Summer Infant Bath Shower Review – Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center \u0026 Shower Bathtub Review

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Here is the summer newborn to toddler bath center and shower. Like all my reviews. Reviews.
Ill tell you both what i like and dont like about it of all the main selling point of this tub is that it can be used from infancy to toddler years with four different stages. One of the things i liked that i could keep using it as my child is growing the first stage is that you can put this sling in your sink for your very young baby and sponge bath or use the shower portion. However we never used it for the infancy stage.
Because as you can see it doesnt fit in our sink. And we didnt really feel safe putting it on the bathroom counter since the sling is actually at a slant when we did they threads and infant. We just put paddles on the bathroom counter.
And gave sponge baths.

summer infant baby bath tub-0
summer infant baby bath tub-0

Until we felt. She was vacant. Oh dear in stage.
Two the back leg fits easily into thats one third time and then this is really cool your toddler tub fits easily into your regular bathtub like this so we would just fill the tub to a certain amount and then you can either sponge bath or you can use this portable shower head unit that comes with it and its really nice because you can actually drain. It right over here. Its really easy and then the water would drain out right into the bathtub.
Let me tell you a little bit about the shower unit. It can snap right into the tub. Like this it takes actually six double a batteries which are not included they go inside right here.
The tank is pretty small since its made to fit in the tub.

summer infant baby bath tub-1
summer infant baby bath tub-1

So as you can see it doesnt hold that much water. We usually would have to refill it about three to four times in the course of her bath. Also the shower cord would tangle a little sometimes and make it harder to stretch to its maximum weight.
And my daughter constantly grabbed at it and wanted to hold it herself which im sure you can imagine get everything wet in the bathroom including getting be soaked. They also say you can use the showerhead at stage 1. However i would not recommend that if the water can come out with a bit too much pressure for an infant in my opinion.
We actually stayed in the stage until this leg stretched out it was very taut at first and then its stretched does she got bigger and we didnt want to risk. It snapping and break any to see its really stretchy so if youre planning to have a second child its very possible that the infant insert might not hold up for two children after the sling stretched out we move to stage. 3.
Which is just the tub the shower unit and no sling.

summer infant baby bath tub-2
summer infant baby bath tub-2

It was really convenient because we didnt have to worry about her being in the big tub. And it was just the perfect size for her as our daughter grew a little longer. The shower unit couldnt fit with her in the tub.
So we took it out and we just used a little cup or these cute little whales to rinse her the whales actually dont come with the tub and separate separate brands. Ill put a link in the description below in case youre interested ok then when your toddler outgrows this tub and can fit easily in your adult tub. Then you can just use the shower portion.
Which is stage. Four. We never actually did use just the shower portion alone no because our daughter.
But just continually grabbed at it it was really more trouble than it was worth.

summer infant baby bath tub-3
summer infant baby bath tub-3

It also doesnt float upright in the water so it would keep tipping over and then the dirty bathwater just gets inside it ok so some other things you might like to know about this tub is that the assembly was really easy. It consisted only of attaching the sling and attaching the shower unit. Its made in the usa.
If thats important to you the plastic is also bpa brainy. They recommend your baby be at least 5 pounds and not to use it over 30 pounds. However youll likely find that when your child gets to be more around 23 pounds.
He or she will probably be too big for it already so that was our experience with this tub in the course of time that we used it thank you for joining us for another one of our videos. Let me know in the comments below. What bathtub you end up getting and if you have this one.
How you feel about it hope to see you again next time bye music. .

summer infant baby bath tub-4
summer infant baby bath tub-4

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