Starbucks Matte Black Tumblr Craze

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Guys welcome back to my channel. Im desiree and you are watching does the the fashion tv. So today were gonna be talking about this lovely black map cup.
I have a story for you. But if you are wondering where i got it my friend found out a random target. So my number one thing that i know you probably not from this video is where to get it so just go to a random store that you think no one else is going to and go there me and my friend gianna.
We saw this exact cup at starbucks by our school and we hear like hmm should we get it are we going to get it no well just put it on our christmas. Wish list and then well get it for christmas. We did that didnt get it for christmas.
You know why because it was sold out it is from the christmas doll collection. So its not going to be here year round. So whatevers left in stores is what youre going to get or you can get it on ebay.
Right now.

matte black starbucks cold cup-0
matte black starbucks cold cup-0

The price has gone down to 40 for this cup. And this club is 1695 in the usa in 1895 in canada. When i was looking on ebay.
This thing was a bunch of dollars 300. It was super super expensive and the fact that its 40 now i still wouldnt buy it for 1 but at least it went down to four different locations. My friend was going to her school in gainesville so she checked there cuz.
I asked her for it for christmas like her family couldnt find in gainesville. Then she went to las vegas for new years shes like theres three starbucks in this hotel. Ill check for you she checked them did she find this cup.
No she did not find this cup. So i was like let me call my big in georgia. Ask my big in georgia.
She checked like two starbucks and they had this cup.

matte black starbucks cold cup-1
matte black starbucks cold cup-1

No they have the one with the design all over and then the map black lid. And i was really this close to buying it but i didnt so i got the gold one i was desperate so desperate times calls for desperate shopping. I asked my friend in tampa latonya.
You guys remember tonya she saw the matte black mug were you didnt like the hot cup and then i almost thought about what i didnt like ven would had the money everything. But then i changed my mind. I was like no i really dont need it i had my heart set on this one and i know this is a lot to say about a cup.
But its just like look how beautiful it is i would say that we need to touch it like i wouldnt have like greasy fingers or anything even like your natural oils from your body can leave a print. But its why he told me when she lost hers it became completely clean. So netanya was at target with her friend and she was not using that target for herself.
So she was just standing near the checkout line and she glanced over at starbucks. Because you know theres starbucks inside target. And there happened to be three cups.
Its like three of us three like me netanya and gianna were all obsessed over this cup.

matte black starbucks cold cup-2
matte black starbucks cold cup-2

So it was like fake. God was like here are three cups for one two and three of you so netanya ran over there i wasnt there. But she calls me screaming.
I was screaming with her like oh psychos uniting. So she ran over there got the three cups. She was like i was holding it like a crazy person.
I was like i love you so much for that like only true friends are willing to look crazy for you you know what i mean so she got three cups and then she asked me like oh is this for sale and then the ladys like yeah. I guess. The lady didnt realize how big of a deal.
It was because weve been searching all over for this like multiple states months like i worked on you look gianna look. We couldnt find it and were not going to pay a hundred dollars on ebay and i looked on youtube. I couldnt find anything i saw one lady talk about it.
But no its hani looks like these articles she couldnt find anything on it even looked on the starbucks website.

matte black starbucks cold cup-3
matte black starbucks cold cup-3

We couldnt add it to the body because it was sold out so im pretty sure. This is such a popular cook that i would probably back next year. And i didnt think that it was part of like the doll collection.
I dont know i just i thought it was a regular think of just black. So that is my story on this cup. And it is a venti size and i would definitely suggest you guys to get it if you could ive never been this crazy about a cup.
But its its its just worth it and its fashionable. So i had to make a video about it. So i hope you guys enjoyed.
My crazy story and my face oh. If you liked it you want more you can share this video subscribe. Do whatever you want thank you guys so.
Much for watching. And good day bye. One is canned dog food or chocolate pudding take it slow.

matte black starbucks cold cup-4
matte black starbucks cold cup-4

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