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Guys. Its erica erica. Erica sager music welcome back to my channel.
Today is is going to be a pretty quick video. I am so out of breath. I say that in every video.
But this time its off cos of asthma. Its because i just got home from the gym. And i have to walk up a bunch of stairs to my apartment.
So i make sure you matter beth the purpose of this video as you can see about the title is how to wash out a hair mask from your hair specifically oil hair masks a lot of people use like coconut oil shea butter jojoba oil sweet almond oil a bunch of different moisturizing oils to moisturize their hair to repair damaged or whatever. The case is and they dont know how to wash it out properly. And you have to wash.
It like two or three times to actually get it back oh. And you do like that high school musical thing really like calm each other down. But so a lot of people end up having to wash their hair like two or three times before it even comes out.

how to wash coconut oil out of hair-0
how to wash coconut oil out of hair-0

But im gonna share with you how i get it all out in one wash. No matter how much oil or what kinds of oil you use so. If you guys are interested keep watching.
And dont forget to like this video and subscribe before we get started. And yeah. Hope you guys enjoy so.
I currently have a ton of coconut oil in my hair. I slept with it in last night. And then i went to the gym with it and just because the heat that generates from your scalp.
While you exercise is really good for hair like hot oil treatments. It heats up your scalp. And its gonna give you more benefits.
So i decided to leave it in overnight and go to the gym with it so. The first step is going to be buying a cheap conditioner. That you dont mind wasting.

how to wash coconut oil out of hair-1
how to wash coconut oil out of hair-1

Im using the garnier fructis whatever the heck this is triple triple nutrition. Um. And this was 3 at walgreens.
I think its because its on sale. But any cheap conditioner will do the trick and what youre going to do is put this all over your hair root to tip before you get in the shower. So youre going to want a lot and like i said put this all over your hair.
Its gonna feel super weird to put this in especially before you get in the shower. But this smells really good um. But just make sure to put it in especially especially at the roots.
Because thats for some reason. What holds on to all the oil way more than the tips and i dont really know the signs of this however. I think it has something to do its the fact that like oils stick together.
And theres obviously oil and conditioners like fats. I dont know it kind of reminds me of the principle. Where like if you accidentally draw a sharpie on a whiteboard you can use an expo marker like right across it and then erase it and i takes it off thats the only sort of like metaphor.

how to wash coconut oil out of hair-2
how to wash coconut oil out of hair-2

I can think of but this works so i just covered my entire hair. So youre going to get in the shower rinse out the conditioner and whatever oil comes out with it then youre going to shampoo and conditioner as normal and then gage your hair from there if you can feel. Theres theres a little bit more oil maybe make like a co wash still use like a little bit of conditioner.
A little bit of shampoo diy mix it together and then do that root to tip just to get out any excess. But thats good not gonna be extremely necessary so im gonna go get in the shower and get this all the way out so i just got out of the shower and my hair is super super clean i just decided to dry it with a t shirt because to reduce frizz. Id never used like normal toss to dry my hair so i just like t shirt.
Dried it um and thats it so im not gonna put any product and any oils any anything im not even gonna brush. It im just gonna let it dry and ill show you guys what it looks like after so im back there have been many outfit changes in this video. So far.
But my hair is finally dry and it is great oil free feels very soft pretty non frizzy and even without product. My curls are still pretty in a way. But i am going to be uploading a curly hair routine this week.
So be sure to subscribe below and turn on post notifications. So you hear about that dont forget to like this video. And if you have any questions feel free to leave them below.
I am here to help you guys out. And i hope you have a great day thanks for watching guys bye music oh .

how to wash coconut oil out of hair-3
how to wash coconut oil out of hair-3

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