The Many Releases of The Sonic The Hedgehog Ice Cream Bar w/ Gumball Eyes

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deviantart in 2013 somehow somewhere some ice cream truck was still using this extreme sticker to advertise that they have the bar now obviously all the extreme releases would have been out of date by then but its interesting how some ice cream trucks must just not swap the stickers out for later releases then again look at the copyright date on the sticker. Its hard to make it out. But it looks like it says 2004 future releases.
Well look at in a bit came out earlier than that why was this sticker and presumably this bar still being made in 2004. Thats very strange there are also images of a black background version of the sticker. I imagine this was the original sticker maybe for the 2004 blue variant.
There is certainly a lot of mystery and intrigue with this release definitely the most interesting release of the bar. The extreme packaging would go on to be the last classic era release of it with the next release of it being updated to fit the sonic adventure style. This is without a doubt.
My favorite release of the bar. The sonic adventure era release. Just look at how cool this ice cream packaging.
Looks interestingly. The packaging doesnt directly reference adventure. Which is even more strange when you consider how much like extreme adventure also on a huge marketing push instead this bar is simply labeled sonic.
The hedgehog which did make it less time sensitive so i guess that was a good call this release. I assume was released sometime close to the american release of sonic adventure so sometime between 1999 and 2001. Id say heres something interesting even though sonic adventure marked the first appearance of sonics modern design.
And that design is on the packaging. It seems this release still had black gumball eyes. I cant find any images of an open to one of these.
But i did find this image. Which i assume was from some old website that used to advertise them you can see the adventure art in it so it must be for that release. But as you can see the bar itself still has black eyes.
Though whats truly unfortunate is that this wrapper design didnt last long as by 2004. It was once again replaced this time to make the bar. A promotion for sonic x.

how much is sonic ice-0
how much is sonic ice-0

Makes sense. Sonic x. Was hugely successful throughout the entirety of the 2000s.
And this release. Did. Exist for the majority of the 2000s being made around 2004 and reportedly its production lasted until around early 2009.
The packaging of this bar is once again very cool having the iconic artwork of sonic from sonic x. Along with the logo and it even has a pretty neat. Looking background.
Also it seems this release was when the bar officially changed its eye color from black to green. Though it seems like some sonic x. Packaged.
Bars did come with black eyes. If this image is anything to go by either. This was a mistake or the initial x releases.
Had black eyes and it was changed later on the sonic x. Packaging. Is so far the last wrapper released to promote something specific so unfortunately and a little bit.
Surprisingly no sonic boom packaging was ever made which youd think they would have done i mean. Its not like they would have had to change something about the bar itself i doubt theyd detail sonics extra spikes that he hasnt boom. It probably would have worked very well.
But it never happened and that brings us to this this packaging style was released in 2009. As by then despite. Still having successful reruns sonic x.
Was long since cancelled so that packaging was replaced with this more generic modern sonic packaging. Honestly theres not much to say on these more recent wrapper designs though one thing of interest is that in 2011 first sonics 20th anniversary. They actually added the anniversary logo to the packaging.

how much is sonic ice-1
how much is sonic ice-1

Unfortunately. Though they totally missed out on the golden opportunity to bring back the black eyed classic sonic ice cream bars. Oh well youll also notice the play to win and pick your press promotions being advertised on these releases.
Pick your prize was apparently a contest held by blue bunny. Where you could win toys video games etc. And it just so happened to be running during this packagings release this packaging would stay in production for a decent amount of time until 2016.
When it was replaced with a much simpler looking design. This packaging doesnt promote any specific sonic game or tv show. But is simply another restyling of generic sonic packaging at the time of me making this video.
This is the current look of the packaging for the sonic ice cream bar. But thats really all there is to say on this final design bit of an anti climactic ending. But this is where were at right now.
Im sure that in the future. Assuming the bar doesnt go out of production. Well continue to see more packaging changes.
I wouldnt be surprised that the packaging was changed to promote more sonic media in the future such as the sonic movie thats reportedly coming out in 2019. I guess only time will tell id like to end this video with a confession. Ive never actually had a sonic ice cream bar.
I came close to having it once a few years ago while we were on vacation. We stopped in an ice cream truck and as any self respecting ice cream vendor would they had the sonic bar. Also if memory serves.
The truck also had a sticker for the long out of print. Mario bar. So maybe i could have gotten that as well actually yeah.
Lets talk about that for a second. I always hear people talk about the sonic bar. But no one ever mentions.

how much is sonic ice-2
how much is sonic ice-2

The mario bar you know the one where his nose was the gumbo. This bar as far as i know was discontinued a few years after its initial release. Though much like the sonic bar.
It did see an updated wrapper in 2001. Anyway. Unfortunately.
I didnt get one instead. I settled for the always incredible spongebob bar. My brother however did get one so i guess at least i have seen one sonic bar in person.
But yeah ive never tasted one hopefully that changes in the future while making this video. I did look to see if any locations near me would have them but unfortunately it seems the sonic bar is exclusive to actual ice cream trucks. Which is a shame though i guess i dont have much to worry about because this ice cream bar has survived for over two decades.
And id be surprised. If it stopped production anytime. Soon can you imagine how sad that would be if blue bunny.
One day announces that they wont be making any more sonic bars. Its become iconic not only online. Not only with sonic fans.
But with general ice cream buyers. When people think of these ice cream bars with gumball eyes. Sonic is always brought up whether it be for its weird looks how its lasted this long in production or how great im sure it tastes.
It has stood the test of time and i would hate to see this go out of production. Hopefully that doesnt happen for a long time. So.
That the bar can continue to be recognized rebranded. Enjoyed and of course. Laughed at by many generations to come music you .

how much is sonic ice-3
how much is sonic ice-3

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