The secret to making Native American Flutes

how to make a native american flute This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you The secret to making Native American Flutes. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hi. This is charlie monticello with another how to play in how to make the the network flute series. Today.
We are going to focus on the real secret to native american flutes sound good. There are a lot of things that go into making a native american flute. But theres one thing that really is what determines how it sounds obviously by the sound hole.
So were going to look at that in just a second this is a my flutes that i had to make to be able to play a certain song with somebody or another. So i know its an f sharp. Which ive had a lot of requests for that back in the day.
When i didnt make flutes tuned to a certain key. I didnt think that anybody needed one an f sharp. Until i realized why so you need one let me know but anyway.
This is made out of river cane and its using the same technique that ive used in my other videos to make flutes. I realized the flute video and moundville wasnt as clear. But i definitely wanted to release to see you guys could see moundville and that flutes can be made off in a remote location.
We will continue making videos on the elaborate little this and that every nuance about how to add a perfect the flute make it play correctly. But today i wanted to focus on this spot. Since its the hardest part really in my opinion for anybody to get right the first time sometimes the second third fourth and ninth in that was all time eventually you get it right.
But anyway so click here slide. This piece of leather lace off take my block off this block. As i sliver the forever king.
It is nothing out of the ordinary is just a piece that i cut and sanded and its flat inside of here. Though this is the part that really matters. Theres a square hole up here.
Which maples with round holes for their sound holes. They work fine argue that theyre better or worse. Than what have you been ive seen them in every way and then back heres another square hole the matches.
Virtually. Its a little bit larger. But it matches pretty much the same size at least.
Its the same width from here to there this is thats very important the most important thing is how this air travels across here and goes.

how to make a native american flute-0
how to make a native american flute-0

I guess it kind of splits actually right youre part of it comes up and part of it goes towards the inside of the flute. What i do is i have a metal burning rod as you seen in my other videos and that metal burning rod. I use to flatten this section here down.
So i guess really first things first i use a forstner bit on my drill press and i author it down like this. And it just basically the forstner bit planes this area here down flat and when it planes that area down flat. I go back and check for any kind of any kind of illnesses or disturbances or anything.
Thats not flat flush smooth like you always going to kind of recheck your work. Thats why this part back here on this looks a little bit rounded. Its actually this side of that forstner bit you created now this part is not i use.
It my used my belt sander on it. Or my x. Acto.
Knife. To dish. It out.
As you seen in other videos. Disappearing here out to make it nice and kind of a an angle. If you look at it if you can see it too on the video.
But its not abrupt like this as soon as we discussed earlier abrupt stop on this end originally was that way over here. But i kind of anyway. Thats important but not the most crucial part.
The most crucial part of making this flute play correctly is having the air channel right here. That my knife is in the middle of right now you can kind of see its an indentation. But the air channel needs to let the air come through from this end of the flute stop at the petition.
Here go up and go across that means above and below this this area right here. And it does vibrate slightly not a lot. But right there not the block mind you a lot of laymans.
Ask me does a blog vibrate thing. Its like a saxophone or clarinet. But it doesnt just this area right here vibrates so precisely.
Its so tiny from the splitting of the air molecules so im going this way.

how to make a native american flute-1
how to make a native american flute-1

And some going that way that thats what makes the sound of the flute one thing i like to do which you can try this if youre advanced flute maker or if youre a beginner or what have you but i like to make this area back here in the supply air channel. I like to make it kind of a dish as well i like to dish it down. So that the air kind of jumps up over the ramp and then when it gets up here needs to be flushed straight across and then this piece.
What what i like to call the knife edge a lot of people call it the true sound hole edge or something alike. But the knife edge over here. I like to have a nice and flat on top and if possible i like to have it a nice abrupt inside.
Which means using a knife like this or my burning tool or whatever you can get in there. Some i had one friend a seasoned true precise and very difficult bit of work for him this is how i like to make my flute block area the channel. The the knife edge the supplier hole everything.
This is how i like to do it. I have a friend good friend of ours losing georgia. And he builds his up about this high.
Hes not the only person that does that but its amazing. How beautiful sounding flutes. He gets that that had that channel built up that high and one of my friends belongs to another actually a giant flute making guild.
He showed me his his flute track area is only its even shorter than the width of this knife blade and in making his short. He said. It has a very quick response well quick response sounds great and its one way to do it.
But i know from having seen. The block off of the the 17 year old excuse. Me 1700.
Thats one thousand seven hundred year old pine flute that the smithsonian has in their collection that the channel on it is actually twice as long as mine maybe three times as long as mine. So theres something to the way. The channel is made that is very important like so the basics are very crucial needs to be flat.
It can be at an angle. It can be in a great angle or graduate or just straight across like i like to make mine. Another good friend who makes thousands of flutes.
He makes his always at an extreme slant they have a very sharp edge on them. And thats the way he perfected his mine like i say i use a burning tool. And i dip.
It little l shaped piece.

how to make a native american flute-2
how to make a native american flute-2

I dip underneath of it and pull it back out. Which burns. It nice and flat here underneath a kind of an angle.
And then i use the same thing back here. So that the air channel has kind of a like i said it gives it a much easier path to follow to get to where it needs to go thats basically how that works lets you see what this flute sounds like even though. I did tune it to f sharp.
It is a beautiful sounding native american flute not i say even though i did tune it to f sharp. I have always been one to not like to tune flutes. But but i do it and im just not my personal ones.
This one once again personal flute. But i had to thats basically it one other thing. I do as i had kind of briefly mentioned when i flagged this down the concept.
I have with making these flutes is im actually taking the track area down. So that it floats. One thing that people dont take into consideration is that the air inside of this flute.
Its theres air in it right now i only speed it up when i play through it doesnt take the air out of it or you know put more air in it itd just be zero up a little bit in essence. Maybe it does put a little more in it. But this fact checkers out there that like to watch my videos to say why didnt you do this or why did you do that or or what have you they might find discrepancy in that but but in either case.
I like to think that that mass of air in there is like an ocean and that the track the block sitting on top of this track here is floating on top of the ocean. The pathway. The little channel or track inside of it then i showed you a second ago.
It is is like a boat and the boat sits down in the water it doesnt write on top of the water and it doesnt write under the water. Its kind of half and half. It flows and thats the depth within the chamber of the fluid itself you can understand that that i like my flute to play thats how it works and you know of course.
Well have some other more elaborate videos to come my sense really been get on me about making more videos. Because we need to need to have some work cut out here so well definitely keep that but otherwise feel free to visit our website which is blue bear arts blue bear flutes or blue bear regalia com recently revamped it gone back with my old service provider. Will now weve got a lot of good things going on you can check out our facebook page which is blue bear arts as well not liberace as well but bluebird arts also okay fact checkers but anyway yeah we rethinking myself check out the flute videos.
We have feel free to ask any questions you may have i prefer good questions. You know if you guys can think of a good one you think of a real stupid. One please ask me those too because its probably.
The kind of one my my idea of what im thinking people might be wondering why is it leather on there this way or whatever. But i dont know anyway once again no question stupid. But you guys take care thanks again for watching this.
Please favorite is it also greater videos as well as check us out and charlie monticello signing off reverse yes you .

how to make a native american flute-3
how to make a native american flute-3

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