The HEALTHIEST Chocolate To Buy At the Grocery Store – Sugar Free, Paleo, \u0026 More!

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City family. What is up it is art and bobby back at the grocery store store for a video all about chocolate yes all about chocolate from cocoa powder chocolate chocolate snacks chocolate bars chocolate nut butters all that good stuff. I want to guide you to find the best quality chocolate at the grocery store.
So you know exactly what goes into your body before we get into the chocolate and goodness you know the drill like subscribe share. But more importantly theres a bell icon right below the video. Youre gonna want to enable all notifications because the month of january.
We pretty much have videos going live every single day and you want to get a push notification cuz. Were having a great time alright lets start with something kind of basic here. Heres chocolate chips and cocoa powder.
Do you guys know the difference between cocoa oay and cacao. A. Oh.
I dont know if people really notice this. But this is the traditional cocoa here. And its oh a and thats cacao ao.
This stuff is the stuff. I use and this is raw unprocessed cocoa. This is processed cocoa thats been through some treatment.
So its really interesting right. And this also this cocoa here has been alkalized right. It has some alkalinity to it to lower the acid to it this is completely raw.
The cool thing about chocolate in general is that its a fermenting process have you ever seen a rock to cow pod. This is big crazy football looking thing. But they dry out the beans and they actually ferment them then they turn it into chocolate.
But i prefer to use the raw cacao because i want that raw benefit without it going through processing. But i just want you to see the difference between the one where spelled a o and o a you can get this stuff anywhere sometimes costco has a monster bag of this brand knobby toss raw cacao its the best deal ever and i believe its only a seasonal item and this is actually cacao nibs. So when you actually take the cocoa bean and pulverize.
It. This is what you get then you grind these into a chocolate liqueur. Which is like almost like a liquidy paste.
Then you would add sugar or milk to it. But these are really good to make with or just have a snack. Theyre very bitter.
But very delicious so knowing that will come down to chocolate chips right here. Its a really exciting time to buy chocolate chips. Because the world is sugar free chocolate chips in my pen is next level and when we pick up a normal chocolate chip like this theres nothing wrong with it right these are dark chocolate chips.
The problem is theyre always made with cane sugar and thats the kind of sugar. We try to avoid we know cane sugar is not good for us. But it also is really bad if youre in gut bacteria.
We talked about this in the sweetener video cane sugar is the worst sweetener of all if this was sweetened with maple syrup. Even mcgough a nectar would be better something else besides cane sugar. Id be ok with it.
But i wouldnt be as good as i can be because come down here these sugar free chocolate chips from lilys our next level. Delicious you guys so we look at the ingredients. And you see theyre sweetening.
It with non gmo erythritol. They use real vanilla and they use stevia extract and the cool thing about this is that it tastes just like the real deal. The only one i would maybe avoid is the milk chocolate one because something i find in many other sugar free chocolate chips they add natural flavors.
But men if you follow me on the flavs to the instagram. Ive been using the dark chocolate sugar free trips to make my keto pancakes on the weekend. Theyre so good you your boo your kids they wont know the difference.
And its so much better for you if youre not following me on the flavor city instagram head over there daily post. But daily stories. I would make from dinner.
And its really really fun so thats super duper exciting to me so i would look for those chocolate. Chips theyre a little more expensive theyre 699. But without having the sugar thats really important to me now.
Its winter time. We have hot cocos here. The thing with all hot cocoa is just like with the chips.
Theyre gonna have sugar. So we look at this this is a premium brand here i just knows premium because im paying for the glass right. But i look at the ingredients.
First ingredient is cane sugar and theyre also sneaking in some natural flavor here so that kind of bugs me. But its standard process right youre always gonna see every kind of a hot chocolate like that so im actually working on a recipe. Im not done yet for a sugar free keto hot chocolate that is dairy free and its unsweetened raw cacao organic coconut sugar a monk fruit sweetener and some cinnamon im almost there follow me on instagram when im done ill post.
It its fantastic. So these are like the chocolate 101. Basics you really want to know lets go down here real quick.
Because im gonna go to a part of the video. I think youre gonna get really excited about chocolate bars and chocolate snacks lets start here these to me are super. Exciting.
Because theres schools safe. Theres sun buttercups they got rid of peanut butter. But sunflower seed and in case.
Your kid or your school has a no nut policy. These are really cool the thing is right we look at the ingredients here and we see its made with dark chocolate so im really excited its not milk chocolate which i consider candy they do use some powdered sugar which im kind of bummed out about. But how much of the sugar is 12 grams for two servings so to 6 grams per.
Thats just over a teaspoon not terrible the thing is youre very limited when it comes to like nut free treats. So this isnt that bad. But what excites me even more is sugar free chocolates are taking over the grocery store starting with this you guys these are unbelievable these are from evolved.
There are butter cups.

sugar free chocolate chips walmart-0
sugar free chocolate chips walmart-0

These are the ones that have pretty clean ingredients look at this instead of cane sugar. All of a sudden. We have coconut sugar himalayan pink salt not a refined bleached salt.
But this is cool. But if your kido look at these these are called keto cups. And this flavour right here via.
Im the first one to break into this how exciting this hazelnut butter art and i had this the other day art how good was this so good look at the ingredients like this did not exist just a couple years ago. The drill. Some artichoke is for fiber cacao butter monk fruit sweetener mcts this stuff is amazing so you can get them at the store.
You can get them online. Very exciting they also make them in these packages. Which is fantastic also on a reach in to my cart this is not in stores.
This is online only but ive been doing some instagram promotion with this company. This is nirvana theyre the only company that makes keto sugar free chocolate truffles. Each truffle has one net carb here.
And its sweetened with a low lows and erythritol and stevia next level ingredients. And theres nootropics in there. Too.
Ill put a link down below this stuff is fantastic the peanut butter truffles are next level thats online. Only and then lilys also has sugar free dark chocolate just be careful because sometimes when you get to the flavored varieties here like this is salted caramel milk chocolate they sneak in natural flavors and the sure enough there it is right there. So you got to be careful.
And then dont be fooled by brand images on the front cover a lot of people like to think. This is a premium company because they make the premium peanut butter. The thing is just like their peanut butter.
They use palm oil. So lets see where the ingredients are here. The peanut butter.
They have cane sugar here. And lets see right there. Thank you art palm oil.
So they use palm oil with their peanut butter. So i wouldnt get that i would just get the either. The coconut sugar and the keto cups and then theres a documentary on netflix called a rotten never whole episode about chocolate most of the chocolate from the world comes from africa or south america.
But to countries in africa. I think. It was ivory coast and whatever is right next to it they use a lot of slave labor in the chocolate industry and these guys are slave labor free chocolate just watch the documentary.
Its crazy. But when you buy chocolate you really want to my dark chocolate because i consider milk chocolate to be pretty much candy alright thats it for here lets wrap up the video with chocolate flavored peanut butter spreader like nutella and chocolate cookies all right for all of my nutella fans out there the bad news is nutella is not something i would eat. Its made with palm oil and tons of refined sugar and theres really no chocolate nut spreads on the market.
Except. The one that is bobby approved. We come down here and this company is next level.
Its nuts oh and they make a chocolate. Powerful fuel first of all look at the nuts. Theyre using here in the seeds to chia flaxseed.
Hazelnut and what i love about it if we look at the chocolate. See theyre using coconut sugar and then the rest of the ingredients are clean and theyre using celtic sea salt one of my favorite unrefined salts this is as close as you can get to hazelnut spread. Or nutella.
Theres another one here that looks fancy right. Its called no cheer laughs yeah and youre like oh. Its organic.
Im gonna get it guys organic doesnt necessarily mean anything look at the ingredients first ingredients cane sugar. Then we have sunflower oil while sunflower oil is better than palm oil. Its still highly processed and highly refined.
Not something. I would want i would look for that uh nuts. Oh.
I wish they had the big version at costco. Like they do for the power fuel thatd be amazing and then all right lets switch around here the wall of chocolate chip cookies is almost impossible because either they use bad oil too many refined sugars. Theres really only one i can see here and its this brand.
So this brand is very high quality. Its from out of chicago. These are chocolate chip cookies and what i love about it is that its made with a nut and seed blend and theyre using coconut sugar.
So its paleo and coconut oil. So look at the rest of the ingredients. All fantastic and the thing is heres my problem you have to read the label cause the double chocolate crunch.
Cookie instead of using coconut oil. Theyre now using palm shortening asterisks responsibly sustainably sourced dont be fooled by that you guys organic palm sugar is like having organic canola oil its still highly processed in however. Youre fine so its honestly one of the only cookie ii.
Find here is this chocolate one that uses good quality ingredients. No wheat. No grains and a good fat and a good sugar.
So thats it you guys i make a video about chocolate because theres a lot of options. But eating healthy doesnt mean eliminating chocolate. Its about eating the right chocolate.
And the options now our next level this stuff did not exist sometimes five years ago or back in my childhood. Forget about it it was hersheys bars and thats it all right. What video to make next leave.
A comment down below. These videos are all about you guys like subscribe share. The only way our channel keeps growing the way.
It has is all because of you we got two more of those videos going below us right now but art and i will see you very soon until then we say to you like we always do hashtag keep on cooking mad love and peace guys. .

sugar free chocolate chips walmart-1
sugar free chocolate chips walmart-1

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