The Man Who Forgot How to Poop

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Im world renowned author ginga swan. The new york times has called me literature literatures next evolutionary step. The author most likely to make george rr.
Martin finally up on the game of thrones series. And lose a significant amount of weight. Im the sole recipient of the first and only magic school bus international academic full ride literary scholarship.
I am a three time wwe hell in a cell pay per view spectator. I have not missed a single super bowl in all 23 years of my existence. I am also just looking for someone to buy.
But police swipe right im here to introduce to you my most recent novella. The man who forgot how to poop written by me and illustrated by chris matzner. The sole son of salvador dali.
He had to change his name in order to avoid the spotlight. But hes come out of hiding to illustrate this book and my god is it a work of art. Now.

the man who forgot how to poop-0
the man who forgot how to poop-0

Lets go ahead and dive into this book and see why they call me genghis. He wont make you yawn swan title page. Now lets get into the action.
A beautiful town from the sky to the ground. A place where no one grows old not a problem in sight full of delight or at least. Thats what im told.
Its all thanks to one guy with the power to fly a hero abiding his oaths saves kittens from trees always says please defeats. The villains and ghosts ice beams from his eyes knuckle sandwich surprise bad guys stood not a chance strength of an ox biceps like rocks and a smile that compels you to dance an agent of justice. A god amongst us people cant help.
But cheer. Despite his talent and efforts valiant. There was but one thing hed fear a rumble in his tummy after sushi.
So yummy. He felt natures call. He sat squatted his bowels nodded the faeces refused to fall he waited a week situation was bleak he simply forgot how to poop hed sit and hed think the bathroom would stink.

the man who forgot how to poop-1
the man who forgot how to poop-1

But still the effort was moot to the doctor. He went his money was spent. But the problem deemed unknown gave him some pills paid hefty bills.
But still his anus was sewn his condition worsened left barely a person he was devolve into a slug. His skin turned green. His powers lost steam.
It looked like his grave was dug with his time almost done the town overrun with crime and evil and sadness his family wept as the town crept deeper into madness not ready to leave his wife. Left bereaved. The fat ladys last note was hit final moment.
He cried this man had just died because he was so full of its a tearjerker. I know some points. It can even be hard to read hard to look at and for me hard to write.
Sometimes i thought i got too dark. It was too gross too gruesome. But i had to press forward.

the man who forgot how to poop-2
the man who forgot how to poop-2

This is a story that needed to be told and if i didnt tell it who else would you should have read this bad boy before i took out the plane crash and subsequent cannibalistic society. That formed among the survivors now theres six pages left in this book. But im gonna keep those a surprise for anyone who does buy it on amazon.
I know this isnt a style of a kids book. But as you can clearly see now this is not a kids book. This is anything.
But this is a very critical look into the psyche of humans as we know them this is a book that will challenge your very understanding of what it means to be sentient. Its a book that you know kids could probably enjoy itll teach them the importance of but upon closer inspection. You can find something far deeper than you ever bargained for now you know why they call me genghis.
Hes on your lawn swann. This book can be very difficult to read very graphic. Very intense stuff 24 pages of pure pain.
The reading pane bo shits intense the book is real if anyone does want to check it out on amazon. And there really is actually six pages at the end that im not going to show here. Its probably better read.
I mean thats a .

the man who forgot how to poop-3
the man who forgot how to poop-3

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