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Guys. I wanted to do a quick review on the mederma stretch mark therapy. It its this it retails for about thirty five dollars at my local walmart.
But you go to mederma comm. They have like a five dollar off coupon that you can go ahead and print out before purchasing at the local store. So what it states is that this mederma therapy should be evenly applied and gently massage in a circular motion in all areas of the body where you have stretch marks youre splitting pilot toys a day morning and evening and you should be seeing results.
Within four weeks and optimal of results in 12 weeks okay so im going to show you a picture of what my stomach looks my stretch marks look like look like when i did it within the first month. So i started june 11th. I believe and this is a picture that i took on july 12th.
So you can see that i had a ton stretch marks tons of stretch for accepting after having baby dj. Not the cutest thing.

mederma stretch marks therapy cream-0
mederma stretch marks therapy cream-0

But i made it happen that your battle scars after having a baby and this one was taken august. And you can see that my stomach was much smaller. But you can see that my search marks were very deep and dark on the bottom.
There okay so now im going to show you its the third month. Although. It is a first of october right now i really have 9 more days 9 10.
11 more days until my third month. But im just going to show you what i have now and its so much of an improvement from my last. Two pictures that are taken.
Im not sure why it kind of looks darker on camera. But in person it looks so much lighter.

mederma stretch marks therapy cream-1
mederma stretch marks therapy cream-1

So i do want to tell you that i am pretty happy with the results. I got using the mederma cream its kind of like a lotion doll. I should show you the consistency of it i should show you what it looks like so it kind of is like a lotion literally like a lotion so its white and then its its lotion.
So i apply this after every bath from what i read while i was pregnant with dj we get stretch marks from within. We dont get it from outside so make sure you want to eat your fruits and veggies youre drinking enough water. Youre not eating a lot of fatty foods.
Youre getting all the vitamins that you need because i read them that you intake helps your body with your skin. With your health. Even with exercising the lack of that elasticity happens within your skin.
As the baby is growing. So yeah those are the only things that i can really think of to help prevent it.

mederma stretch marks therapy cream-2
mederma stretch marks therapy cream-2

But if you want to try it let me know how it turns out with for you guys i again. Im happy with my results my skin. Usually the texture of the whats called stretch marks.
Its kind of uneven or its its soft. But its just really unloved unleveled really basically. But when you touch my skin.
Its it doesnt feel like that the texture of the skin is really soft actually and so on the bottom of on my lower part of my stomach. It you can feel that is quite bumpy. But on the sides and on the top.
Its really quite soft. So yeah. I hope that was informative let me know if you guys try it i hope you guys enjoyed this video.
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mederma stretch marks therapy cream-3
mederma stretch marks therapy cream-3

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