The Mexican Restaurant Hidden in a Barn on a Rural New York Farm – Word of Mouth

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Lot of people think. This is the middle of nowhere. Youve really got to to want to come here to enjoy our food.
We have customers that come in said. Theyve been driving by this place for years and never really noticed that there was a restaurant here lets go girls come on we dont do any advertising. So everything is by word of mouth.
So were in the town of meredith new york about three and a half hours from new york city on a farm at the top of a mountain. Im patrick rider. This is my wife thanya and we own and operate greenane farms.
We had this old dairy barn we converted into a restaurant and in that restaurant my wife and her sisters and their brother and the rest of her family produce some really fantastic food when youre driving in at the restaurant and you saw the barn. You never expect to walk in and look at this there you go bye bye amigo bye chuckles. Bye bye amigo first and foremost were a livestock farm we farm about 1000.
Acres. We dont use any antibiotics in anything that goes to meat consuming our own meat is important because we know where it comes from we know how its been treated when you take care of your animals you end up with great quality meat you put it into the hands of somebody that really knows how to cook. It then you end up with something a really great meal.
We met in mexico 20 years ago. It was for sure love at first sight and weve been together ever since this bale is going to be about 1000.

mexican food near union square-0
mexican food near union square-0

Pounds theyll eat this in a couple hours when i was consulting in mexico. I got an opportunity to see firsthand how a lot of the food that i was consuming was being produced the way that they were raising livestock. The chemicals that were being applied to the produce.
I was stunned these are some of our sheep and goats. We dont confine them either. Shes just kind of curious and coming up to see how were doing see.
If she can get a free treat. We were thinking about starting a family at that point you know so this is going to be the time. Were going to start a family.
Were going to do it back in the states that came together at the same time that i really learned about industrial food and i kind of said you know i think thats just one more reason to come up here to upstate new york and when he mentioned new york. The first that come to mind that was manhattan right. I said well i can live in manhattan for sure i didnt really know exist.
New york state. We started driving and driving and driving and then of course. The city disappeared and we were in the middle of nowhere and thanya recognized that we were in the middle of nowhere.
This is my son patrick hes 4 years old and hes quite a helper all right hold right onto the bottle. Hard you know we really kind of thought of it more on the scale of a small homestead.

mexican food near union square-1
mexican food near union square-1

Were going to have a few cattle. Were going to have a couple pigs. We can produce our own meat.
We can grow our own vegetables and thats really how it kind of all started. But i love it end up love it here i mean. Its amazing.
I dont think we ever really thought initially about starting. A restaurant that was never in the plan. But as time went on and as more customers got to know us we got more and more requests for prepared foods you know before you know it.
She said. You know well why dont we just open a restaurant. Its one thing when you can feed a family and you do like a party for 20 people.
But when youre running a restaurant. Its way different we prepared for a year basically and then we said okay lets open. I was really afraid to do this because im a mexican and i think im the only mexican in the town whos going to come over to have dinner here right and i said yeah i dont care.
I want it here. Im living here in the country without worry without having this thing that you got to lock door you got to lock your car you got to watch your back all the time. I mean its amazing having my kids here and feeling this freedom and this safety.
I mean its priceless .

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mexican food near union square-2

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