SoulCalibur VI – How to Get Soul Points / Modes and Activities that reward them!

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Folks and im on here and im back doing guides again imm gonna be doing some on soul calibur. 6. So first up i just wanted go over the basics on how to get some of those soul points.
You can see here in the bottom corner. Ive got 650 at the moment. And it is a little bit vague on how you actually get them so im gonna lay it out for you exactly how to get these points.
And what moves and what i guess activities you can do to actually build up some of these points. I think go and purchase some items in the museum. Or what maybe with some character creation bits and pieces as well so first up and by far.
The best way to get some point. And its a one time strategy is to complete the main story in the story soul. Chronicle so youre gonna get 2000.
Points by getting to the end and defeating the last boss here so that is nothing to i guess a shrug off because that is quite a hefty chunk of soul points.

soul calibur 6 how to get sp-0
soul calibur 6 how to get sp-0

So after youve actually done this main story you can then start jumping down to these side stories with the other or all of the characters in the game. There are 19 of these you can go through youre gonna get 200 soul points for doing each of these so if we calculate that 19 stories at 200 soul. Points each is gonna net you around what exactly 3800.
Soul points total so from these modes. I guess from this. Mode in.
General youre gonna get a total of 5800. Soul points. Which is a really big chunk.
If you just take the time to go through this mode. Okay. So once youve got that bit out of the way.
You can jump into the arcade mode.

soul calibur 6 how to get sp-1
soul calibur 6 how to get sp-1

Under battle. So. This is just a quick and easy.
One. If you complete it on easy. Youre gonna get 50 points.
On normal youll get a hundred on hard youll get 150 and then a very hard youre gonna get 200 points of their soul points. Now these can be affected also by the time you get through and you can see theres the gold and silver and bronze medals also which are gonna affect the amount of points. Youre going to get not much else to say on that so lets just move on just a quick.
One here. If you go into network mode. And then ranked match.
Youre actually going to get fifty of the soul points.

soul calibur 6 how to get sp-2
soul calibur 6 how to get sp-2

If you participate in a battle you can win you can lose. But as long as you make it to the end of the battle you get 50 of those soul points. You can see here.
I actually lost this person. Who was actually a pretty good player they beat me three to two with an inch of health left. And ive got 50 points out of that finally we have the mission mode lever of souls now if you make your way to darker youre going to be able to go to the currency exchange and this is where you can exchange five thousand gold pieces for one hundred salt points.
I dont know if this is really that great a i guess transfer. But if you are at the end of this mission mode. Im sure that youre gonna have a ton of gold and its gonna be pretty easy to just transfer it over alternatively.
If you are so far in the game. That you dont have any use for soul points at all you can actually exchange your soul points for gold for this mode. Im not too sure ive actually played through a whole of this mission mode.
But it might be useful to do this later on down the track.

soul calibur 6 how to get sp-3
soul calibur 6 how to get sp-3

But you have the option to do it nonetheless and then once youve got enough soul points. You can come into the museum. I made the gallery here and you can purchase some of these art galleries for each of the previous soul calibur or saw blade games.
There are a bunch of other things such as law encyclopedias and documents and literature you can purchase as well if you want to get a bit more of the background story. But thats what you can do with it nonetheless. Im really excited to be playing this.
Game i have been streaming on my twitch channel at twitchtv slash animated media. So through following me there if you want to see some gameplay of this or destiny or final fantasy games as well. But i want to see if you have any other i guess methods for getting those soft points do pop them in the comments below otherwise like and subscribe for more videos.
Im adam anna. I hope you enjoy the rest your day morning evening or night. Wherever youre on the world.
And ill catch you next time have a good one .

soul calibur 6 how to get sp-4
soul calibur 6 how to get sp-4

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