The Mystery of Nova in War For The Planet Of The Apes

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What w to be serviced equal gt for hybrid network with another word of the the planet of the apes plan the apes opinion topic piece today. Were talking nova in the mystery of nova. Now.
Noah is the human girl character thats coming in the new war. The plan of the exfils. Shes the one thats going to be kind of joining the team oh hes coming along with the team senior many of the trailers.
Even caesar saying he relates so much to her and well you can see the different parallels between each of the characters. I just dropped a video last week. Talking about that as well but the mystery behind this character essentially a really interesting.
One now in the original movie playing the hd.

who is nova in planet of the apes-0
who is nova in planet of the apes-0

A very very original movie and human character xena is one of the female human characters names was noble. I dont know if thats just like a loosely connected thing or maybe this name nova could be transferred to all the female characters and maybe. This nova is the beginning of the human race like after this war happens and they take out you know most of the humans.
Maybe besides some of the children nova is beginning of that you know like eve. Shes very much eve and shes going to create the rest of human race. So thats also one of the theories.
Another one is no. But my stand for no vaccine. So nova.
If you see like imagine with another wall.

who is nova in planet of the apes-1
who is nova in planet of the apes-1

It says. No vaccine. Its like n.
O va. Then the rest vaccine. But the rest of the vaccines come across that are hidden.
So nova or the apes just see and ova. Its like oh nova. And thats just her name like i feel like that happens to a lot of these characters as a bad.
Eight character who gets his name in the film probably just after being called bad ape and being tested on by these humans you just took on the name bad.

who is nova in planet of the apes-2
who is nova in planet of the apes-2

A having so many of these other apes that weve seen throughout this series that having gained their name this might also be another theme the movie their lobbies apes finding out who they really are and actually giving names for themselves. So i think thats really interesting with this but nova. I feel like its reach out to a mystery and we wolf.
Ive definitely learned out more when the movie progresses at least for now. I think of course was parallels from this novel in the original movie and then maybe shell start out the human race. Even was that her name might mean something more you know it has been perceived.
But what do you think about nova. Do you think youre going to add more to the stories you think the name is just a name or you think. Its really into the scheme.
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who is nova in planet of the apes-3
who is nova in planet of the apes-3

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