Socioemotional Selectivity Theory

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Driving motivations in life instead of remaining constant change. Hugely over time and in ways ways that dont quite fit maslows classic hierarchy and young adulthood. People seek life of growth and self fulfillment.
Just as maslow suggested growing up involves opening outwards. We seek out new experiences. Wider social connections and ways of putting our stamp on the world.
When people reach the latter half of adulthood. However their priorities change markedly. Most reduce the amount of time and effort they spend pursuing achievement and social networks.
They narrow in giving the choice young people prefer meeting new people to spending time with say a sibling old people before they opposite studies find that as people grow older they interact with fewer people and concentrate more on spending time with family and established friends. They focus on being rather than doing and on the present instead of the future music can you say your name and how old you are im haley and im five. Im eve adelson and i am 19 years old my name is allison and im 43 years old.
Im a bush hat guy at 18 years old my name is monica hill. I am 77. Im danny and im 18 years old.
My name is lily colin of 18 years old. Im 10 years old. My name is matt fetter and im 18 years old hey hi.
Im francis and im fine. I am 45. What do you live for what excites you the most such a broad question.
I live for learning new things spending time spending. Time with friends and also making. Friends enjoying just like the little things in life.
Oh goody um. First and foremost. I live for my family probably.
Seeing my kids happy and succeed. I love nice weather being outside and laughing with friends and family. I guess i live for like opportunities striving to be happy family and good books.
I dont know finding a certain purpose in life. And i guess i live for having a fun time with my friends and having fun time with my family skiing. Its no worrying basically i live simply so others can simply live what excites you the most in your life.
What excites me quiet okay. I think whats most exciting for me is trying new foods and visiting new places. I think its fun to watch my kids grow up and start to develop and try new things like one kids doing swim team.

according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-0
according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-0

Its gonna fun to watch her progress and see how much better she gets it a sport. What are three things are looking forward to in the next year. Im looking forward to rush like just the next semester of high school or college.
Where like a lot of things will change. I dont really look forward to things to be honest today in safety patrol and get attendance city council. I excited to graduate college.
Im excited to find a job. I know i think im still in a very formative time of my life. So i have a lot of potential for growth in a lot of areas of my life.
Which is very exciting still have you know a lot of interest. I can explore get a degree in something that i am interested in and follow my passion. Im excited to stop working to educate my children and then to travel the world.
Okay my business is starting to settle in and grow. So thatll be fun to see what a summer is like what in the past week has made me most excited um. I went to a trivia night at a bar with my friends.
The miniature horses visited with a good friend that made me really excited i found out that i got an a in one of my classes. What i made you most upset in the past week. Me and i neared me your sister yelling at you finals.
I have a family member who is struggling with addiction people stealing stuff from my room in my job. All right why because its really a waste of time at this point. Okay.
Oh boy. Didnt text me back. Describe.
The three emotions. You experience. Most often um.
I experience anxiety a lot i experience like contentment jealous t. Overwhelmed like furious sometimes accomplished curiosity and thats for the emotion happy and yes frustration anticipation lots of laughter with my little grandchildren. The little ones they are very funny overtired happiness.
Excited mad happiness um joy those are two different things. And id say a little bit of sadness. Happy oh hmm excited thats one two hes happy and emotion.
I feel like god as well and then three is just kind of like a little bit unsure comes with the territory annoyed the gratitude gratitude for a normal day frustration happiness anger. If you could have dinner with any person who would it be oh ellen degeneres nadia comaneci jon meacham who is fascinating writer and historian. Probably one of my friends well lets see the goal should be fun.

according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-1
according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-1

And then thats baker mayfield. Probably. President pr val.
Probably my kids and husband my grandma okay. And if this were your last meal would you answer change. I dont think so my family.
But if it was my last meal. It would be with family members well then i would probably want to be with my family. What i say there were death what three words come to mind and dark and closure sadness tragedies legacy peace gratitude and a smile how comfortable would you say that you feel with the idea of your own mortality music pretty comfortable actually perfectly fine why because it is an inevitability and i have good and life insurance.
That will make everybody to take care of it i really honestly dont care right. I mean obviously. It scares.
Me id like to say that im like comfortable with the fact that i am going to die. But the process of dying. Its a little bit scary.
It makes me feel like every day counts and every minute counts. And everything im very comfortable with it because at 77. Youd have to be very dim not to face the fact that your mortality your death is not imminent.
But the odds are against you it makes me sad to think that i wont get to enjoy the things today enjoying my family and whoever will be sad when i die. But yeah. Its the way of all things do you feel scared no you arent scared like in the moment.
Now. I dont really think about death because im so young. And theres not really much for me to think about regarding it and i dont really plan my life on that i kind of play in my life now for the future but in the end like say.
Im like 80 whatever and i look back on my life like if i made an impact on my world and like enjoyed my life overall. I think that i wouldnt be so scared of like it being over. But at the same time.
I would be i dont like it. Im not gonna live death is like my biggest fear partially because oh mainly because like i dont know what happens after being im not very like religious or spiritual in any way. So.
The fact that like life can just end. And like me being here might have zero purposely scares. The crap out of me how would your priorities change.
If you knew you only had three weeks to live um. I would not write any of these papers hmm. Thats interesting.

according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-2
according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-2

So we talk about this a lot in its like political science. Type of seminar that ive had and its kind of about like these intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. And i think if there are only three weeks left then it kind of gets to the point.
Where youre going to be focus on those intrinsic things and while i dont feel like its bad to be extra. Sickly motivated and like ill knit like a lot of my motivations are like extrinsic and gotta like keep you progressing in life which i always think its a good thing. But ultimately like what is most fulfilling will be like those intrinsic things.
So like i dont be like you know like spending time with you know the people love my traffic nearly. I mean if i had three weeks to live. I wouldnt worry about the kids doing their day to day stuff.
And i would just make sure that we had time together. I would like do things that i know would make me happy in the moment versus like things that would make me happy in the long run. I probably drop out of school because theres not really a point of me staying in school if im gonna die in three weeks because im going to school to like do well after that yeah we just stop worrying about things that dont really matter and focus on my family and my friends and my relationships.
And what do you think stopping you from doing that now. I guess just the pressure like alive and being a student. Just being so goal oriented that you cant focus on what happy three weeks left might as well just like do some things that you wouldnt necessarily do if you know you have to consider again like the mortality or whatever like direction your life is going yet if i only had three weeks.
I would go to scotland with all of my family and we go to the places. Where my little grandson could see the bluenose dolphins and i could show my grandchildren. All the places that i enjoyed as a child and it probably rain so wed have wellington boots and raincoats.
But it wouldnt make any difference and also you know like tell you taking some more risk because you know like i mean. Its good like well it definitely like quit school and just if i if i was able to definitely travel the world so why right now do you think yourself uh pissed on school because its kind of like a step to being successful and just like doing what you like as like a job for when you graduate. So like if i knew that i only had three weeks to live like preparing for the future like wouldnt be necessary.
If you were to offer one piece of advice to someone younger than you what would it be live in the moment. I guess dont get caught up in the little things that dont matter in the long run so like be open to everything make sure youre always laughing. Know the reasons like why youre doing things and make sure that be yourself dont take everything so seriously and go do something interesting dont do something for money do what makes you happy not what you think will make other people happy.
Im stay true to yourself not to take yourself too seriously maybe. Thats advice. I would give my inner self to live each day as a gift.
I mean that more sincerely if you dont enjoy the present. The future and the past are not as precious as they could be music how we seek to spend our time may depend on how much time we perceive ourselves to have when you are young and healthy you believe you will live forever you do not worry about losing your capabilities. People will tell you the world is your oyster.
The sky is the limit and so on and youre willing to delay gratification to invest years for example in gaining skills and resources for a brighter future you seek to plug into bigger streams of knowledge and information you widen your networks of friends and connections instead of hanging out with your mother. When horizons are measured in decades. Which might as well be infinity to human beings.
You most desire all that stuff at the top of maslows pyramid achievement. Creativity and other attributes of self actualization. But as your horizons contract when you see the future ahead of you as finite and uncertain your focus shifts to the here and now to everyday pleasures and the people closest to you music.

according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-3
according to socioemotional selectivity theory, who is likely to be happiest?-3

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