Smith \u0026 Cult Dark Like Me Nailed Laquer

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Guys thanks for coming back to my channel. My name is lauren and my channel channel is lord lays it i recently opened a beauty lunch 2017 lucky bag and mythic cult. Nail polish was in there.
I was not super. Excited. However i did have a lot of viewers that wanted to see what it looked like so i didnt test patch.
This is on a bear nail. So and this is one coat. But once i saw it i really kind of like the color and i wanted to see what it looked like all the way through so i have applied a base coat and the base coat is a formula axe from sephora lets go flying.
This is an aubergine color. According to the stephen holt website. And ive already done one coat with no base.
Oh. My thumb lets get started on rush conditions. Here.
Its a really interesting formula because its. Although its supposed to be opaque. Its not i guess what people would call it creme.
Its almost more like a jelly kind of consistency.

smith and cult dark like me-0
smith and cult dark like me-0

Theres one coat here. And whats kind of great about to polish that you can keep manipulating. It the first coat without having any kind of sticky streaking or punching.
Lets get a spigot right here. Oh well they will say is that the brush is great. But the applicator is not good.
And that the cap is so huge and so heavy. Then it doesnt give you a lot of dexterity to work really hard and im getting a lot of mess of my cuticles that being said. This is not a nail art shale.
This is just a beauty enthusiast channel. So dont expect perfection or i guess nail technician proficiency for me. But if youre a novice like i am then this may be helpful.
So i can already see here that its a little bit streaky and actually its kind of moving to the end of my finger hands as i move my hand so again maybe user error. But its a beautiful color. Though it is a nice deep over gene and i almost like the sheer effect.
It has if i was proficient enough to get drawn. And there that was you know perceptible all right pink you time okay this is so awkward with this giant cap alright here is the first attempt we obviously need at least another coat so lets give it a few minutes and well come back on the strap hey guys. Its been about 20 minutes.
And i believe the first layer is dry and why most press it up with this polish.

smith and cult dark like me-1
smith and cult dark like me-1

So far is that the first ride down. Its really fast and really complete. I could go ahead and throw this nail up so little bit tacky so i didnt see a little bit.
But i mean i live and im pretty thick. And its really dry really quickly so tiger layer number 2. Well.
Ill remember that thumb had no base on it. Its hard to see how that goes music. Yeah.
Im not worrying about getting stuff on my skin. That is what makes my thats right that is what now watch rivers. War and order shower.
Find that next time you take a shower. No problem when its under skin. So this looks pretty opaque if not super smooth.
I do look at brush. It fans out really well and the formulation is great yeah look at that i think. Its a two and done and lay it on pretty thick because i have no patience and frankly nail polish requires three coats.
Its probably not for me so i always try to get it done and this is so pretty.

smith and cult dark like me-2
smith and cult dark like me-2

Its kind of like a mixed quit true run for plenty knocks what and in true bloggers fashion. I have gotten some sort of buffy this video. But you know as a charm.
All right this is code number two and i think this might be our final coat guys lets see how it drives down and well be back in a few minutes. Hey guys. Its been about ten minutes.
And i think that my second coat is dry yeah. Its actually drive so its time to throw the top coat and im using such feet. Which is a quick write top coat.
There have been some small like textual issues because frankly too impatient this around my let me apologize. But hopefully. The top couple take care of that this is my favorite thread top coat.
But im really interested to see what you guys have lets see i have figure mark over there go on and then i had a big nick on my thumb alright see you in the skies hey guys the section is dry and i am really surprised about how much i enjoy this nail polish. Again. This is a semitic cult and dark.
Like me. That i received in my 2017 beauty. Alishan unboxing and this is going to be three coder.
But its a two coder in addition this is not a creme. But it is a flat polish and that it doesnt any sparkle in it i hope you guys enjoy it and i know im gonna be wearing it a ton of season thanks so much for watching music you music. .

smith and cult dark like me-3
smith and cult dark like me-3

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