Side by Side vs. Tandem Stroller

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Its natalie diaz with twin adversity. And we are going to talk about the the differences between a tandem stroller and a side by side stroller. Today for your liana families.
Asked. Which one should i buy well you know what theres a lot of questions that you have to ask yourself first number one where are you using the stroller are you getting this in and out of the car are you driving it around on cobblestone and dirt and grass where are you pushing your stroller the width of your doorway at home the width of your elevator at home how big is your entryway. Its not as cut and dry as i like this stroller.
I want to use this stroller. You have to make sure that the stroller. You like not only is going to be good for your 20s.
But its going to fit in your homes. A lot of people think that when you live in a metropolitan city like this you have to go with a more narrow stroller. Because i have to get through the aisles of the drugstore or if im online at starbucks.
I have to make sure that i fit well guess.

side by side twin stroller-0
side by side twin stroller-0

What this stroller is only four inches wider. And it complies with all the a da regulations. Which means.
Its not much different than a wheelchair and it has to fit down the aisles. So some of the benefits of a side by side are number one that it pushes really really easily. The weight is very centered so it turns easily.
And it pushes easily another feature is that you have very quick access to both of your kids say they need a pacifier say they need some snacks. Its alright thing with the tandem. If i have to attend to my kids.
I cant just go and attend to kids i may be able to help this guy. But for this guy. I have to stop what im doing get him his pacifier give him some snacks and do what i got to do here in new york city.

side by side twin stroller-1
side by side twin stroller-1

Im a little frustrated by tandem strollers because i feel that the baby in front is an eternity away one of the great features of the city select is that i can face this baby to me providing a little bit more security and protection for them. But its one of the issues that people complain about a tandem stroller. If youre comparing a side by side and a tandem and youre talking about pushing down a sidewalk well let me unlock.
This guy when youre going up and down a sidewalk. When you jack this up and you put it back down. Its really easy to push.
However when your babies get a little bit bigger and youre using a tandem that guy in the front is going to make it very difficult to jack up your stroller and go on the sidewalk. If you want your twins to interact. More the tandem stroller.
Specifically the city select is the way to go. They could face each other play pattycake trade. Snacks.
Do whatever they have to do and they could see each other whereas.

side by side twin stroller-2
side by side twin stroller-2

The side by side. They will only always be next to each other and if you do live in a small apartment or a small home or youre renting and you really dont have a lot of room for storage. The tandem is always going to win.
Its actually going to fold much flatter than a double would a big difference also between a side by side and a tandem is the way that it turns this guy the side by side is going to turn much quicker and much easier. And if youre looking. Its not really going very far where is this guy.
Its a pretty significant turn. Its much wider. So you have to take that it consists into consideration when youre turning around a corner or just making a sharp turn in the mall.
You dont want to run. Youre wondering. Which stroller is best for you honestly id love to tell you but i cant you guys have to figure that out on your own so grab your measuring tape measure every dimension in your home of which this stroller will live go to your local store push them around see.
Which one you like best.

side by side twin stroller-3
side by side twin stroller-3

I always say if you can go for the air tires. Even if its an upgrade for your stroller. It is well worth the investment i promise you and when youre going through your baby store and youre pushing your stroller.
One thing. You should always do is load up your stroller. Dont push an empty baby.
Stroller. You will never get an accurate feel of what thats going to feel like. When your kids are in there put.
In a case. Two three a formula and then push it and then you will have an accurate estimate of what that shoulder is going to feel like in reality. Thanks for watching.
This is natalie diaz. With 20 versity for more discussions like this visit our forums visit our website. We have a ton of information.
Thats going to be perfect for any twin family see you later you .

side by side twin stroller-4
side by side twin stroller-4

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