The Only Vegan Boxed Mac \u0026 Cheese Taste Test You Need To Watch Today

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Pretty mac and cheesy in here. Oh yeah have you ever been tasked with cooking. Cooking.
Nine bucks mac and cheeses and more an afternoon. No first for me first us about what non dairy milk. Youve chosen today rice.
No cuz. Its the only one we have in the fridge. Yeah.
And its also unsweetened yes. So its not gonna influence the flavor of the mac and cheese. No oh were using with all of them so keeping that a constant this is a dangerous recipe for destroying all of my phone be steady.
Now you see this open flame. Right here. Hold on hey hey music what get all this vegan.
Mac. And cheese. Liz really excited.
Ive never seen so. Much of it in one place yeah i am also very excited because i havent eaten breakfast nope. Me neither and its almost 1 30 mm hmm.
Im also a little bit disgusted why because look at it it looks amazing look at all the varieties of orange uh huh that we have here. I mean this cant be natural. Its not its not the boy ah.
We used to have like mac and cheese. And id get a couple boxes of kraft mac and cheese throw it in sometimes. You got like the shapes was like the spongebob.
The different shapes. Everybody knows our way tastier because they have a lot more corners for the cheese sauce to get into so.

vegan boxed mac and cheese-0
vegan boxed mac and cheese-0

I like the amount of thought you put into this. Oh yeah. I used to get down with mac and cheese with canned tuna in it you know you never did that no mmm.
I was not a canned tuna fan when i was younger you eat sardines out of out of a can yeah. But can tuna funkier than tuna. Yeah canned tunas like weird so what were gonna do is were gonna try all of these and then were gonna pick our favorite mm hmm and then were only gonna eat that for the next month.
Breakfast lunch and dinner lets get it started yeah. Lets eat something and man. We started with one thats easy to find hmm.
Its a little sweet yeah. This one also says creamy pumpkin and sweet potato. Goodness mmm.
So i dont know if its im going for a little sweet. It is really tasty though like theres not like a ton of cheese sauce on it. But the flavor that comes through is like really savory.
I think its really good. I think. This is for children annies again this time cheddar flavor flavor.
So this one looks like the kraft macaroni. I like the little tube ease and its got like that slightly neon orange hue to it mm hmm music. Id say it tastes like american mac and cheese yes like the cheddar flavors a little bit subtler.
Yeah. Really savory really tasty. I dont think that i like it because it tastes very artificial okay yeah.
I like it because it yeah it did it did it nope rose end heard of this brand them shells and fries funny thing hes speaking companies with their fake names for cheese. I will say i am excited about this one though because it looks like it has less garbage in it no natural flavoring and its smells dipping all right yeah. It smells garlicky mmm hmm.
This is good you know this ones cheddar sau uh huh. Thats not neon orange.

vegan boxed mac and cheese-1
vegan boxed mac and cheese-1

Which is interesting well regular cheddar cheese has color added to it so this matches. What she would look like oh semolina shells. I like something whats similar simile is just a different kind of flour.
It does kind of taste garlicky. You know yeah probably because it has garlic in it mm hmm. The top ingredient passed flour is nutritional yeast it tastes like a really good one that you could like spend a lot of time making at home.
But like just in a box look lloyd palate cleanser yep ready had some hmm. We need a spittoon to spit out the excess mac and cheese like were doing a wine taste. No yeah.
This one is most likely to be a persons first experience with vegan cheese yeah. Which is kind of a shame because its not the best you dont know that i can smell it i can see it ill give it a fair shot here oh man listen to that gush well day wins. The asmr competition already no no i like that elbow shape.
And it does have a when its not so sweet. It does have a good base flavor. Im not getting the sweetness at all no it just reminds me of colored glue.
I cant take another bite. Its sticking to my teeth now we got alfredo style from daya dia. Damn definitely more failure flow than the last one better flavor for sure mm hmm.
This has got a weird sweetness to it though right uh huh also zero grams of sugar. So if you have a choice get this one get the alfredo yeah. If youre forced to shush hater up dudes.
I met them at the food fest one year. Yeah yeah. I said what up does that was really cheesy optins brand is also unique because they give you precooked noodles.
And then the cheese sauce and then you just like heated up all together mmm interesting no texture of the noodles. Theres definitely not ideal yeah. Its definitely got like the most flavor to it the cheese mm hmm a little bit smoky yeah.
But in the texture. Shes not working for me mm hmm its a little bit on cardboard ii i like your graphic design.

vegan boxed mac and cheese-2
vegan boxed mac and cheese-2

I gotta say that yeah prettiest maybe we just got a bad box uptons but this one has fake bacon added. In it. I think the noodle textures.
Too flew a lot better really it tastes the same to me the noodle texture. Yeah yeah it feels the same no i think its better. I think this is tastier than the regular cheese.
One yeah. Yeah i would say its tastier as well i feel like im eating plastic. I think youre just being dramatic all right now we got joe yeah.
Im excited for this one. Yeah. Hows usually pretty good.
Joe ciao ciao ciao ciao 7. 54. This one it better be good mm hmm.
Oh. My thats quite creamy mm hmm a lot of flavor. Oh no its very butter.
You did you have butter this one it does taste like those like creamy original slices. Yeah. Yeah.
What is chou chou has been enjoyed as a heritage food in asia for centuries chou is made by culturing tofu and fermenting it in a brine with filtered water. Really nice wine and sea salt and aged to perfection. I didnt know that about chou yeah thanks this is like a good creamy alfredo.
We penne pasta is good i have had this before and i did the microwave oven instructions and it came out very different and it was very weirdly heated so definitely do the oh really oven version of it not the microwave version protip amis apparently has vegan mac and cheese regular. But i can only find the gluten free one so keep that in mind they also use de a used a a cheese. What do you want to do nope nope nope.
All right theres not even anything i can make that turned earring about it dont you like the elbows yep. The elbows are nice.

vegan boxed mac and cheese-3
vegan boxed mac and cheese-3

I know what youre gonna pick you already know what im gonna pay. So you can put that one oh like im so predictable. Yeah you are im not gonna look well lets pick your favorite.
So i can be surprised. I think that liz is going to pick. I heard you dad are you ready mmm hmm.
Ill reveal first all right drumroll. Please. My favorite.
Vegan mac and cheese of this round. Was surprised roads in it was good. I mean.
Its really the only one that i thought was was decent mm hmm. I hope this is not the end of the road bo. I like the second one yeah.
I wasnt even gonna say that one i think it nostalgia sake like in terms of this one reminds me the most of like a kraft mac and cheese yeah. But the noodle and the flavoring and cheesiness that was my runner up. Though uh huh that was fuzzy runner up my runner up.
Yeah. I would say ciao cuz. Its really tasty.
But its like its too creamy well very exciting that theres so many brands to choose from now well do another video you guys send it to us. We will taste it yeah yeah if theres anything that we missed. We know we missed earth balance.
So delicious yeah we dont know if the right balance is discontinued or not maybe somebody has it in storage. So maybe theres a survivalist out there id be pretty with a whole bunker full of vegan mac. I mean really thatd be a cool episode actually yeah vegans survivalism yeah thanks honey.
Thank you where you going now running away from you yes what else is new music applause music. .

vegan boxed mac and cheese-4
vegan boxed mac and cheese-4

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