The Real Reason Nell Is Leaving NCIS: Los Angeles

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Los angeles. Has dropped a bombshell ren. E.
Felice smiths nell. Jones is planning planning to leave potentially for good at the end of the shows eleventh season. Whats the real reason.
Nell will no longer be a part of the show on the episode entitled fortune favors the brave nells reason for wanting to leave is revealed the job has changed her so much that she even struggles to get out of bed in the mornings to come to work. She confessed as much to kensi blye early on in the episode. I dont think i want to be an agent anymore.
Okay. Um. Kensi tried to suggest that nell rather stick to her old base of ops rather than going out into the field as an agent.
But that wasnt the solution nell was looking for either kens.

who is the mole on ncis la season 8-0
who is the mole on ncis la season 8-0

Im going to resign from ncis. Though kensi suggested a holiday and was supportive of nells confliction and struggles. She was somewhat less supportive of her desire to resign from the team to be fair.
The job nell wants to leave behind is a tough one with plenty of grief and stress involved between that and the personal troubles. Nell has endured with her mothers illness. Its completely understandable.
That shes having serious doubts about her job right now. Nell was previously touted to be taking over from operations manager hetty lang. Who has also been fairly absent on ncis los angeles recently she seemed like shed be the perfect fit for the job.
But just a few episodes ago nells future on the series suddenly became unclear instead of pushing to keep nell in the fold. Hetty indicated that she was instead now looking at callen to take over for her when the time comes hetty being hetty. It seems she was well aware that nells inner turmoil would probably lead her to walk away from the job opportunity.
Now begone the episode closed with nell finally telling hetty that she was resigning.

who is the mole on ncis la season 8-1
who is the mole on ncis la season 8-1

But the ever stoic operations manager gives her another option before she makes her final decision in hettys view nell is free to leave if she wants. But first shes going to have to burn through a few weeks worth of unused vacation days. If i dont hear from you once theyve elapsed you can consider yourself resigned that unused vacation time indicates that nell may well be suffering from a serious case of burnout between working as hard as she does and spending time at her sick mothers bedside nells head is likely spinning too fast in every possible direction.
Which could easily be the cause of her high stress levels and lack of desire to go to work when nell walked away to tell eric about her decision. She stopped for a moment to look around the office. Seemingly saying goodbye to the place that had been a second home to her for almost a decade.
Her relationship with eric also seems to have suffered lately with the pair appearing to have communication issues. A relationship between eric and nell was long hoped for by ncis la fans who noticed their flirtations early on and hoped to see them seal the deal it looked like their relationship was finally confirmed. But season.
11 has brought them some unexpected troubles episode. 19. Saw nell desperately trying to avoid talking to eric at every turn.
Something thats not usually a good sign in a relationship when major decisions are being made.

who is the mole on ncis la season 8-2
who is the mole on ncis la season 8-2

I are you avoiding me. And even though there have been hints of eric also waving goodbye to ncis the turmoil between him and nell might. Instead.
See. The couple split actor barrett foas time away from the show. During the early episodes of season 11 were to allow the actor time to appear in a play his return to the small screen.
And the ops center has seemed to be fairly permanent despite him previously looking for jobs in san francisco. Where nells mother is being treated nell isnt in the preview for season 11s 20th episode. But the why of it all still remains to be seen.
If she has decided to leave will fans get a chance to see her again or has she already disappeared for good. Like many other tv shows have had to do recently. Ncis la has had to cut production on the current season short instead of the usual 24 episodes of season 11 fans will only get 21.
This could mean that the uncertainty around nells decision may be dragged out even longer than originally planned if her vacation days havent elapsed by the time.

who is the mole on ncis la season 8-3
who is the mole on ncis la season 8-3

The truncated season. Reaches its end. So far.
Ren. E. Felice.
Smith. Hasnt yet made an official announcement. About leaving.
The show. But a recent instagram post of hers directed fans to tune in to see a wistful nell on sunday night. The studio also hasnt confirmed that shes definitely departing the team leaving fans with no option.
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who is the mole on ncis la season 8-4
who is the mole on ncis la season 8-4

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