The school – School vocabulary in Spanish language (CLASSROOM SUBJECTS)

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Hola que tal my amigos welcome back to learning spanish world today i have a a very important subject its in relation to la escuela the school today. We be talking about school subjects. This is very relevant because you may be attending a school or university or you may know somebody whos currently involved in a subject of some kind the first where were going to learn is a signatu das.
A signatu. Does means subjects. A signatu das.
A signatu das and this can apply to either schools universities or colleges. The first subject is very relevant to what were learning that is espanol. Its a very relevant to what we are learning.
And that is espanol spanish espanol anacs uptick is also very popular english english in many spanish speaking countries students to learn english english english inglis another popular subject in many schools. If not all of them is mathematica. Which is mathematics or math mathematical.
Lets move on to the next subject next. A signatu de astoria. Dont forget the h is silent.
I do not say historia. You pronounce.

how to say high school in spanish-0
how to say high school in spanish-0

A des is tall dia astoria. Lets see what comes next here. Graffia thats right thats right.
You guessed it right geography. Here graffia. The g here sounds like a hate cale gurr.
Fear. Another popular school a signature is ciencia science. Cn sia repeated with me ciencia.
Thats correct that is science. An extremely important a signature and school. But there are more signatures which you probably have heard of in the spanish el duque chien f.
Sica physical education education f sica. Which is related with the sports movement training once again lets revise a very important one which is ciencia science. I have repeated some of these a signatu tlas in order to help you memorize him ciencia informatica.
Which is it in for matica. Not as the action on top of the a thats for emphasis informatica.

how to say high school in spanish-1
how to say high school in spanish-1

Try repeating. After me repeat e inform tica. Very good youre doing very well.
Oh. This one is one of my favorite ones and i can imagine. Its also the favorite of many of you m.
Sica music mu c car m sica. I was one of the most fun subjects. I had in school next one biolog a biology bo law here once again the g sounds.
Like a hate biolog a see ent next one c color here psychology c. Core law. Here ciccolo here sam scusi teach psychology a algunas escuelas insane.
Ian ciccolo here lets pronounce it repete has blessed me after me see call law here music. See call law. Here ciccolo here muy bien excelente.
Now this one is an important one a very important a signatu de literatura literature li de era torah literature aa li day era torah sociology if not taught in schools this is definitely one of those signatures which is taught a university level socio blow here. Join together sociology a so most of these a signatu das taught at school but dont forget some i also taught in higher education institutions philosophy a fee law sophia when i was in high school.

how to say high school in spanish-2
how to say high school in spanish-2

I was taught philosophy ax now this one is a must adventure to say in 1999 of the schools they do teach here maitreya here may 300 meter geometria. This one is taught in many secondary colleges and schools kaamika key. Me kheh repeat.
A key mica. Which means chemistry. This one is an easy one you can see the relation between english and spanish arte.
Which means art her day lets not forget these many words of an latin origin in both languages. We can make connections between both english and spanish even with this word physica physics fee c car repete physica muy bien. We almost they dont give up not a rindas ci ncias sociales.
Which means social science. Ciencias plural sociales muy bien. Lets continue.
This one is an important one for many kids recess in spanish is recreo cray cray or require everyone always waits for eclair. Lot of kids can wait for recreo. This one is another important keyword almer.
So that means lunch al more so crappity almuerzo muy bien. Youre doing just fine.

how to say high school in spanish-3
how to say high school in spanish-3

Well. Done keep going dont give up music ilario timetable. All da rio all radio.
So the teacher always gives you an adagio. So you know. Which is a signature us to go to so you know.
Which signatu does you have next japanese which means japanese the many schools in australia they teach japanese japanese another very important language is chino mandarine which means mandarin chinese chino chinese mandarin mandarin china mandarin frances french fran says france s is also related to spanish along portuguese italian and romanian music courses courses in some countries. Instead of saying. A signal to us.
They may refer to a race ramis or courses. These three words mean exactly the same thing in other words. They are synonyms.
Very good. My dear amigos and that was all for today. Remember to review.
The video in that way you will be able to store all these new words in your long term memory. I will be producing more videos for you so dont forget to check back in a bit easy this week. But i got some exciting surprises for you in the near future so dont forget to subscribe and ill see you soon adios amigos.

how to say high school in spanish-4
how to say high school in spanish-4

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