The American team meets with the media after winning the 2016 Ryder Cup

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United states ryder cup team gentlemen thank you for your time and for being with with us here today. Im going to begin by asking united states captain davis. The third to perhaps describe his emotions and his thoughts on the day that was in the totality of this team effort and victory thatll take a while well.
Im extremely proud of this team they put their heart and soul into this win they keep thanking me and congratulating me. But i congratulate them theres a lot of pressure on these guys over the last couple years. We obviously a few people in this room have brought it up.
We havent had a good run lately and im thrilled for them that they got the win proud of the way they competed all week. Im proud of their attitude. But mostly proud of the way they came together as a family supported each other you know we had some interesting things happen this week started off with the death of arnold palmer.
Which you know cast a kind of a dim start to the week and then we bounced back from that because we were all together and then now get to celebrate him in coon now were all together again coaching. Yeah hey good thanks for joining us couch. Thank you so sum it up.
Im tremendously. Proud of their effort. The way they competed in the way they hung together.
They this team has been questioned and beat up for a long time. And im proud of the way they came together and the way they played and the way they represented their country all right lets open the floor for questions obviously please direct your question to a specific player. A person.
And lets begin straight ahead. Number two this is for phil right what did you think of captain loves leadership style. We had a great week this week.

who is on the ryder cup team 2016-0
who is on the ryder cup team 2016-0

And wow you got a lot of fun in team and we played some break off and were really excited to one all right lets go to on the far right number. Three please a question for brooks koepka. Brooks.
Your first ryder cup you go three and one in your first run. What would you remember when you take away from this week. And how do you feel about how you play overall this week.
Its been an unbelievable experience. I mean to come in here as a rookie to go in the team room thanks jimmy. Its its been unreal.
I mean i didnt know what to expect. But its it really has been unbelievable everything thats going on between the team room to get to know these guys that much better. Its it surpassed everything i ever ever thought it would and its been fun you know to team up with dj team up with brandt.
Its its been incredible. And its been an awesome week. Lets go on my right to number one.
Please yeah my question is for patrick reed patrick. Obviously you had a tremendous three days. Tell me about do you feel like you were made for this event.
I mean no hes not made for this at all he hates it guys just kind of one of those things that anytime. I can wear the red white and blue and you know play for our country. And it happens to be matched play it just kind of all just fits in and anytime.

who is on the ryder cup team 2016-1
who is on the ryder cup team 2016-1

I can feel like im going one on one against somebody something i love to do straight. Ahead. One please also for patrick just talk about the back and forth today with already the emotion that you guys expended and maybe how its been there maybe both you ran out of gas.
A little bit. But managed to kind of old it together logos. I dont know if id really say we ran out of gas.
We just played normal golf. We he birdie 3 ie eagled 5. He birdied five we both birdied 6.
We both were need 7. We both birdied 8. So yeah well i mean after that was a bunch of par.
So really one say we ran out of gas. But you know me its kind of all those things that with going back and forth. We knew how important that first point was you know i i did not want to let my team down by awesome having a blue score off the first match.
You know i wanted to at least keep it have or win. The point so they could see red. You know try to build some momentum and you know i couldnt send out first like that the last thing.
I wanted to do is go out and lose our match. So uh you know i think he was the same way because he knew he needed that point as well to keep the momentum on their side. And it was just kind of a grind.

who is on the ryder cup team 2016-2
who is on the ryder cup team 2016-2

We were out there grinding giving it all we could and uh you know luckily i was able to make birdie on the last angelo. Its a secure lets go to number two on the far left. Please.
This for phil phil. Over here two years ago. You sat a room.
Very much like this and spoke about what went wrong at the ryder cup that year can you discuss what went right in the two years in the whole process sort of leading up to this victory. I dont know if i can answer directly. But let me say this ive been around these guys for quite every year in the presidents cup and the ryder cup and ive seen a level of greatness in these guys not only they great men.
But theyre great golfers incredible golfers and the environment. They were they were put in today they this week brought out some of their best golf that ive ever seen from them. And its truly a remarkable thing to watch.
And its a fun thing to be a part of a very proud to be a part of this team and to see the level of accomplishment and performance that these guys had this week was just sensational and i believe that we all we made each other proud. But we also hopefully made every american proud straight back number three and then one three please phil alex. My favorite.
I appreciate that phil yeah. I heard patrick talk about the birdies. He made you seem to make a couple today could you talk about your match.
Which sergio and the fact that probably from what we can find its the the best run by anybody in singles ever in history. A ryder cup. We we had a really good match obviously and we played we put some good golf made a bunch of birdies and i know that i birdied five the last seven he buried last four and it was probably a fitting mat a fitting result with a tie even though i wanted the win as long as we won the cup and rita you know and brought this cup back to america thats thats all that really mattered so.

who is on the ryder cup team 2016-3
who is on the ryder cup team 2016-3

But the match itself was really good. But microphone number three please yes. This is for zack as the players were crossing over to commit to the clubhouse you stopped and led the crowd and the i believe we won cheer so i thought id ask you about the support of what appeared to be incredible amounts of people all over this course for the entire team.
What was that like to compete in that arena everywhere you went well. I think you said. It was an arena that sorry an arena that you just dream about i mean.
Thats thats what fuels us. I mean we want everyone on this stage. Wants you know those people outside the rows pushing us.
I mean. Its just its why we practiced this we want that putt. We want that shot and to perform like we did in front of those people just makes this really really special.
I mean this this minutes. These minnesota fans and quite frankly the american fans from all over you know just from day one pushed us. I mean iii know i could tell you these guys up here.
I mean. Its been a long time coming especially for some of us that have played in a few of these and this ones for them. I mean thats thats really why we did what we did and i mean you can see it i mean the emotion is is pretty pretty deep.
I mean i saw remo on 15. I was in 15 and he won his match and i need my second shot yeah and i looked like my three year old daughter you know im his i was a mess. But this just awesome i mean it was just fantastic.

who is on the ryder cup team 2016-4
who is on the ryder cup team 2016-4

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