Sunshine of Your Love – How to Play on Guitar – Eric Clapton – Cream – Blues Rock

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Hey. Whats up you guys marty schwartz here and i am stoked to be be teaching you guys right now and to teach you an iconic riff song licks whole thing and its so fun to play so anyway well zoom in and well do all that but real quick just want to thank you guys for the support and also thank you for subscribing to this channel. And leaving comments and liking the video and all that stuff thats greatly appreciated.
But enough of that lets zoom in and start breaking this one down here we go alright. So this song is kind of a blues indie kind of vibe. But turned into 60 psychedelic rock.
And what i mean by that is its kind of outlining. The blue scale indie. The main riff of the tune.
So theres variations to it it starts this way you know we got the root. Here the d note on the 10th fret and if we kind of thought of the our minor pentatonic scale. 1013 1012 1012 1012 1013 1013 like that and so basically the in the beginning.
The riff starts like this on the d string. 12. With the ring finger.
And 10 with the index like that and theres a lot more overdrive that im playing right now. Im playing it clean. So you can hear it you know you could crank an amp up with some distortion and whatnot like i did in the beginning.
The intro but now were clean just to learn it then im going to roll my finger over to the 12th fret of the a string and go. 12 11. 10.

how to play sunshine of your love-0
how to play sunshine of your love-0

And you could use your ring finger to go down. Im im doing that. But it might be easier for a beginner to use a ring finger.
So 12 11. 10. Then were going to play 10.
On the low e. Then 8. On the a then back to 10 on the e.
Thats the nice starting point one more time slow so then from there you could take a fold power chord and that would be you know looks like an e shape. And im barred on the 10th fret. So 10 12 12.
11. 10. 10.
And then you could play that whole thing with a lot of overdrive 10. 10. 10.
With the whole chord. Then that same look here. But then hes going like this.

how to play sunshine of your love-1
how to play sunshine of your love-1

Which is a the 12th fret on the g and b. Then im hitting the 10th fret of the g and b. And im actually kind of nudging it upward for my vibrato hmm.
Its its not a full half step then. But its its kind of nudging up in that direction. So you could actually just hit the g by itself on that tenth fret.
So from the top thats the main riff over here so just like in the blues. Because whats called the four chord. Which now is a g power chord and well play that with the tenth on the a and the twelve on the d.
And we just play the little riff right there so ten and twelve then a whole step down and back just like this instead now. Its between the 10 and the 8 and then the riff same but scoot it over so now. Its on the d string.
Then ten on the a eight the d back to ted on the a so now we need the next section. Which is now the turnaround of the blues. Which would be the five chord now were a plane a but were gonna play a power chord so itd be five seven and then im going to double up on the root right here on the seven of the d.
And so the first chord is a power chord root is on the fifth then i go to a c power cord. But root is on the eighth then i go to g. Where root is on the third so five five three five five eight three five five five alright.
There was thanks again for spending a little time learning this tune also please subscribe to this channel. I really appreciate that and if there is a lesson youd like to see me do song requests technique anything like that go ahead and like this video and leave it in the comments and i will check it out i promise thanks again and cant wait to see you in another lesson. Real soon.
See you later you .

how to play sunshine of your love-2
how to play sunshine of your love-2

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