and then hover over all tools and were going to go to pixels and once were inside. Here. Youre gonna see that we have the option to create a brand new facebook pixels thats exactly where what we are going to do so were gonna come down and click create a pixel and what its gonna do is its gonna go at an auto fill the name based on your ad account name.
So you normally just want to put your store names pixel so store names pixel here and you can put the website url if you want but you dont have to so im just gonna click create and were just gonna sit here and wait for this to load up and once it does were gonna go ahead and finish the installation process.

how to add facebook pixel to shopify-1
how to add facebook pixel to shopify-1

So now that were here. We can see we have three options to install the pixel. So what were gonna do is were going to connect the partner platform since you see that shopify is right here so were gonna select connect a partner platform and then we are going to scroll down and select shopify here and what we can do is we can turn and now we can go here and select some information so were just gonna go ahead and turn on the advanced matching click continue and now it gives us a set of instructions so i already know how to do this.
So. Im gonna just click continue and show you how to do it. So.
Were gonna just go ahead. And take this pixel id right here and were going to copy. It and then were going to come over to our admin dashboard of shopify and were gonna click online store and then come down here to preferences and then we are going to come down here to a facebook pixel and were just gonna paste it in right there and then click save and once we have that we are good to go we can click here continue.
And what we can do is we can verify our pixel is working by sending test traffic to the site. So we can go ahead and put our website url in here. So we can do that by copying or viewing our online store and taking the url and then putting that in here paste in it sending test traffic.
Which is just going to be us. And then what we can go ahead. And do is just sit here and wait.
And its going to verify if our pixel is working correctly. And there we go. It is now active and everything is working and we just click continue and close and there we go we are all set.
So thats how you set up your facebook pixel inside of your shopify store. If this tutorial was helpful go ahead and give the video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel for more content. And i will see you guys in the next one .

how to add facebook pixel to shopify-2
how to add facebook pixel to shopify-2

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