The Bad Mood \u0026 The Stick | An Adorable Story what makes use Anger, Sad \u0026 Happy

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Hey everyone welcome to the storytime family. I have a very special book for you you here its called the bat mood and stick by lemony snicket art by forsythe now have you ever been in a back room. I know i have maybe more than i should.
But its okay and sometimes we just have bad days sometimes we have good days. But lets try to have more good days than bad days right. Thats always more fun the bad mood and once there was a stick and a bad mood.
The stick was on the ground and the bad mood was with a girl named curly curly had been with a bad mood for two hours since she had seen an ice cream shop. But hadnt got any ice cream this thick had been on the ground since last night when a tree dropped it what kind of sounds do you make when youre in a bad mood. Do you just get really quiet or do you make like sounds.
Like this like oh curly picked up the stick and used it to poke. A brother thats not nice and her mother apologized to napoleon and throw the stick in the bushes. Curly.
Had really enjoyed poking her brother napoleon. So much that a bad mood was gone her mother was carrying now all right. She said.
Which is a bad noise. The stickman say anything even when a raccoon picked it up who knows what the record wanted to do with a stick. But he ran out of bushes and frightened old man named lou holy moly.
Said lou which is what he always said when something shiny happened and his feet that little dance.

how to take the grrrr out of anger-0
how to take the grrrr out of anger-0

And he fell into a puddle curlys mother couldnt help herself and started to laugh her battement was gone. Do you notice how that means always go away. When you laugh.
Yeah laughing always cures everything it does its a magic trick. Lou habit. The sound of all that laughter start up the raccoon and he dropped the stick in the mud look at my dungarees.
Lou said. Which was his bad mood noise. Their muddy awfulness.
The stick. Didnt answer. Lou went straight to the dry cleaners.
A lady named system was head of the establishment with a pencil behind him here take that pencil outta your ears at lou you gotta wash. These countries and wash them quick. Ill stand around here in my underwear until youre done you will do no such thing send mrs.
Turner. This is a family place. But lou already had his dungarees off here you go.
He said.

how to take the grrrr out of anger-1
how to take the grrrr out of anger-1

There are muddy awfulness. Oh said. Mrs.
Toren looking at a done juries and looking at lou and you would think that the bad mood would have moved onto her. I would be in a bed with if i saw dirty clothes in a laundry basket. But it didnt she took one look at lou in his underwear and the bad will flew right out of the window.
You never know what is going to happen see what i mean about laughing. And how it helps everything really does same thing with a stick you would never guess. But some kind of bug made a brightly coloured cocoon on it well look at that said.
Burt and picked it up to look at it better. He took it back to his ice cream shop and put it on display thats unusual. Said curlys mother when he walked by what do you say kids lets all have some ice cream.
Well. Thats sure to bring the good mood back right curly. Have fudge ripple and napoleon had mint choc chip woman.
Chuck sure i could use some of that right now shirleys mother ordered from the layovers. But she changed her mind and had fun triple to my favorites butter pecan. Whats yours this didnt.
Bother burt the bat moon was nowhere around he seems like ice cream and laughing are the two magical things that make batmans go away.

how to take the grrrr out of anger-2
how to take the grrrr out of anger-2

I should try that more often by the time lou arrive with his dungarees all clean and pressed he wanted a double scoop and so did. Mrs. Durham holy moley lucid do i love ice cream mrs.
Sturm smile same here. She said do you love ice cream. I always say i dont really like ice cream.
But when i eat it i remember that i do really like ice cream and three years later they were married the wedding was right there in the park and everyone this book was invited even the raccoon curly and napoleon carried the flowers and it did a great job. You never know what is going to happen by then the bad mood had been all over the world you yourself had it several times. Yes you have but we can all make it go away right all you need is laughing and ice cream.
The stick. However stayed in the ice cream shop. The cocoon had opened a long time ago and burt had helped the bug fly out into the world to beautiful puppet boys.
But a stick he kept right there it put him in a good mood. Um uh huh. The naughty bad mood is lurking in the corner make sure to avoid these.
And that was the bad mood and the stick i love the story make me smile holy meat you smile to leave us a comment let us know what puts you in a good mood. And what puts you in a bad mood and how we can all make it go away thanks for dropping by dont forget to give us a like and subscribe and tap on the notification. Bell for the next story you take care now keep breathing.
Love ya music you music you music. .

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how to take the grrrr out of anger-3

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