The One Person Who Influenced Me the Most

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There matt clark here so heres a question people have asked me recently. They they wanted to know who has had the greatest influence on my business life you had to think a lot about this one at first you know i was thinking about the the first self help book or self improvement book. I read when i was a believe a sophomore in college.
I was called success principles by jack canfield. So that was an option that i was thinking you know. It is i couldnt read more than a couple pages without having some huge epiphany about my life because then at the time.
I never read anything like that and i realized that you know i had these bigger goals. But that sort of material sort of gives you a path to realizing those rather than just sort of a hoping you get there one day that that material is all about finding a way to actually make that happen starting right now. So theres a huge influence on personal life.
But but equally as much on on my business life.

who is the most influential person in your life-0
who is the most influential person in your life-0

Then you know i started started started started thinking about some of the first business books. I read in the first business autobiography. I read.
Which is actually one about bill gates. So i read that and that was you know very influential seeing how a big multi billion dollar business was built from scratch. Really and so that was a huge influence then i started thinking about other people that have influenced me through through books and through reading about them and learning about their businesses.
Such as warren buffett. Richard branson. Even professors in in college.
Some of my business professors and entrepreneurial professors actually one of my majors was an entrepreneurship.

who is the most influential person in your life-1
who is the most influential person in your life-1

So i had some good entrepreneurs to follow and listen to their so they were also a big influence you know all those had a big impact. But i think i have to go really further back than that i remember going on a business trip with my dad to to india and being amazed at where business can take you we literally traveled for hours and hours and hours and thousands of miles to go do business across the world. With other people that were just running their own business over there.
And that sort of really sort of opened. My eyes up to the possibilities with business and especially in a globalized world. So then i remember working for my dad stuffing envelopes for his business for some extra cash when i was younger so you know after after thinking about all this id really have to say you know its its my dad.
Hes been my biggest business influence. He taught me the value of hard work in business. An unrelenting work ethic that you know requires you to put in more hours than anybody else is willing to requires you not to waste time.
You know watching tv or doing other things that are not gonna add a lot of value to your life.

who is the most influential person in your life-2
who is the most influential person in your life-2

Thats what it takes to build a successful business. You also and it became more important especially the more i learned about business also taught me the value of caring for the customer and continually trying to do more trying to do more and better for the customer you know hes still to this day. Runs a a health business.
A health focused business and the business has done very well. But he doesnt just sort of quit and let other people sort of try to figure everything out because things are constantly changing. Hes constantly learning and its really with the goal of getting the customer.
More and better results so you know hes been a huge influence ever since i was younger and still is to this day. So that thats my answer anyways. But id love to hear from you so below this video.
Theres a comment section. Let me know whos been your biggest influence whether it was a business celebrity or somebody in your personal life. Id love to hear it and ill be looking in the comments and ill see you soon .

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who is the most influential person in your life-3

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