Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Pregnant Women

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Joke. I am starving i literally get hungry every two hours every two hours and and i dont eat like a little etb snack. I eat a full on and its kind of scary hey guys welcome back to my channel as you guys know from the title of this video.
Its going to be in what is it gonna be its gonna be a ton alices let me tell you that right now is gonna be a ton of outfits. A back to backs of x of x bag. So if youre like me.
And you know huh be friends or parents or in laws. Theyre telling you hey you know lets go out to this one party. Do you want to look cute you want to look nice.
But nothing fits you properly because of the bum. This video is going to help you get some ideas because since i got pregnant. Its been so hard for me to find an outfit to go out to feel good in and you know just to feel like myself.
Because im carrying like an extra little human with me. And i love lounging around and just going out just like this literally like sweaters and like pregnancy pants and all this type of stuff so im pretty sure if youre pregnant. Were on the same boat.
So if you guys want some cute fun ideas for how to dress up the bump this fall then please keep watching so this is one of my favorite dresses. Its so comfortable. Its a black midi dress from pretty little thing.
And its very stretchy its not like for pregnancy. But its the material is so comfortable that youre able to wear it during pregnancy. Im wearing a size 8.
And i have this flannel on its super cozy and comfortable. And you know during the full time winter time.

thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-0
thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-0

If youre living in the area where its very windy. Very cold you definitely want to keep warm. I just tied it up as a cropped style.
But you dont need to do that you can definitely wear it uncropped. If youre not a fan of the cropped style and it works just as well this outfit is nice and casual you can definitely dress it up or you can dress it down. Im going to show you how you can dress this dress up right over here.
Here. It is and as you guys see just throwing on some heels and wearing a nice cute you know dressy cropped button up it definitely dresses this outfit up. Im gonna be pairing all my outfits with this black stiletto.
Heel and my black choker. My black choker. I got from forever.
21. A long time ago and i dont even know how much that was but yeah i got it from forever. 21.
And then my heels. I got it from i want to say fashion nova and you guys can definitely wear this for the holiday season. You can definitely wear it for a little cocktail party and you know you can still look cute.
During your pregnancy. And this is also an up close of the choker. Its very cute and just very elegant this next outfit is really cute as well i love it i mean all my outfits are gonna be cute in my opinion.
But this gesture i got from downtown la and this dress. Im wearing is from wish.

thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-1
thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-1

I believe i dont know i used to shop out wish a lot and it is a little too tight for me. But you can definitely wear this out if youre going out on a little dinner date romantic little date with your hubby. Significant other.
And you want to kind of you know dress it up in a little sexy way you can definitely wear like a sexy truss and then throw a little duster over it and bam. Nobody has to know what youre wearing under there. Except for your boo.
So this next. One right here. I believe i also got this from wish and i never really wore this outfit this dress before because it really didnt fit me as comfortably.
It was a little too flowy. But during my pregnancy. I love it its so fun and you know so fierce and i think its perfect for the holidays as well it has a nice sexy little slit.
So you can definitely show off those legs and this next outfit. I love these pants because there are maternity pants and if youre pregnant like me you know you love maternity pants as well theyre just super comfortable this one is from motherhood. Im wearing a size medium and then this top as well is so comfortable the material.
Its like youre wearing. Nothing the top is from pretty little thing. Im wearing a size six in the top and i love the color.
I love the whole feel and this whole outfit again as you guys can see ive paired it with the black choker and im also wearing the black stiletto heel and i just wanted to show you guys the material of this shirt. Its so soft like so so soft. Its as if youre wearing nothing and if youre pregnant.
Then thats how you want to feel majority of the time as i can wearing nothing. And i like that it has a little button so it secures it so it doesnt open up and expose your pregnancy pants.

thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-2
thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-2

If thats what youre wearing with this and its just such a very beautiful outfit for me this next outfit. I love just as well and i love wearing stuff like this during the daytime. Because its super dressy super casual at the same time i think if you put heels on anything itll just make that outfit dressy this top is not a maternity top.
I actually purchased it from francescas its in a size medium. I believe and i love how long it is it just you know covers everything and its very comfortable its very flowy and its spacious and i really love the navy blue. I believe it is navy blue right with the gold detail it just looks so elegant and classy and its perfect during your pregnancy time because it literally feels like youre wearing nothing and then this last outfit is a very nice comfortable stretchy maxi dress.
It has a nice little slit. I paired it with a jean jacket and a necklace just to kind of dress it up a little bit and then for my heels. Im wearing.
These steve madden dude like slip ons. Theyre super comfortable they were actually a bit pricey. But theyre super comfortable.
And id recommend them to everybody so if youre pregnant and you cant do heels. You can definitely do these so whatd you guys think of all of those ideas. I hope you guys have found some inspiration and kind of felt like you got an idea of how you can kind of dress up and just feel good about yourself.
Throughout your pregnancy. Especially during the fall and winter seasons. Because there is a lot a lot a lot of parties.
And yeah. I hope you guys. Enjoyed watching a thumbs up a forum or pregnancy content.
Dont forget to comment down below and subscribe and ill see you guys next time applause applause. .

thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-3
thanksgiving clothes for baby girl-3

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